10 Best Cameos In Thor: Love And Thunder

10 Best Cameos In Thor: Love And Thunder

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Thor: Love And Thunder.

Cameos play a huge role in the MCU experience and Thor: Love And Thunder doesn’t disappoint. Though the movie falls short of the stupendous cameos packed within Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the new movie contains several appearances from fan-favorite MCU characters as well as a completely unexpected turn from a superstar actress.

The movie also features cameos from major Marvel Comics characters, introducing them to the MCU for the first time. The movie expands the cosmic canvas the MCU has been building through many recent movies and streaming series. Thor: Love And Thunder builds on the cosmic hierarchy both in terms of unimaginable entities as well as diverse pantheons of gods that rival Star Wars in their density.


Dr. Erik Selvig

Erik Selvig Blackboard Thor The Dark World

Dr. Erik Selvig, played by Stellan Skarsgård in numerous MCU movies, makes a brief cameo early in the latest film. He appears remotely to tell Jane Foster that her chemotherapy treatments haven’t been successful in battling her Stage IV cancer.

The movie avoids explaining how Selvig, a noted astronomer and astrophysicist, would be involved in Jane’s health, but it’s likely she consulted him on alternative methods for dealing with her illness.

Darcy Lewis

Kat Dennings as Darcy in WandaVision

Kat Dennings also returns as Darcy Lewis toward the beginning of the new movie. She cameos in a scene with Jane Foster as Jane receives a chemotherapy treatment. She advocates for Jane to seek other remedies through Thor and the Asgardians, which Jane ultimately does.

Darcy, Jane’s assistant in the earlier movies and a scientist in her own right, makes no mention of her experience in WandaVision, among 2021’s best television shows, or possible magical cures for Jane’s cancer she has some experience with.

Lady Sif

Loki Episode 4 Sif

Jamie Alexander makes a brief cameo as Lady Sif, reprising her role from the first two Thor movies. The powerful Asgardian warrior appears on a battlefield after sending a distress call for help. She fought Gorr the God Butcher and his shadow warriors, but couldn’t stop him.

Lady Sif loses an arm to Gorr, but later appears in the climax training Heimdall’s young son Astrid how to fight with a sword. Comic book fans know Lady Sif remains a powerful force in the Marvel Universe and likely will in live-action going forward now that she has returned after a lengthy absence from the franchise.


Miek in Thor: Love and Thunder

Miek returns from Thor: Ragnarok in a small and very different role. Miek cameos in New Asgard as a senior aide to King Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson. Rather than fight on the battlefield as they did on Sakaar and in Asgard, Miek takes minutes in a key scene.

Miek interrupts Thor during an inspiring speech in New Asgard thanks to a very squeaky marker, and perhaps some notes that lean more into commentary than simply recording the speech.


Love and Thunder - Jane, Valkyrie, Bast, Black Panther

Numerous gods and deities appear in Omnipotence City, a gathering place for infinite pantheons. Bast, a central figure in Wakandan mythology, sits directly in front of Valkyrie and Jane Foster during a crucial scene when Thor confronts Zeus. Bast only appears in wide shots within the arena but is visible in a few shots within the sequence.

Bast also appeared via her avatar along with the most powerful Heliopolis gods in Marvel Comics in Moon Knight, and likely appears again as the MCU explores Wakandan lore more.


Thor Love and Thunder Celestials

Celestials proved their might as the most powerful cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe in Eternals, and they make a key cameo in Thor: Love And Thunder. They appear in Omnipotence City as the heroes flee, standing outside the great arena where the gods sit. The Celestials create and destroy worlds, though their role so far didn’t suggest anyone worshipped them religiously.

The Celestials’ presence in Omnipotence City as well as a mysterious chamber in the Shadow Realm later in the movie raises big questions about their role in the cosmic hierarchy in the MCU.


Eternity appears in Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics fans got a major surprise with an unexpected cameo from Eternity. This all-powerful cosmic entity appears in the climax and serves as the object of Gorr’s quest in the movie, a major departure from the 2013 comic books Gorr appeared in. Eternity first appeared in Strange Tales #138 and literally exists as the physical representation of the multiverse in the comics.

Eternity arguably ranks as the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe hierarchy, a fact the MCU reinforces by placing Eternity within a chamber that includes statues of other major cosmic figures like The Watcher.


A portrait of Heimdall without his helmet in Thor

Heimdall, played by Idris Elba, makes a surprise cameo in the post-credits scene. He greets Jane Foster when she manifests in Valhalla, earning a place among the Asgardian gods after her heroic sacrifice during the battle with Gorr. In the comics, Odin resurrected Jane after her sacrifice, and she eventually became a Valkyrie.

Heimdall died in Avengers: Infinity War, killed by Thanos in the movie’s opening moments. His sacrifice allowed Hulk to escape and warn the Avengers on Earth of Thanos’ impending attack.


Hercules and Thor fight in Marvel Comics.

The mid-credits scene features a seismic cameo with major ramifications for the MCU. Zeus reappears, having survived his shocking fight with Thor in Omnipotence City, and vows revenge. He implores his son, Hercules, to seek vengeance for him. Actor Brett Goldstein, of Ted Lasso fame, plays Hercules in the scene.

Comic book fans know Hercules first appeared as a key rival for Thor. Hercules and Thor squared off in numerous comics, as did the Olympian and Asgardian pantheons, storylines that likely inform Thor’s journey in the MCU going forward.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy Ghostbusters

Melissa McCarthy makes a brief but hilarious cameo in the movie during a play in New Asgard. As the troupe from Thor: Ragnarok (including Matt Damon, Liam Hemsworth, and Sam Neill) comedically recounts those events, McCarthy appears as Hela.

McCarthy plays out Hela’s initial appearance in the movie, catching Thor’s hammer and crushing it in a funny, low-budget fashion. Thor: Love and Thunder marks McCarthy’s first appearance in the MCU but it’s not her first superhero movie. She also appeared in 2021’s Thunder Force.

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