10 Best Movie Entrances By A Character, According To Reddit

10 Best Movie Entrances By A Character, According To Reddit

Fans are rejoicing at Darth Vader’s entrance in Obi-Wan Kenobi. As his battered body is lifted, mechanical limbs are attached, and the iconic helmet lowered onto his head, the deep breathing signals the Sith Lord has returned. The scene is just one entrance that will go down in television history.

Movie fans on Reddit have strong thoughts on memorable movie entrances. From Darth Vader’s first introduction to famous cameos, these characters have left their mark on audiences. These characters know how to make a scene with intense moments to hilarious one-liners.


10 Cyrus (Thirteen Ghosts)

Cyrus in Thirteen Ghosts

With moody visuals of an abandoned, spooky junkyard, a large tanker demolishes the gate in Thirteen Ghosts. SUVs full of men follow closely behind when a classic car appears, and the audience is introduced to Cyrus. The juxtaposition of the clean, expensive car against the dirty junkyard is a great visual to show just how rich and powerful Cyrus is to do what he pleases.

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Several minutes later, it is revealed that the tanker is full of blood as it starts spewing the liquid in an effort to lure a spirit. Reddit user BadMadRadButNeverSad writes, “how do you beat driving a limousine into a junkyard after smashing the gate with a tanker of blood?” The opening scene certainly leaves an impression that Cyrus is actually a villain.

9 Ruby Sheridan (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again)

Cher arrives in Mamma Mia! 2.

Mamma Mia! may feature one of the biggest triple threats in Meryl Streep, but it is a cameo in the sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again that has audiences talking. Cher portrays Ruby, the mother of Streep’s character, and makes a grand entrance that causes jaws to drop. Reddit user Comfortable_Grand972 writes, “It was so iconic and everyone in the movie theatre that I was watching in was shocked.”

Dressed in a white suit with a walking cane, dark sunglasses (even though it’s night), and white hair, Ruby’s entrance shocks the characters during the hotel re-opening celebration. She was never invited. It is a poignant moment as Ruby makes amends with Sophie. Cher is an unexpected addition to the cast and makes for an unlikely glamorous grandmother.

8 Chazz (Wedding Crashers)

When Owen Wilson’s character seeks out the help of wedding crasher mentor, Chazz (Will Ferrell), he gets more than he bargained for in Wedding Crashers. Reddit user Salty_Sinclair says, “Y’all are wrong” because Chazz’s entrance is the best of any movie. Ferrell’s silhouette emerges from the upstairs of his mom’s house to mysterious music filled with strings and whistles.

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Dressed in a silk robe with nunchucks around his neck, Chazz aggressively asks, “What the f*** do you want?” Upon finding out who Wilson is, his demeanor completely changes, and he asks for a hug. It is an unexpected moment for a memorable side character. Ferrell left his impact on audiences as he shouted at his mom for meatloaf and will always be remembered for his minor role as a wedding and funeral crasher.

7 Sloth And Chunk (The Goonies)

Sloth is first introduced in The Goonies when Chunk is captured by the Fratellis. However, it’s when the duo arrives to save the day that is memorable for Reddit user music_2_the_earz. As the goonies are forced to walk the plank, Sloth shouts, “Hey you guys!” and descends the ship’s sail with a knife and Chunk on his back.

The Goonies is a wholesome movie with a strong group of friends. Chunk is the unlikely hero after befriending the abused Sloth. In addition to the duo wearing pirate hats and Sloth donning a Superman shirt, the pair prove they are more than capable despite what others may think. Sloth and Chunk’s defining entrance has gone down in ‘80s movie history.

6 Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible 2)

Ethan Hunt holding on to a cliff in Mission Impossible II

The intro to Mission Impossible 2 finds Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) using his bare hands and no equipment to scale a rock face. With quiet music that builds up as he climbs to the top, there are tense moments including Ethan hanging by one hand. Once he reaches the top, a helicopter arrives and gives him his next mission.

For Reddit user Prank_Owl it is memorable, writing, “It’s possibly the one part of the movie that’s aged well.” The scene is particularly memorable since it is a slow build. There is no running or shooting. There is no action, just Ethan climbing. The real danger would happen by his own mistake, not by outside circumstances. Though Mission Impossible 2 is arguably a terrible sequel, the beginning is a standout moment.

5 Megamind (Megamind)

Megamind's Grand Entrance

In Megamind, the supervillain knows how to make an entrance. Reddit user Ferrum_Freakshow writes, “Coming in at the perfect time, a light show from the sky, witty commentary, and Guns ‘n Roses. Enough said.” When Titan has Roxanne tied up on a building, Megamind makes his grand entrance. With a laser show and rock music, he comes out of the mouth of a lighted replica of his face.

The entrance is flashy, literally with hundreds of lights making up his face and plenty of lasers to light up the sky. It is an entrance fit for a villain who wants to make a scene and be acknowledged for his actions. Megamind’s entrance is the only one from an animated movie that stands out for movie fans.

4 Baby Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

The opening sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 finds the guardians fighting for their lives as baby Groot begins dancing to “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra. Reddit user digitalpacifier thinks Groot steals the show as the smallest member of the guardians with the best rhythm.

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Gamora shouts at Groot to stay out of the way or he will get hurt. He responds by obliviously waving at her and later gets distracted by a bug. The adorable dancing is heartwarming and shows just how young Groot is as he doesn’t understand the events happening around him. The rhythmic dance hit accompanying a fight scene is humorous and sets the tone for the entire movie.

3 The Avengers (Avengers: Endgame)

avengers endgame Avengers assemble scene

Everything boils down to the final battle with Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. Just as Captain America stands in front of Thanos and his formidable army believing there is no hope, portals begin opening and superheroes appear one by one, leading to Cap uttering the memorable line, “Avengers, assemble.”

Reddit user Forzadud writes, “[Cue] the epic fight music.” Audiences can see the raw emotion and relief on Captain America’s face as he realizes he is not alone in the fight. As the army forms behind him with a musical crescendo, the goosebump-inducing scene is the culmination of years of storytelling and is a satisfying conclusion as the heroes band together.

2 Darth Vader (Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope)

Darth Vader boards Princess Leia's Rebel Blockade Runner surrounded by Stormtroopers and fallen Rebel soldiers in Star Wars A New Hope

As the first installment of the franchise, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope introduces audiences to the deep-breathing, force-choking brutal movie villain that is Darth Vader. Entering through a cloud of smoke, Vader looks around at the lifeless stormtrooper corpses and the scene cuts away. When the camera returns to him, Vader has a grip around the throat of a man as he is questioned.

Reddit user LemurianLemurLad writes, “Within less than a minute you know not only is this dude a bad guy but also a serious threat before he even talks.” The deep breathing is enough of a threat to know Darth Vader’s personality before he speaks. His command of the room is powerful, and he is not one to mess around. Darth Vader’s smokey entrance is an iconic scene in the franchise.

1 Jack Sparrow (Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl)

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl presents the drunken swagger of Captain Jack Sparrow in traditional pirate fashion. The camera pans to the famous pirate setting his sights on the port, the wind blowing in his hair. He jumps down to reveal his small boat filling with water and ends up climbing the mast as the boat completely sinks and he is able to step foot onto the dock with ease.

Portrayed by Johnny Depp, the moment Jack is introduced is highly memorable. Reddit user CameForTheFunOfIt writes, “Probably a few better, but immediately comes to mind.” The scene is funny and so perfectly timed to seem impossible. The theme music adds seriousness to the sinking situation, cementing Captain Jack as a rebellious, yet bumbling pirate.

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