10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Their Relationship

10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Their Relationship

For decades, the love affair between Batman and Catwoman has entertained comic book fans. The two have gotten together and separated numerous times, their opposing natures constantly getting in the way of their happiness, and fans still wonder if these two can ever be happy together.

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Throughout the years, Selina has been the closest thing to “true love” that Bruce has. However, their romance is full of lies, broken promises, and unspoken feelings. Mainstream audiences know plenty about these two’s passionate but doomed relationship; still, several details are known only by long-time comic book aficionados.


They Are More Alike Than Anyone Thinks

Batman and Catwoman Rain Comic Cover

Batman and Catwoman are one of the most significant relationships in Batman comics. Their best storylines feature them finding common ground because of their striking similarities. They are both deeply flawed and hurt people who think they’re better off alone and actively push those who care for them away.

In most of her origin stories, Batman inspires Catwoman’s crime persona. Both characters have varying mental issues, famously explored in Tim Burton’s 1992 sequel, Batman Returns. Ironically, Batman and Catwoman’s similarities are also the obstacle keeping them apart, as they both admit their trust issues are far too severe to allow for a healthy relationship.

Convoluted Love Lives

Split image showing Batman with Catwoman, and kissing Talia Al-Ghul

In most versions of Bruce’s story, Selina Kyle is his most significant love interest. He also has a notable romance with Talia al Ghul; in fact, Bruce, Selina, and Talia form one of the most famous love triangles in comic books. Batman has other relationships, including a will-they-won’t-they romance with Wonder Woman, but Selina and Talia are his most common partners.

For her part, Selina has an equally narrow love life. She has two crucial love interests in the comics besides Batman: Slam Bradley, an undercover cop, and Eiko Hasiwa, the heir to a Japanese crime family. At one point, she also has a brief affair with Nightwing, but the less said about that particular story, the better.

They’ve Been Engaged Several Times

Throughout their history together, Batman and Catwoman have gone through several engagements. Some failed, but a few did end in marriage. The first time they got engaged was during the Golden Age, while she was under the fake identity of Elva Barr, and Bruce was dating her just to confirm his suspicions that she was Catwoman. This particularly problematic story became even worse, considering Bruce was dating Linda Page at the time.

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In Earth-2, Bruce and Selina become engaged, get married, have a daughter, and live happily ever after until death does them part. In Tom King’s Rebirth run, Prime Earth Bruce and Selina get engaged and married, leading to a bittersweet but satisfying ending.

Catwoman Might Be The First Foe Batman Fights

Selina Kyle jumps into action in Batman Year One

Batman has a famous rogues gallery filled with cool villains. Catwoman is one of his most recurring foes, and she might be the first one he ever fought. During Frank Miller’s seminal story, Batman: Year One, Bruce Wayne first goes on a surveillance mission without his Batman costume.

While in Gotham’s Red Light district, he meets teenage prostitute Holly Robinson and rejects her propositions. This leads to a brawl where he eventually fights dominatrix Selina Kyle. They impress each other with their abilities, but the fight ends when the police shoot him, taking him away.

Catwoman Once Stole Bruce’s Batmobile

Catwoman about to steal the Batmobile

Tom King’s Batman run depicts the early days of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship in Batman Annual #2. In the storyline, Catwoman breaks into the Batcave and steals Batmobile, driving it through Gotham and crashing it into a convenience store. This begins a game of cat and mouse between her and Batman, culminating in a love confession at her apartment.

Batman and Catwoman get to know each other throughout their several interactions in the story, understanding how similar they are. They help each other take down their walls, arriving at a place where they enter into a committed and honest relationship.

Heart Of Hush

Batman carrying Catwoman on the cover of Heart of Hush

Fans generally consider Hush one of the superior Batman arcs of the 2000s. The titular villain, Hush, returns in 2008’s The Heart of Hush storyline, a tie-in to the Batman R.I.P. event. He again targets Batman, focusing on those closest to him. He kidnaps Catwoman, surgically removes her heart, and leaves her connected to a cardiopulmonary machine.

As far a ludicrous stories go, this is one of Batman’s worst offenders. However, it does allow for some exploration into Bruce’s notoriously damaged psyche. Selina recovers, and Bruce reaffirms his love for her, but her need for revenge against Hush again draws a gap between them.

Helena Wayne

DC Comics Huntress Helena Wayne

Batman and Catwoman have a daughter on Earth-2, Helena Wayne. She trains with her dad to serve as his successor, even becoming one of the many heroes to assume the Robin mantle. Helena witnesses her father’s death when the building he’s inside of explodes.

She eventually becomes stranded in Prime Earth after entering a boom tube alongside Supergirl. While there, she steals money from Wayne Enterprises and makes a life for herself and Kara. She eventually takes on the Huntress mantle, becoming the first DC heroine to operate under that identity.

They Are Brought Together By Fear

Batman and Catwoman kissing on the cover of Brave and The Bold #197

In The Brave and The Bold #197, a dying Bruce Wayne begins writing his autobiography. He declares the chapter detailing his relationship with Selina as the most important one and retells how the two fell in love. During a battle against Scarecrow, Batman becomes affected by the villain’s fear gas. He goes looking for Catwoman and asks for her help in tracking Scarecrow.

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During their investigation, Batman and Catwoman bond and realize they are remarkably similar. They eventually confess their identities to each other and enter a relationship. The story hints that the two stayed together until her death, and Bruce writes in his autobiography how he remembers her “filled with love and joy.”

Rooftops Are Where It Happens

Batman and Catwoman kiss on a rooftop

During Rebirth, and after briefly abandoning her Catwoman persona, Selina returns to the role and gets arrested for the murders of two hundred terrorists. Batman becomes involved, determined to prove her innocence. He manages to release her from prison for one night, to help in one of his missions.

Once the job is done, Batman and Catwoman spend one “last” night together, even making love on a rooftop. Eventually, the Bat discovers the Cat took the blame for the murders to save her friend, Holly Robinson. Selina’s loyalty towards Holly prevents her from confessing the truth, but she knows Batman will never rest until he proves her innocence.

From The First Kiss To The Last

Elderly Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle kiss

King’s Batman Annual #2 shows readers a future where Batman and Catwoman get married, have a kid, Helena, and settle down. The story features them as an old couple when he receives a fatal diagnosis. The issue depicts their final days together and explores Selina’s grief and resignation at losing him.

In a meta-reference to Batman’s mainstream reputation, the Bruce in this story mentions that there is probably a timeline where he never married Selina and instead remained alone and lonely, obsessed with his mission. At the end of the issue, Bruce dies, surrounded by Selina and the other members of the Bat-Family. She says goodbye by telling him, “Goodnight, Bat. I love you.” She then finds a note inside the Batmobile that reads, “I love you too, Cat. From the first kiss to the last.” It’s a lovely way to end the Batman and Catwoman romance and one of the few instances where their story has a definitive ending.

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