10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Games

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Games

Crash Bandicoot has seen a series rebirth since the release of N. Sane Trilogy back in 2017. A remake of Crash Team Racing (dubbed Crash Team Racing: Nitrofueled) was released in 2019, followed by an all-new adventure game, It’s About Time, in 2020. There is also a rumored multiplayer game on the way.

While fans have waited long to see their favorite bandicoot back in the limelight, they have stuck with the Crash series through the ups and the downs. And regardless of how anyone feels about whatever direction Crash is going in, there are a couple of memes summing up the series that most fans could agree on.


The Mystery of Aku Aku

Aku Aku is a principal character in the Crash proper, being a guardian mask that protects the titular protagonist from danger. When he’s not serving as Crash’s (or Coco’s) guardian angel, he often provides words of advice to help Crash in his adventures.

That said, for a guardian mask, Aku Aku sure knows how to meet his end when it comes to TNT and nitro crates. Should one detonate near Crash, Aku Aku just straight up vanishes (unless Crash has an extra hit Point). Those dastardly crates don’t phase him in the racing games, though.

New Publisher, Same Old Parade

Microsoft made huge waves in the gaming industry this year when it purchased Activision in a massive $68.7 billion deal. Aside from Crash, franchises such as Overwatch and Call of Duty are now under the Microsoft banner.

Even with Crash being under a new publisher, some folks are convinced that things will stay the same regardless of the big change. Some are cynical that Crash might be overlooked in favor of the more popular Activision franchises, thereby leaving the series dead in the water for the time being.

One-Hit Wonder

Crash has truly done it all. He’s stopped evil scientists on numerous occasions and even prevented an alien from taking over the world. One might look at the bandicoot’s list of accomplishments and surmise that he’s pretty much invincible.

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Or so they might think. If he doesn’t have Aku at his side, Crash will lose a life if struck by an enemy. Even if he does as much as simply coming in contact with a goat, he’ll die at first touch. In an essence, he’s no different from Mario whenever he’s short.

Post-Naughty Dog Era? Not Interested

Many Crash fans have grown attached to the Naughty Dog trilogy games – perhaps a little too much. As a result, they refuse to acknowledge any Crash game that was made after the Naughty Dog era came to an end.

However, there might be some justifiable reasoning behind this. The Wrath of Cortex, Twinsanity, Crash of the Titans, and Mind Over Mutant have seen plenty of mixed reception within the Crash community. It wasn’t until It’s About Time was released in 2020 that a lot of Crash fans believed that the original trilogy now had a proper sequel.

Classic Silent Protagonist

Everyone knows the story about silent protagonists – heroes who go about doing their job without uttering a single word. The Legend of Zelda’s Link and Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman are just some examples of good guys who don’t have to say much to save the world.

Crash is a silent protagonist himself, but it’s very curious to know how much more involved he would be if he just understood a lick of English. This bandicoot is only capable of making faces and funny noises – while speaking in gibberish in a few select games.

Looking For A Little Respect

For a lot of fans, seeing Crash as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros would be a dream come true. But while Playstation icons such as Final Fantasy’s Cloud Strife and Tekken’s Kazuya Mishima have made the cut, Crash has never received the fabled Smash invite.

With poor Crash sitting on the sidelines, some fans are led to believe that the Crash series just doesn’t have the respect that it once had. Just to see Crash fighting among the likes of Donkey Kong and Sonic the Hedgehog would feel like Smash acknowledging the bandicoot’s place in the video game echelon.

The True Meaning Of Fear

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Chase levels are a fairly common trope in the Crash series. In such levels, Crash has to run from a boulder, dinosaur, or monster in true Indian Jones fashion. However, there’s a bit more to these levels than just running away.

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Aside from running away from the threat, Crash also has to jump over chasms and avoid any TNT crates that are on the path. Such obstacles add some stakes to these chase levels, all while making the player even more stressed out than before if they make even one fatal mistake.

Harder Than You Expect

Playing the N. Sane Trilogy was like an adrenaline rush for Crash fans who enjoyed playing the original trilogy as kids. However, anyone that was looking for a nostalgia trip was in a treat when they noticed the difficulty of the levels, no matter how good (or bad) they were.

It’s safe to say that the players were so blinded by nostalgia, that they have perhaps forgotten how hard Crash is in general. The Crash games of yesteryear were pretty hard to beat, though playing these games as a kid the concept of Crash being challenging might have been overlooked.

Just Like Dark Souls?

When the N. Sane Trilogy was released in the summer of 2017, many folks compared it to the Dark Souls series. The basis behind this comparison was that the Crash remake was much harder than the original, especially the first game.

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This was first brought to light in a review by Louise Blain of GamesRadar+, who claimed that the N. Sane Trilogy “makes the Binding of Isaac feel like a summer getaway.” Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from making hilarious memes about the ordeal, or even jokingly referring to Crash as Dark Souls.

Only One More Box

For any completionist, getting a full completion percentage in a Crash game is hard work. On top of finding all the crystals, you also have to find all the relics and gems. And to obtain the latter item, you have to break all the crates.

To go to an entire Crash level, fighting through many enemies and obstacles might be painful enough on its own. But to reach the level’s end, only to see that you’ve missed one box at the end, is an excruciating feeling that Crash fans and completionists alike have often dealt with on occasion.

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