10 Breaking Bad Characters Who Still Need To Show Up

10 Breaking Bad Characters Who Still Need To Show Up

Better Call Saul has become just as thrilling and shocking as Breaking Bad, and the trailer for season 6 part 2 hints at even more huge surprises. But along with the shock value of killing off characters and the bubbling-beneath-the-surface war between Lalo and Gus, the spin-off has expanded on the Breaking Bad universe in ways that fans couldn’t have imagined.

The show has also brought back beloved characters from the original series, but some remain to be seen, and there are only a few episodes left for them to appear. Between characters who would logically fit into the procedural law series and fan-favorites who simply need to return for fan service, a lot of characters need to be squeezed into the final six episodes.


Ted Beneke

Breaking Bad

Though fans would love to see the most outrageous and exciting Breaking Bad characters return, it’s more likely that the quieter and less violently criminal characters will show up. After all, it’s still a procedural law series. Ted Beneke committed all sorts of fraud in the original series, so it isn’t hard to believe that he could show up in court at some point in the final few episodes for that exact reason.

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Ted never learned from his mistakes, just like the Kettlemans, who immediately went back to committing fraud right after being caught and charged for that very sort of thing. It’s easy to imagine Kim giving one of her blunt speeches to Ted, demanding that he stop his dirty business ethics only for him to completely ignore her.



Danny Trejo crops up in just about anything, movies or TV, and it seems like he can’t say no to anything that passes through his agent’s office. So it hardly comes as a surprise that Trejo was one of the first recognizable Hollywood actors to feature in Breaking Bad. However, Tortuga plays to the actor’s strengths, as not only is he a typical cartel gangster, but he has flair and theatricality too.

Tortuga didn’t have much screentime in the show, as he was quickly beheaded, and his decapitated head rode on top of a turtle as a message to the DEA from the cartel. However, the eccentric character can return in some form in Better Call Saul, whether it’s a run-in with Lalo or requesting Saul’s services.

Uncle Jack

After season 4 of Breaking Bad, fans thought it was impossible to introduce an antagonist who was a larger threat than Gustavo Fring, but creator Vince Gilligan pulled it off. Uncle Jack is a terrifying neo-Nazi, and nothing was more satisfying than when Walter shot him in the head.

The character is so imposing and even his presence without any dialogue would make for a truly heart-sinking moment in the final episodes of Better Call Saul. However, as Lalo is the big bad of the show, it’s hard to see where the Breaking Bad character would naturally fit in. But a short couple of scenes wouldn’t get in the way too much, as Lalo or one of his men could call on Jack and his merry men of neo-Nazis for help in his war with Gus.

Marie Schrader

An image of Marie on the phone in Breaking Bad

Marie’s other half, Hank Schrader, has already shown up in the spin-off show, and it was one of the most exciting extended cameos the show has delivered so far. But Marie is just as beloved as Hank, and she’s even more entertaining.

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At this point in time in the Breaking Bad universe that Better Call Saul is at, Marie would have been well into her kleptomaniac phase by now, and she could be found in a jewelry store shoplifting in the series. It’s easy to imagine the way it’d be shot, too. In classic Breaking Bad fashion, it’d hint at the character by first showing her purple dress before hearing her voice.

Patrick Kuby

bill burr breaking bad kuby

Patrik Kuby (Bill Burr) is one of Saul’s henchmen and part of his A-team, and what makes him so entertaining is that he comes off as rather inept, but he always gets the job done, against all odds. Fans have been waiting to see Kuby show up in the spin-off for years, and while Kuby’s other half, Hule (Lavell Crawford,) showed up in the series fairly early on in season 3 and has had a recurring role ever since, Kuby is yet to show his face.

That might have something to do with the fact that Burr has become one of the most popular comedians in the world and his schedule is a lot more difficult to work around than Crawford’s. But if Kuby doesn’t appear in the final episodes of Breaking Bad, not even a brief cameo, it’ll leave thousands of fans disappointed.

Badger And Skinny Pete

It was a treat for fans whenever Badger and Skinny Pete showed up in Breaking Bad, whether they were arguing about the meaning of specific Star Trek episodes or playing the piano surprisingly well. They even returned in El Camino, as they helped Jesse start his new life.

While the characters seem like comic relief, that’s just the face of it, and all of their scenes are actually exceptionally deep and resonant. That’s why they need to feature in some form in Better Call Saul’s final stretch. And given that fans want to see Badger and Skinny Pete meet Marie, as strange as that might sound, it makes for a hilarious scene and a perfect way to bring back Marie, too.

Old Joe

Breaking Bad Larry Hankin Old Joe

Joe knows a surprising amount about the law, as he reeled off a bunch of law spiel when Hank was trying to gain access to the RV in his junkyard. With so much knowledge about laws, he must have gotten that from somewhere, and it could be that Saul represented him at some point.

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Even though it feels like he’s a recurring character, Old Joe only appeared in two Breaking Bad episodes, and he’s yet to show up in Better Call Saul. Larry Hankin is a great character actor, and he has seemingly played the same grumpy old grouch for the past 40 years, whether it’s in Breaking Bad or Friends, and it’d be great to see him do what he does best one more time.

Jesse Pinkman

jesse in his car in the pilot episode of breaking bad

It’s already confirmed that Jesse and Walter will already show up at some point in Better Call Saul’s final seasons, but it isn’t clear how. It could be a flash-forward to when the student and teacher were business partners, or it could flash even further forward to Jesse living his quiet life in Alaska. However, the show should visit the character before he is reunited with his chemistry teacher.

Jesse became the saddest Breaking Bad character and his life is more of a tragedy than anyone else’s, losing the two loves of his life at such an early age. It’d be a refreshing change of pace to see Jesse before his life wasn’t ruined, back when he was a rebel and had a car with the license plate “CAPN COOK.”

Emilio Koyama


Emilio Koyama was Jesse’s first business partner, and they had a great set up until Walter ruined everything, and Jesse was forced to kill him before dissolving his body in hydrofluoric acid. Emilio is one of the smallest characters in the universe, but seeing him show up could still be a great callback.

But, more importantly, it’s one that would make the most sense. Jesse mentions in Breaking Bad that Saul was Emilio’s legal representation and managed to get Emilio acquitted twice despite there being so much evidence against him. It could even be a creative way to introduce Jess, too.

Walter White

Walt looking serious on Breaking Bad

With the announcement that Walter White will appear in some way in the final episodes of Better Call Saul, it has fans speculating to no end how it’ll happen. As the prequel has featured ambiguous scenes based in a post-Breaking Bad world, including Saul’s mansion getting cleared out, Walter’s appearance could simply be Walt’s body being zipped up in a body bag or a morgue.

But it’s more likely that Saul might visit the car wash that the chemistry teacher moonlights at. Either way, it hopefully won’t be a flash-forward to Breaking Bad events, as that bald cap in El Camino wasn’t fooling anybody, and it won’t fool the same Better Call Saul fans either.

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