10 Reasons The Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack Is Still Worthwhile

10 Reasons The Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack Is Still Worthwhile

When Nintendo announced the Switch Expansion Pack back in October 2021, players weren’t happy, to the extent the trailer for the pack on YouTube quickly became the most disliked video on their channel. The like and dislike ratio has improved since then, though fans opinions on the pack are still split, mainly due to the glitches and bugs ruining their fun when it initially launched.

Since many of the kinks have been ironed out and much more content has been released for the pack, fans are coming around and joining in on the fun, as depending on a player’s interests and budget, the pack can be a great deal of fun at a good price. With more content on the way and options to make it more affordable, the pack is still worth joining in on.


10 Zelda Fans

older zelda games image for expansion pack

There are seven full Legend of Zelda games included in the expansion to play, many of which are difficult to access without breaking out old systems or using an emulator, two avenues that don’t offer the ease and special “SP” versions the expansion pack does.

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For hardcore Zelda fans who want to step back in time without reinvesting in all the vintage games and systems, the expansion pack is the simplest option to enjoy this timeless franchise. They can go back to 1986 with the very first Zelda game or indulge in all the polygons of LOZ: Ocarina of Time and LOZ: Majora’s Mask through the expansion pack, which makes these games easier than ever thanks to the ability to create save states and access the SP versions which gives players tons of rupees and gear to make the game a little easier.

9 Online Play

Which purchase option is best for Animal Crossing DLC?

Using the online multiplayer, gamers can access nostalgic titles that were developed for Nintendo 64 games like Mario Kart 64, Mario Golf, and many more. Dozens of retro games offer online multiplayer through the expansion pack which can make for hours of fun for those who are interested, and though there’s no in-game voice chat, it is possible through the Nintendo Switch Online app which has a voice chat room of its own.

The ability to play the best cult classic video games online does not appeal to everyone, but for those who have always wished they could play old games with new friends far and near, it’s a great experience that revitalizes the games many players grew up with.

8 Animal Crossing DLC

animal crossing expansion graphic

For those still enjoying the island life of Animal Crossing New Horizons, the Happy Home Designer DLC adds a ton of new content, which is completely free with the expansion pack. The Happy Home DLC costs $25 on its own whereas the expansion pack is $50-80 a year, however, it offers only so many hours of fresh play, so the expansion pack is a great way to enjoy the DLC for free.

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If players decide to end their subscription, they’ll no longer be able to travel to the island where the DLC takes place, but they’ll be able to keep the items and abilities they gained while there. Though limited to the length of subscription, this free DLC is a worthwhile perk of the expansion, giving players many hours of fresh Animal Crossing play.

7 More Mario Kart

mario kart pass graphic

Grand Prix masters and 50CC crashers who can’t get enough of racing through Mario Kart 8’s colorful courses can get even more out of the game through the expansion pack. Expanding multiplayer from the couch to around the globe, the expansion pack allows players to race online with just friends or a combination of friends and other online players, making for lively races and a lot of fun, especially with voice chat through the app.

Additionally, Nintendo is promising 48 remastered courses from older Mario Kart iterations, which are being released in waves for $25 outright or completely free with the expansion pack, though some fans are adamant there are certain Mario Kart tracks that shouldn’t return.

6 GBA Rumors

Game Boy Advance 20 Anniversary Years Old Virtual Console

Rumors have been abuzz since April thanks to Twitter user trash_bandatcoot who made the discovery that Game Boy Advance games are on the horizon for those with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which may include some of the best-underrated RPG’s ever made for GBA.

The virtual console collection has been growing since the expansion packs release, and now players are getting excited for even more retro fun. Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire, Mario Bros, Mario Kart, and Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation are just a few of the titles being tested, as this resourceful artist revealed, bringing more value to the expansion pack than ever before.

5 Safety Cloud

Save data cloud nintendo image

Players can game on with a little less fear of something terrible happening to their Switch, a service included in the expansion pack.

Though Cloud Saving is not supported for all games, the Cloud Save service, also included in the lowest tier of Nintendo Switch Online can be invaluable for players who have invested a lot of time into their games, which is only protected by the thin walls of the Switch itself. Players save data for many games that will be periodically backed up and saved online, protection and peace of mind many find well worth investing in.

4 Splatoon DLC


As September 2022 gets closer, fans are getting more excited for the release of Splatoon 3, but if they haven’t had a chance to enjoy the full story of Splatoon 2 through the Octo Expansion DLC, it’s included for free with the expansion pack.

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Fans who are already saving up to purchase Splatoon 3 this fall may not want to spend $20 on the DLC for Splatoon 2 so late in the game. Thankfully this well-reviewed DLC is free with the Nintendo Expansion Pack, a great way to finish off enjoying Splatoon 2 while waiting for the sequel, and at no additional cost.

3 Retro Accessibility


Retro games can be frustrating to the point many players don’t enjoy them, but with the rewind feature built into Nintendo Switch Online’s emulator, they’re more accessible than ever.

This feature isn’t found through simply emulating Sega Genesis, NES, SNES games elsewhere and it’s a real game changer, opening up difficult platformers like Altered Beast to enjoy for the many players who don’t have the time or patience to get through the game otherwise. This thoughtful feature is a reason to invest in the expansion pack for fans of retro games or those looking to enjoy the classic retro platformers now available on Nintendo Switch.

2 Japanese Exclusives


Through creating a Japanese Nintendo account there are even more games that can be accessed through the expansion pack.

Adding further value to the expansion are the more than 10 Japanese titles for players to enjoy by simply creating a Japanese Nintendo account, which doesn’t cost anything for those already subscribed. Perfect for those who know or are learning Japanese as well as fans of the Japanese exclusives, this is a great way to squeeze a little more value from the expansion.

1 Affordability

Animal Crossing DLC Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack What Happens When You Unsubscribe

The primary detractor of the Expansion Pack which led to the initial backlash came down to the $50 for individuals or $80 for a family price tag, though that can be alleviated with a few arrangements.

The Expansion Pack offers a family plan, where up to 8 Nintendo accounts can be added. For players who can rope their family, friends, or other players online into a family plan, it can become as cheap as $10 a person per year, the best value possible.

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