10 Best Looking Armor Sets, Ranked

10 Best Looking Armor Sets, Ranked

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most beloved games on PlayStation, partially because of its brilliant storytelling, but also due to its impactful visuals and gorgeous mechanics. Among those intelligent designs are the armors that Jin Sakai can suit up for battle, each of which represents something very different about the character.

The armors come in various sets and some of them look even more incredible than others. These rankings are partially based on the way the story interacts with the looks of the costumes as well, and what they mean for Jin as a character; alongside simply looking awesome.


10 Kensei Armor

Kensei ARmor

The Six Blades Of Kojiro is the narrative that players can complete to gain this mythical armor. While it brings with it many perks, the look of the piece is astounding. It works best with the blue, but there is a range of other dyes available, that mesh well with the shoulder pads.

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The final version of the armor, once it’s fully upgraded, is simple but effective. The feathered shoulder pads match well with the worn straw hat, and there are elements of the Ronin design scattered throughout the piece. The cape itself is very impressive and it feels worthy of a dueling scenario. It is very basic though.

9 Mongol Commander’s Armor

Mongol Commander Armor

After completing the Fit for the Khan tale, one of the many side narratives in this vast open world, players will receive the Mongol Commander armor. The general idea is that Jin can become the enemy, and from that perspective, it is a very interesting design.

While it does blend in with many of the enemies Jin will face and thus doesn’t stand out enough, it is a very different style of gear that audiences can use to their advantage. It’s heavily armored, with an intricately designed helmet, but isn’t as customizable in its look compared to other suits.

8 Traveler’s Armor

Traveler’s Armor

The Travelers Armor is an early piece of gear that audiences receive as a gift from the merchant. It has some great benefits including clearing the map quicker and has the feel of a seasoned traveler; a mysterious figure on the lonely roads, moving from place to place in secrecy.

It combines elements of the cloaks of the Samurai warriors and headbands of the mighty fighters but is also quite a casual piece of gear. The range of colors that can be used here is vast. It’s not a traditional armor by any means, but the smallest details bring this to life and allows it to feel authentic in the world.

7 Sakai Clan Armor

Sakai Clan Armor

The Sakai Clan Armor is inherited from Jin’s father and thus has a very special place in the game. The very first version of this armor is pretty boring and is designed to fall in line with the rest of the army. However, the final upgraded form is far more impressive.

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Granted after achieving the Ghosts from the Past narrative, the armor sports the famous Sakai logo that will be seen throughout the rest of the game. It’s heavily armored, representing the dangerous wars it’s been involved with, but the natural element of the horns on the top allows this to stand out. It’s bulky and the mask mirrors that of the Ghost’s!

6 Ronin Armor

Ronin Armor

The Ronin armor perhaps fits with Jin’s story the best, considering he goes off on the lone track, away from the rest of his clan. It’s received during the Blood in the Grass storyline and is the most versatile when it comes to color combinations (the red in particular is a standout).

The natural shapes of the materials are stunning. There’s something very environmental about the look and feel of the piece as if it’s an extension of nature itself. It moves elegantly but also looks fierce in combat. This is an example of simplicity working wonders and the game returns to the Ronin armor for some of its most dramatic sequences.

5 God Of War Armor

The power of a crossover can’t be ignored, which is why this armor is ranked slightly higher than the rest. The piece is gained by completing some hidden puzzles, which fans will have to look out for if they want to unlock these kinds of secrets. The armor is based upon PlayStation’s God Of War. 

It’s ridiculously huge in its design, almost laughably so to some extent, but it channels Kratos, from his red markings to the brutality of the character himself. The chains are a unique touch and this armor is so far removed from everything else in the title.

4 Aloy Armor

Ghost of Tsushima update adds Horizon Forbidden West armor

Much like the God Of War piece, the Aloy armor inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn is among the best costumes in the game. It draws directly from Aloy, the lead character from the series, complete with her organic materials, from the leather jacket to feathering.

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The archer very much fits into the title, considering Jin’s abilities are very similar. The armor is extremely colorful and although it might not match the tone of the game quite as well as God Of War, it does bring a unique edge, with the beads and stone headband.

3 Sarugami Armor

Sarugami Armor

The Legend of Black Hand Riku story gives players access to this gorgeous piece of design and it’s hard to overlook just how much work and detail went into this DLC armor. In fact, from the markings to the unique use of green and orange, there’s something spectacular about the armor.

It’s a shame that it wasn’t used even more throughout the game and was added somewhat as an afterthought considering just how intricate it is. It takes the best elements of other designs, from a smaller cape to the logos and armored plating, and brings it all up a notch.

2 Gosaku’s Armor

Gosaku’s Armor

Some of the toughest boss battles will surely be conquered with this menacing armor set. The Gosaku’s armor can be picked up while completing The Unbreakable Gosaku. It’s an honorable piece of gear with a garish color set that immediately catches the eye.

But what’s more, that impressive helmet and the extended pads, are the best headgear in the entire game. The mustached mask gives this an additional focal point and while a lot is going on here, there’s something very regal about the piece. It’s an exciting addition to the arsenal with very few flaws.

1 Ghost Armor

Ghost armor

The Ghost Armor is of course the classic piece of equipment for the game and the most important in regards to the narrative. It’s a collection of various pieces from the title and combined together in a way that allows them to terrify anyone Jin faces in battle.

It’s shadowy and mysterious, but the white Ghost Armor is perhaps even better in terms of its look. It’s effortlessly cool and utilizes the iconic Ghost mask that Jin has become so accustomed to wearing. This very much feels like the superhero suit of the masked warrior and allows his legend to grow from the shadows, with the wavey materials and sleek fit.

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