10 Best Indie Games Free On Steam Right Now

10 Best Indie Games Free On Steam Right Now

The video game distribution service Steam recently launched a summer sale where players could grab some brilliant deals on all sorts of games. However, for gamers trying to save a few pennies, there are still some excellent options of games that can be played for free.

Currently one of the most popular ways to play video games in 2022, Steam is available on most computers and internet services. From multiplayer battle games to playing as a pig taking on big bad wolves, there is no shortage of variety in Steam’s best free indie video games.


12 Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets Best Pets To Buy Early And Why

In Super Auto Pets, the player’s goal is to build a team of 10 adorable animals who will fight against other players in asynchronous battles. Each animal has different abilities, making the strategic elements of the game even more important. And while there are some paywalls, there is still a fair share of free pets to choose from.

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Released in 2021, Super Auto Pets has seen its fair share of acclaim since coming out. With a rating of 9/10 on steam, it has been incredibly popular with the people who have played it. With a growing fan base and more changes to come (the beta version is the current available version), the future is bright for this game.

11 Brawlhalla

brawlhalla gi joe crossover

The online game, released in 2017, is a massive multiplayer experience released by Ubisoft and is currently one of the most popular games on the platform. In the classic brawler game, players have the option to fight as over fifty characters and knock opposing players off the stage, much like Super Smash Bros.

Brawlhalla has been extremely popular with players since its inception, currently having over 200,000 positive reviews from players. In addition, Smash Bros-like tournaments have been held since the game arrived, adding more of a reason to play this game.

10 Cry Of Fear

A hooded figure spreads blood on a wall in Cry of Fear.

Cry of Fear is a horror game released in 2013. In it, the user plays a young man, Simon, who wakes up in a city full of monsters and horrifying delusions. The user plays as Simon as they navigate through the game while battling these horrifying monsters.

Originally a mod for Half-Life, which is considered one of the best episodic video games, Cry of Fear has continued to be one of the most acclaimed games on Steam. It currently holds a 9 out of 10 on nearly 40,000 fan reviews and is still free to play on steam to this day.

9 Fishing Planet

A screenshot from the game Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet is a game that strives to give gamers a realistic fishing experience. With over 170 types of fish available to catch, the game also features other options, such as different boats, weather, and types of fishing in general.

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As realistic as a fishing game can get, Fishing Planet is a very fun experience that reminds people just how fun virtual fishing can be. For the folks who don’t just like to cast away in games like Animal Crossing, this is a more in-depth experience.

8 Impact Point

Impact Point

Released this July, Impact Point is an old fashion 2D shooter game. In an arena-based game where two to four players can join in, players battle it out in a contest that resembles a game from the 8-bit or 16-bit eras. The last man standing is the winner.

A game that should appeal to lovers of both multiplayer games, and lovers of retro-style games, Impact Point hits an audience that is still very much alive and growing. Gamers clearly still have a love for retro-inspired shooters, and this game fills a void. As time goes on, it will be interesting to see how and if this game is able to grow.


6 Soccer Manager 2022

Soccer Manager 2022

Moving to a much different genre, Soccer Manager 2022 gives fans of European football (soccer) an opportunity to live out their dream and build their own championship team. The game features over 25,000 players and 900 teams from 33 countries and is centered around the idea of building a great team that becomes a championship.

Like many sports simulators, Soccer Manager can be controversial, given the idea of remaking a sporting experience can be very difficult. However, with a large variety of players, teams, and countries, it’s a great choice for a free game.


4 Risk: Global Domination

Risk: Global Domination

Based on the popular Hasbro board game that requires quick thinking, Risk: Global Domination gives players the option to take on various historical and fictional foes. Players form alliances and use real-time strategy in order to command their team to victory.

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A game for those who enjoy strategy and thinking on their feet, Risk: Global Domination has appeal to multiple markets. Over 80% of players on Steam have given this game a positive rating and with the amount of content packed in, it is not entirely surprising.

3 Planet S

Planet S

A new strategy game available on Steam, the goal of Planet S is to advance civilization on the home planet by taking over other planets. The game was just released in a basic form at the beginning of the month, with more things to come as time goes on.

This great city-building video game is almost like a space version of SimCity. Giving players a chance to see a futuristic idea of living in space, Planet S gives multiple planets and cities that the player can use. Building a new planet civilization has never been more out of this world.

2 Iron Snout

Iron Snout

In Iron Snout, gamers can play as a pig taking on a hoard of big bad wolves. A shockingly violent button masher, Iron Snout has been available to play since 2016 and has been out with a wide array of approval, with 97% of people who played it on Steam enjoying the game.

The classic button masher games are fun callbacks to the arcade era, and Iron Snout adds to the nostalgia with the classic “Three Little Pigs” fairy tale. A very quirky title, it is worth checking out regardless if someone is looking for a fun game for free.

1 Trash Patrol

Trash Patrol

Trash Patrol is a multiplayer game where all the players are raccoons. Looking to cause some trouble, the players must break into a house, steal items, clean them first, and get out in the time given. The aim is to not get caught by the human in the house either, as that would mean losing the game.

A true quirky game, Trash Patrol offers simple fun for the players on Steam. With a cops-and-robbers style premise, players can be reminded of their fun times when they were younger, as well as get in the competitive spirit trying to beat the clock.

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