10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Kimiko As A Character

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Kimiko As A Character

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Boys through episode 6 of season 3.

With fans eagerly anticipating what The Boys finale has in store for supes and humans alike, there’s a lot of buzz on the internet surrounding the show’s biggest names. Now that Kimiko and Frenchie have realized they can’t escape their pasts, what new lengths will they go to, and who’s side will they find themselves on?

More importantly, audiences must be wondering when and if Kimiko’s powers will be restored and how she lost them in the first place. She’s been on one of the most transformative journeys of the show, culminating in her finally speaking after decades of silence. While plenty of fans take to text-based discussions to share their thoughts, others prefer the humor of memes.


10 Unkillable

Despite her most recent injury when The Boys released Soldier Boy, Kimiko’s healing ability has come in handy many times. Some of the most exciting moments of the show have been watching foes think they’d defeated her, only for her to rise again and come back swinging.

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It was shocking when Black Noir killed her in season 1, but even after that, with the knowledge she could heal, the show found ways to make viewers wonder if she could come back from several other seemingly-debilitating injuries. A bullet to the head couldn’t even stop her. Without her powers, though, she’ll have to learn to be more careful.

9 Silence

It’s not readily apparent when viewers meet Kimiko just how long-standing her silence is. Eventually, they learn from her brother, Kenji, that after the deaths of their parents she stopped speaking. In the comic books, Kimiko’s silence seems to stem from elsewhere, but when she does start communicating in the show (first with Kenji and then with The Boys), she uses sign language.

Now that Kimiko may be regaining her vocal speech, viewers may see less of that. Rarely do fans get to see protagonists living with any kind of disability, so having one of the core members of the group be someone who communicates through signing is a refreshing dose of representation. Here’s hoping the show can push that further.

8 Her Bond With Frenchie

Kimiko and Frenchie make one of the sweetest duos on The Boys. Frenchie’s instant need to help Kimiko and his dedication to following through with that promise, whatever it takes, is wonderful to watch. More wonderful still is Kimiko’s slow and steady willingness to trust and let Frenchie past her walls.

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Little by little, these two wounded people are helping each other overcome the traumas of their past and deal with the traumas of their present. Nothing good lasts very long in this series, but fingers crossed this duo sees it out to the end.

7 Kimiko’s Growth

Kimiko’s introduction is one of the best episodes of The Boys.  Her growth from episode 4 to this recent season has been huge. To go from a silent, closed-off, rageful woman in the first season, to someone capable of hoping for a bright future with someone who loves her is a huge shift.

Never at any point has it felt like Kimiko was all of a sudden a new person; each step towards hope was hard-won and deserved. Watching her bond with the other members of the gang, having sweet moments with Ryan, and finally uttering her first words since childhood has been an emotional and inspiring ride.

6 Bone-Breaker

Over the course of the series, Kimiko has done a lot of bodily damage to many enemies (and a few friends), but a few events stand out. Some of the most grueling injuries have been at Kimiko’s hands. Even if A-Train is a low-key villain of the series, Kimiko taking a heavy piece of metal to his thigh while the team was trying to rescue Hugh Sr. is gag-inducing.

Similarly, Mesmer’s wrist being snapped is hard to stomach. More recently, Hughie asking Kimko to break his arm to get out of his office job for a while left audiences cringing and covering their eyes for the split-second snap.

5 Songstress

As Kimiko’s unexpected quote “I got rhythm” hints at, musical numbers this season have shown us a new side of this heroine. She’s finally finding things to be joyful about, and these little detours into her musical world make for sweet and whimsical windows into her psyche.

Even her excitement at hearing Crimson Countess’s new music was genuine. Musical episodes can go wrong, but Kimiko pulling the rest of The Boys into her fantasy world could make for a wonderful tune-filled episode.

4 Her Protectiveness Over Kenji

Having relied on each other as children, being separated from each other was obviously hard for both Kenji and Kimiko. What should have been their happy reunion was made all the more tragic by his dedication to the Shining Light Liberation Army that abducted them as children.

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Despite their bond, they can’t reconcile their differences and spend much of Kenji’s brief time on the show at odds with one another. It would have been fascinating to see where their relationship might have gone. One of the most distressing moments in the show is Kenji’s death and its effects on Kimiko.

3 Chaotic Good

None of the characters in The Boys fit neatly into the categories of either “good” or “bad.” Everyone is messy, much like in real life; it’s one of the major appeals of this take on superheroes. Moral complexity will always make characters feel more dimensional.

Fans might have a tough time sorting some of The Boys into character alignments, but Kimiko is very firmly “chaotic good” as she’s always ready to break rules and go to the extreme, as long as it’s being done for the greater good.

2 Nazi-Crusher

After Stormfront killed Kenji, Kimiko was understandably obsessed with revenge. However, she was simultaneously paralyzed with fear whenever she got close to Stormfront. After the brutally violent and racist murder of her only remaining family, Kimiko had every reason to want to run away and hide, but she’s a fighter.

With some kind words from Frenchie and her own force of will, Kimiko was able to break out of her shock and fight back. There is no denying that it was exhilarating to see one of The Boys’ best characters finally get to face up to Stormfront, and together with Annie and Maeve beat up on the despicable murderer.

1 Is She A Monster?

More than once, Kimiko has referred to herself as a monster. Her position on this seems to be constantly shifting, as one’s view of themself is constantly evolving, especially after such a hard life.

From thinking Compound V made her a monster to believing it was in her all along after her violent escape from Little Nina’s thugs sans powers, it’s harrowing to watch her deal with the difficult circumstances she’s been put in, but anyone watching the show can see she’s not a monster at heart.

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