1 Slick Hidden Nope Detail Perfectly Foreshadows Each Characters’ Fate

1 Slick Hidden Nope Detail Perfectly Foreshadows Each Characters' Fate

Audiences were at the edge of their seat wanting to know if Nope’s three main characters survived. One key detail secretly foreshadowed their fates.

Warning: Spoilers for Nope ahead!

The fates of the characters in Nope are secretly alluded to in one expertly hidden detail. Nope is Jordan Peele’s third horror film and has, unsurprisingly, been met with critical acclaim. Similar to his previous films, Nope is filled with hidden symbolism and clues, making the film a perfect rewatchable spectacle for audiences.

Nope follows the Haywood siblings OJ and Emerald as they try to get an impossible shot of an alien that has been spotted near their remote horse ranch. Their mission leads them into several dangerous situations, and many of Nope’s characters do not make it to the end of the film. For instance, Jupe, the carnival owner who tries to use the alien as an attraction for his show, gets eaten by the alien along with his family and patrons. With that large a death toll, it was a huge relief to audiences that both Haywood siblings both survived the events of the film.


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This ending, however, was predicted through the clever use of symbolism. In true Jordan Peele fashion, the costumes that were worn by OJ, Em, and Jupe in their last scenes in Nope were the key to understanding their final fates. Not only did the costumes allude to whether they would make it out of the film alive, but they also gave insight into what kind of people these characters were.

OJ Haywood

daniel kaluuya as OJ in nope

OJ, the main protagonist, is revealed to have survived by the film’s end. During the entire climax of Nope, OJ wears an orange Scorpion King hoodie and it reveals a lot about his character. First, the color orange is a reference to his name, OJ. In many belief systems, orange is also representative of balance, and OJ’s character is a stellar example of balance and steadiness. He looks at things from every angle and his stoic personality keeps him calm and steady, balanced by Emerald’s extroversion. When Em is revealed to have lived through the alien’s attack, the balanced outcome is that OJ would also survive.

Emerald “Em” Haywood

Collage of X-ray, Antlers Holst with his camera, and Emerald Haywood in Nope

Em is OJ’s younger sister who also survives the events of Nope. Like her brother, she is also dressed according to her name, Emerald, wearing a green jacket, as well as a green cardigan earlier in the movie. Green is representative of beginnings and renewal, and, in some cultures, money. It fits with her character, as the mission the impossible shot in Nope was Em’s idea; ultimately, she’s the one to figure out how to take the alien’s photo and kill it. The beginning of a new era, one where the world knows about aliens, was due to Em’s actions and so she had to survive the film to bring about this new beginning.

Jupe Park

Steve Yuen Jupe and alien in Nope

Jupe’s fate is foreshadowed by the jacket he wears to his carnival the day he dies. The back of his red jacket is adorned with the same design used on his flyers to get people to come to the demonstration. It depicts a horse being beamed up toward a spaceship, just as Jupe had hoped to demonstrate to his audience. Red, however, represents danger, warning, and blood. It’s a symbolic warning that Jupe, his family, and his patrons will be the ones to suffer the fate depicted on his jacket; ultimately, they are the ones devoured by the alien.

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Nope has many Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the film, making it perfectly in line with Jordan Peele’s style. As with his previous two films, it’s the hidden details audiences will look out for in an inevitable rewatch of the groundbreaking movie. Most clever of all is the way the symbolism of Nope’s costumes represented the characters and gave the audience hints as to whether OJ, Em, and Jupe would make it out unscathed or if they would meet a darker fate.

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