10 Superheroes And Villains With Mind Control Powers Like Mindstorm

10 Superheroes And Villains With Mind Control Powers Like Mindstorm

There have been a couple of interesting Supes in Season 3 of The Boys and one of them is Payback member, Mindstorm. In the penultimate episode, he traps Billy Butcher in memories of his abusive childhood in order to prevent the vigilante from harming him. He then offers to free him in exchange for Hughie teleporting him to a safe location.

Mindstorm doesn’t get to be on the show long because he is killed by Solider Boy but his impact is a big one. His mind control power is indeed unique but he isn’t the only one who gets to enjoy the privilege of accessing other peoples’ brains. In various comics, a couple of heroes and villains are able to toy with minds too.


Maxwell Lord

Max Lord makes his debut in Justice League #1 as the manager of Justice League International. After getting access to the Gene Bomb, the business magnate acquires mind control powers.

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Lord’s ability is superior to that of many of his counterparts because he can touch multiple minds at once, It’s something he does easily while taking control of the Checkmate organization. And at one point, he goes on to influence a billion people at once, making them buy into his misleading doctrines. And just like Mindstorm, he can make people have visions and weird dreams, something that becomes apparent in Justice League: Generation Lost #2.

Steve Dayton (Mento)

Mento speaks to his assistant in Justice League comics

In Justice League Dark #12, the billionaire builds a special helmet that enables him to have special abilities. And mind manipulation is one of the powers he gets.

Steve doesn’t just read minds but influences them in special ways. For example, he can cause the brain cells of those around him to stop being active, causing them to fall asleep, This has helped during moments when he needed to infiltrate highly secure places. But there’s a major drawback. The helmet affects his health, making him paranoid.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost with an angry expression.

One of the smartest Marvel mutants, Frost first appears in X-Men #129. She is the White Queen of the Hellfire Club as well as a part-time headmistress of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Emma has been both a formidable hero and villain because her access to other peoples’ minds is unlimited, Whenever she needs an ally, she can simply form a psychic bond with anyone she wishes, And in classic mind control fashion, she can make them do as she pleases, For this reason, she never needs to fight most.

Jervis Tetch (Mad Hatter)

mad hatter comic books

Inspired by the Alice In Wonderland villain, Mad Hatter has become one of the most powerful members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. He is first seen in Batman #49.

Unlike other characters on the list, Hatter has had to work hard for his powers. Since he isn’t naturally gifted, he has managed to create mind control devices and use them in secret by placing them under his hat. And his interest doesn’t just lie in the hats of others. Through his devices, is able to make himself happy too whenever he wishes, a necessary feeling in the chaotic Gotham underworld.

Allison Hargreeves (Rumor)

Allison Hargreeves Comforting White Violin

Allison appears in The Umbrella Academy comics. By simply saying the words “I heard a rumor,” she can complete others to do as she pleases.

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Being able to alter reality and make people believe that it’s what they have been experiencing all along is exceptional. Even more commendable is that she hasn’t used her powers for selfish reasons. For example, when she loses custody of her child after a divorce hearing, she chooses to accept instead of controlling the mind of the judge,

Zebediah Killgrave (Purple Man)

Purple Man manipulating his puppets in comic art

The former Croatian spy becomes villainous in Daredevil #4 after a chemical accident changes his skin to purple. Thanks to the pheromones on his skin, he can make others do his bidding.

Villains need armies in order to build street empires and Killgrave has done just by enthralling crowds of up to 100. As such, he has been classified as Threat Level 10 by Nick Fury. Though he can only control people for up to 12 hours, he has always been able to achieve much within that timeframe. He has, therefore, been able to subject heroes such as Jessica Jones and Daredevil to extreme punishment without them being able to do anything about it.

Amahl Farouk (Shadow King)

Amahl Farouk Shadow King

The Egyptian mutant becomes part of the X-Men sagas when he challenges Professor X in Uncanny X-Men #117. He can not only possess any being and but cannot be permanently killed.

A villain that cannot die is definitely a formidable one hence Farouk’s spot on the list is well-deserved. What’s special about him is that he only needs one host and through it, he can control millions. It’s easy for him to indoctrinate others since he can easily copy and paste his mind into the head of anyone he wishes.

Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy)


Though she has dated Bruce Wayne on a few occasions, Ivy clearly isn’t one of Batman’s best love interest. That’s because she is mostly evil. Since her debut in Birds of Prey (Vol 3) #2, she has gone on to manipulate many men, forcing them to do her bidding.

Ivy has no problem finding lovers, friends, and even slaves. Thanks to the pheromones she secrets from her skin, Ivy is able to make both men and women become completely infatuated with her. She could arguably be considered the ultimate mind controller too because of the scale on which she can pull it off. In Batman #42, she manages to puppeteer everyone on Earth, except Batman and Catwoman, under her spell.

Rachel Summers

X-Men Rachel Summers Days of Future Past

Rachel is born as a result of the romance between the alternate future versions of Cyclops and Jean Grey-Summers, She joins the Marvel community in The Uncanny X-Men #141.

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Rachel is distinguishable from others on the list because of her chronoskimming. She can not only transplant a person’s intellect but also send it through time to an older or younger version of themselves. Because of this, future versions of characters (which tend to be more intelligent) are able to solve current problems. Rachel can easily erase herself from view too by controlling what others see.

Charles Xavier (Professor X)

professor charles xavier x-men comic art

For decades, Professor X has been one of the most iconic figures in Marvel media. Since his debut in X-Men #1, he has been considered a father figure to all heroic mutants.

Professor X towers above all individuals with mind control powers because of the variety of things he can do. He can link his mind to others, thus knowing what they are thinking. This enables him to prevent mutiny. He can place information in the minds of others too and also cause them to lose memories. And he doesn’t have to learn things, He can simply absorb large quantities of information through mental transference.

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