10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Hagrid As A Character

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Hagrid As A Character

With the ongoing controversy surrounding Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, many fans are doing what they can to distance themselves from her beliefs while simultaneously staying true to the franchise. It’s certainly a tricky position to be in for Potterheads, but fortunately, the wizarding world is a rich one with redeeming characters that are easy to love.

One such character is Hagrid, whose personality and selfless ways have made him one of the most beloved characters in the entire series. Over the years, the depth of Hagrid’s character has been consistently analyzed, mainly because he’s repeatedly been written off as a goofy secondary character who is all too often absent at key moments. The truth of the matter, however, is that there’s much to Hagrid to appreciate and how he handles himself provides key insights into his nature.


10 Not So Clear On The Wizarding World’s Shock Factor

In the Harry Potter franchise, what readers and audiences quickly come to learn is that for wizards and witches, magic is entirely normal and not the least bit shocking. This is fully emphasized when Hagrid comes to take Harry away to shop for his upcoming year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

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However, while most wizards and witches can tone down their behavior in the Muggle world, Hagrid isn’t quite on that same level. The intensity with which he comes to “pick up” Harry from the Dursleys might be slightly justified, but it’s still done in his typically heavy-handed yet innocent way – oblivious to just how shocking it is to Muggles.

9 Fantastic Beasts Are Where It’s At

One of the many reasons why the wizarding world is so endlessly fascinating is due to all the imaginative and fantastical non-human creatures that inhabit it. As Hogwarts’ groundskeeper and the Care of Magical Creatures professor, he regularly had the opportunity to showcase his love for all fantastic beasts, big and small.

Unfortunately, Hagrid’s love for these creatures wasn’t always balanced with the best judgment. The fact that he understood creatures that were often dangerous meant that he developed a level of comfort that few others had. Because of this, his gentle demeanor was often at odds with a level of irresponsibility that even Harry and his friends were leery of.

8 Never Afraid Of Standing Up To His Enemies

There are numerous differences between how Hagrid was portrayed in the original Harry Potter novels and what was ultimately adapted into the eight films. One such difference was how willing he was to physically battle enemies when necessary.

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While it’s inaccurate to suggest that Hagrid was passive or dull in the films, this meme does highlight an important distinction. He’s always willing to put his life on the line for his friends, but in the films, this isn’t done through physically fighting. The fact remains, however, that Hagrid’s battles are largely unseen in the films, unlike in the books.

7 Crazy Creatures Are His Weakness

It’s impossible to discuss Hagrid’s love for fantastic beasts without mentioning his very specific love for strange and obscure creatures. Unfortunately, this love doesn’t always translate to fully legal pursuits – like the time he bred manticores and fire crabs for fun.

It does seem contrary for Hagrid to fear breaking the law over the possibility of ending up in Azkaban only to illegally breed manticores and fire crabs. But that’s Hagrid. He simply can’t resist exploring the world of fantastic beasts because ultimately, he’s a kind and gentle soul whose appreciation of life knows no bounds.

6 He Should Not Have Said That

Because of Hagrid’s close friendship with Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Hagrid is privy to many things that other Hogwarts staff aren’t. Unfortunately, Hagrid isn’t always the best at keeping things to himself, as evidenced by his accidental tips to Harry, Hermione, and Ron regarding the Philosopher’s Stone.

When it comes to classified information, Hagrid often speaks before thinking. This leads to instant regret, as seen in the above meme. It’s a completely innocent aspect of his character and insight into how, deep down, what Hagrid wants is to be appreciated and to please his friends and allies. As a result, it’s hard to fault him because he’s just plain loveable.

5 Upfront With His Friends

While Hagrid might not be the best at keeping secrets from his friends, he maintains a relatively reserved persona among the staff and students at Hogwarts. Only when he’s with his closest friends does he speak earnestly and when he does, there’s no telling what he might reveal.

Indeed, Hagrid’s earnestness might not always be correct – like when he believes that Fluffy is enough to keep the Philosopher’s Stone safe. But the way that he says just what he thinks to Harry, Hermione, and Ron is an aspect of Hagrid that he’s typically adept at hiding. This could very well be because he’s spent much of his life as something of an outcast.

4 All Kinds Of Secrecy

Hagrid’s role in the Harry Potter franchise is a deceptive one. For the most part, he’s made to appear as the friendly Hogwarts groundskeeper who’s a good friend of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The truth, however, is that there’s much more to him than meets the eye.

Throughout the entire series, Hagrid undertakes a variety of missions and tasks that help to determine the eventual fate of the wizarding world. He might not be the best at keeping secrets, but that doesn’t mean he’s revealing everything he does. There’s a great deal of mystery behind the half-giant’s personality and the work he does.

3 Loyalty Is Paramount

Hagrid has his faults like any other character, but one thing he consistently makes clear straight from the start is that Albus Dumbledore means the world to him. This is likely due to a combination of factors, the most obvious of which is that it was Dumbledore who gave Hagrid the groundskeeper role at Hogwarts.

As Hagrid states in The Philosopher’s Stone, “Never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me.” It’s a statement that he truly means, and it’s a testament to how loyal Hagrid is toward the people he cares about. Taking exception to any negative talk of Dumbledore is one of the few times that fans ever see Hagrid get particularly heated.

2 A Half-Giant With A Giant Heart

As Harry Potter fans know, Hagrid’s father was a human giant and his mother was a giantess, making him half-giant. While the books describe him as large despite only having half-giant genes, the films do a great job of showing just how big he is in comparison to everyday items like teapots, and handkerchiefs (and smaller Hogwarts professors).

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Size may be a physical characteristic rather than a characterization of who Hagrid is, but in actuality being a half-giant has played a major role in his personality. There’s no shortage of discrimination against giants in the wizarding world, and Hagrid has struggled with the fact that he is who is, before ultimately accepting it and being proud of his roots.

1 A Look That’s Entirely His Own

From the first moment that Harry Potter audiences were introduced to Hagrid, it was clear that he was unlike any other character in the wizarding world. There are ample reasons for this, of course, but to put it quite plainly, without his beard and hair he just wouldn’t have the same impact.

It may be a wild and unkempt look, but Hagrid’s beard and hair speak to a greater truth about the beloved character: he’s unique in every way and he’s not interested in changing for anyone. That quiet confidence is entirely admirable and helps define not only his personality but also helps him to appreciate the individuality of others.

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