10 Hidden Details Redditors Found In Disney Animated Movies

10 Hidden Details Redditors Found In Disney Animated Movies

With news of Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear (the origin story of Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear that has fans excited) hitting theatres in June, fans on Reddit are thrilled for another Disney movie they can dissect and investigate. One of the best parts about the Disney fandom is the deep dives fans do in search of Easter eggs and small details.

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Once fun findings are found, Redditors share their discoveries in hopes of connecting to like-minded fans. While the Pixar world has oodles of details that connect to other Pixar films, Reddit users found their own elements in Disney animated movies.


Was This How Augustín Met Julieta On Encanto?

An image of Augustin using an axe in Encanto

Fans on Reddit had a field day with the Easter eggs spotted in Encanto. The magical tale of the Madrigal family and their powers pulled on viewers’ heartstrings and gave them a fun new soundtrack.

In the movie, Mirabel’s father Augustín gets into his fair share of accidents. But as Reddit user Hopelessnecromantic7 noticed, “Mirabel sings that her dad Augustín is accident-prone, which alludes to how he met her mom because he would always go to her so she could cook meals for him.” This small detail makes sense since Mirabel’s mom, Julieta, can heal the town with her magical baked goods, and it’s probably how they met.

The Voice Work Is All In The Family

A split image of Moana singing with other characters

Disney’s Moana is another animated movie with Easter eggs that fans found over the years. And as Redditor Numerous-Lemon pointed out, the voice of a village woman is actually a rather special person to the actress who voices Moana.

As the Redditor said, “In Moana (2016), this villager is played by Puanani Cravalho, the mother of Auliʻi Cravalho, who plays Moana. She is praising her own daughter.” In the scene, the villager greets Moana and tells Moana’s parents, “She’s doing great!” It’s a sweet nod to her actual daughter.

The Incredible Newspaper

Mr. Incredible reading the newspaper in The Incredibles

Disney had some incredible animated parents who were all things supportive, loving, and affectionate. The Incredibles’ Bob Parr (aka Mr. Incredible) was a dedicated father who was able to both fight crime and be a doting dad.

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In one scene, Bob is reading the Metroville Tribune. It’s here that FireAndIce_92 spotted an interesting detail. “The newspaper that Bob reads about Gazerbeam’s disappearance in is dated 1962, placing the prologue in 1947 – the midway point of the Golden Age of Comic Books (1938-1956).”

A Nod To The Directors

Two characters setting off fireworks on Mulan

Disney’s Mulan had some of the best quotes because they revolved around independence, strength, and the love of family. In the movie, Mulan takes her father’s place in the Chinese Army and pretends to be a man in order to join the fight.

In one scene towards the end, two men are seen setting off fireworks. Funny enough, Redditor Numerous-Lemon realized that “Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft, the directors of the movie, appear as two firework handlers.” This way, the directors had a small role in the movie that could actually be heard.

The Story Of Beard Papa

A split image of Beard Papa from Wreck It Ralph

Beard Papa is just one of the antagonists in Wreck-It Ralph. He’s a security guard who works at Kart Bakery in the Sugar Rush game but doesn’t do the best job of securing the bakery since he loves to sleep on the job.

A small detail that Disney viewers might not know was pointed out by TaraClaire on Reddit. They wrote, “In Wreck-It Ralph, there is a guy named Beard Papa in the Sugar Rush game. Beard Papa is a chain of cream puff stores.” And this Redditor is correct. According to the Beard Papa’s website, Beard Papa’s has been around since 1999 and sells “the world’s best cream puffs.”

The Beauty & The Beast And Aladdin Crossover

Beast sighting in Aladdin on Disney

Olivebranch99 shared a still from Disney’s Aladdin and asked “How have I never noticed this?” In the still, there’s a stack of toys shaped like a pyramid, and right in the center is a small version of Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

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Fans of Aladdin are bound to love a movie like Beauty and the Beast because they both revolve around saving another person out of love. Seeing this small connection between films makes Disney fans giddy.

Elsa Is The Only One Without Cold Mist

Frozen became a groundbreaking Disney movie. Elsa, in particular, had iconic quotes that fans loved because of her strength and nobility.

As the queen of Arendelle, Elsa had a hard time running her kingdom effectively because of her power that turn most things she touches into ice. As a naturally cold person, a Reddit user noticed something small about her character compared to others. Laurenk1964 wrote, “Elsa didn’t have mist coming from her mouth during the cold parts. It was something small that I appreciated.” Because Elsa was icy, she didn’t have the cold mist radiating from her mouth when she spoke, which was an amazing detail added by the animators.

Look Up And See Pinnochio!

Pinocchio hiding in the background of Tangled

Tangled was full of great songs and enchanting moments as Rapunzel found her independence away from Mother Gothel. In the musical sequence for “I’ve Got a Dream,” Rapunzel and Flynn joined fellow bar patrons in singing about their deepest desires. Although Rapunzel and Flynn tried keeping a low profile in this scene, it was hard to do because of the powerful song.

In the scene, Reddit user Jordman2 mentioned “Hidden Pinocchio egg in Disney’s Tangled.” At the top of the scene, there’s a Pinocchio doll sitting in between wooden rafters.

Magic Carpet Found Itself In Tiana’s Universe

In Aladdin, one of Aladdin’s sidekicks was a magic carpet that he found in the Cave of Wonders. The carpet didn’t speak but it nodded, understood, and helped Aladdin when he needed it.

Ironically, in a quick moment at the start of The Princess and the Frog, Toolbot08 noticed something from Aladdin in Tiana’s universe. They wrote, “The carpet from Aladdin shows up in [The] Princess and the Frog.” In the scene, a woman is seen cleaning the carpet on her balcony.

Dogs Supporting Dogs

Fans of the original Lady and the Tramp were thrilled when the live-action movie came to screens. They wanted to see what Disney changed and what stayed the same. However, Redditor Luckj pointed out that fans can actually see Lady and Jock in the animated film 101 Dalmatians.

“In 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp are both briefly seen during the bark chain,” they wrote. In the movie, all of the dogs in the neighborhood are seen barking and alerting one another about the puppies being stolen. And adorably, Lady and Jock were part of those barking dogs.

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