10 Memes That Sum Up Harry As A Character

10 Memes That Sum Up Harry As A Character

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is coming to the U.S. in October 2022, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Calling Harry Potter a global phenomenon is an understatement, and while fans may have their own favorite characters, no one comes close to the titular main character himself in the series. Harry Potter was known by many names, and he lived up to every single one of them. He was The Boy Who Lived, and he proved himself to be The Chosen One who vanquished Lord Voldemort.

His character was complex, funny, sensitive, and heroic all at once, and there have been few players in the history of fiction who have achieved the status that Harry has in the world. With countless memes about the boy wizard littering the internet, these ones sum up his best and worse perfectly.


Harry Played Reverse

For years in the Wizarding World, people wondered how Harry Potter had survived. Dumbledore, being the intelligent and powerful wizard he was, knew that the answer was Lily’s unending love, but netizens like to think Harry just Uno Reversed Voldemort’s Killing Curse.

That fateful night, Voldemort chose a baby as his equal because he listened to a prophecy (which ironically he only put in motion) and Harry forever became The Boy Who Lived.

The Youngest Seeker In History

Academically, Harry was an average student who passed his tests when he had to, but his real strength was flying and Quidditch. His talent was discovered when he was just in the first year and brought into the team, despite the rule only allowing people to join in their second year.

Harry’s Quidditch matches were a welcome break in his otherwise overly adventurous life, where he got a respite from Voldemort’s shenanigans. It was also a legacy that was passed down from his father so his Quidditch talent was very special.

Expelliarmus And Harry: A Love Affair

Refusing to kill or hurt people was one of Harry’s most admirable traits, but his penchant for using Expelliarmus was a bit laughable at times, and also made him a predictable dueler. Disarming people became his signature move, and that meant that he was foiled several times because of using the spell.

He never wanted to maim people permanently, but there were several other spells that he could have used instead, but he remained loyal to Expelliarmus.

Poor Harry

The Golden Trio was a big part of the series, but also the most vital part of Harry’s life. He got the worst end of the deal when it came to family, and Ron and Hermione were the family he chose as his own. Considering Ron and Hermione fell in love with each other in these seven years, it did seem like Harry was the third wheel in their relationship.

Ron even got jealous of the bond Harry had with Hermione, so Redditors have made it a running joke that Harry’s role in the trio was that of the awkward third friend who intruded on important moments between his buddies.

Harry’s Unfounded Suspicions

Harry had good reason to hate Snape and Malfoy, but his prejudice against them was quite laughable sometimes. Young Harry was always of the belief that every bad thing that happened at Hogwarts had Snape or Malfoy behind it. He was actually right only one time, in The Half-Blood Prince when Malfoy had turned Death Eater, but otherwise, he had been innocent.

With Snape, his judgment was wildly off-course, but Harry can be forgiven for his errors since he was a child and knew less than he did when he grew up.

Harry And The Horcruxes

Since Harry was The Chosen One, his life was a bit different from his peers. For others, like Padma, Parvati, Dean or Seamus, the biggest worry in their lives was whether Gryffindor made it to the forefront of the race for the House Cup (which usually did happen because of Harry.)

Unknowingly, Harry had been on the hunt for Horcruxes since his very first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was busy saving the wizarding world, which was a huge feat for anyone, let alone an 11-year-old boy.

Harry And Sirius’ Relationship

The greatest gift that Harry got in his fifth year at Hogwarts was that he had real family in the form of a godfather, who understood his wizarding linege, unlike the Dursleys. Sirius had known and loved James and Lily, and he came to Harry at a time he needed it the most.

His relationship with his godson was one that was very similar to the one he had with James, which was visible in one of his last scenes with Harry. Sirius may not have lived very long, but his impact on Harry was profound and he formed a core memory for The Boy Who Lived.

Harry And Ginny

Even though parts of the fanbase disagree about Harry’s pairing with Ginny, she was his soulmate who understood him in many ways. They were similar in their hobbies and sensibilities, but their kiss at the Burrow was interrupted quite hilariously by George just standing in the kitchen and watching them.

The Guardians of the Galaxy comparison is uncannily accurate because George was just a funnier, more acceptable version of Drax who watched Ginny and Harry express love for each other.

Harry Saved Harry

For someone so young and fresh out of the Muggle world, Harry’s survival instincts were honed to perfection, and he protected himself well at the end of almost every year. The way he defended himself in Prisoner of Azkaban was admirable because he knew the exact moment he was supposed to step out and cast the Patronus to ward away Dementors.

He saved himself as well as Sirius with his presence of mind, and without being prompted by Hermione or Dumbledore. The fact that he knew how to cast a full Patronus was brilliant in itself, and his implementation of the spell was just perfect.

There Was No Need To Call Him “Sir”

Wit and humor were one of Harry’s under-appreciated traits because he could really foil his opponents with a verbal duel. His animosity with Snape was famed, but he really took it a step forward when he used this iconic line on Snape when he asked him to address him as “Sir.”

The boy wizard was already a hero amongst his peers, but this cemented his status as the most loved Gryffindor in his House, and in other Houses too.

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