10 Things Redditors Want To See In The Jon Snow Spinoff

10 Things Redditors Want To See In The Jon Snow Spinoff

The news of a Jon Snow-led sequel series to Game of Thrones is in development at HBO came as a shock to many, especially after season 8 was so critically panned. However, interest in George R. R. Martin’s IP is far from dead, with the highly-anticipated prequel series House of the Dragon set to premiere next month.

HBO seems to be capitalizing as much as possible on its blockbuster franchise, as an outright sequel series would take these characters into completely uncharted territory. Some are understandably apprehensive, but others on Reddit are excited about this prospect and where it could take Jon, like a new supernatural threat, a troubled kingdom under Bran, and more.


10 Expanding The Story Beyond The North

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

While somewhat ambiguous as to what Jon would be doing post-season 8, it’s clear enough that he’s spent some amount of time living beyond the wall with the Free Folk. There could be things to explore in the North, but some argue it wouldn’t make sense to have an entire show dedicated to it.

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Redditor Khal-Stevo they’d “be floored if Jon doesn’t leave the wall and go do something else if they’re doing a sequel series about him.” The setup to this potential show’s conflict could partly take place beyond the wall, but it’d be much more interesting if he’s eventually compelled back to the southern regions of Westeros and elsewhere.

9 Arya Reuniting With Jon Again

Characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen expectedly took much of the spotlight throughout the show, but Arya Stark was a deservedly beloved character as well. Arya’s Game of Thrones arc explored enticing moral grays while ultimately being one of the show’s heroes, and it would be a shame to keep her and Jon separated again.

Redditor notsureifdying supposes that “Maybe Arya will come back to Jon eventually. Sort of makes sense because those were the two most popular characters arguably and they rarely had scenes together which is crazy.” What little was seen between them was genuinely heartwarming, and fans have already gone most of one show without them. Arya’s ending is also open-ended enough to justify a potential conflict compelling her back home.

8 Tormund Showing Jon The “True North”

Tormund and Jon greeting each other in Game of Thrones.

Given that this show would be picking up after Game of Thrones season 8, the north would have to have some kind of role in it. But someone that fans are specifically hoping for a return given the premise is Tormund Giantsbane.

Redditor lowlightliving was warm to the idea of seeing them together again, saying “It’d be lovely to see Tormund show Jon the northern North.” Tormund started off being hostile and apprehensive when this Night’s Watch “crow” attempted to negotiate and cooperate with them, but it gradually developed into one of the biggest fan-favorite friendships in Game of Thrones.

7 Bran’s Rule As King Becoming A Point Of Conflict

Bran Stark in Game of Thrones

One of the most expected questions fans are asking following the sequel’s announcement is what could be the next conflict. The original series had two massive overarching ones in the form of the Night King and the political battles over the Iron Throne. Redditor reenactment suggests “Let’s hypothetically say that Westeros isn’t doing too hot with Bran because he does some kind of Minority Report ruling. At first, it feels great, and then it gets bad. The ruler they want and we know is a good guy is in exile as Jon.”

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While there would need to be even more convincing finer details to this conflict, this could serve as a great foundation for the show’s political conflict. The sequel would need something at least like this, as Game of Thrones was just as well known for its political intrigue as for its dark fantasy.

6 The Great Other Becoming The New Supernatural Threat

The Night King emerging unscathed from dragon fire in Game of Thrones.

The political turmoil is one-half of the answer to having another, equally compelling Game of Thrones-like conflict. With the Night King and his army defeated, this Jon Snow sequel will need a new supernatural threat to fulfill the “fantasy” part of the dark fantasy genre.

Redditor Tasty***Biscuit had a fairly natural answer to this question, saying “There were a few scenes in the show that seemed to foreshadow The Great Other, the antithesis to the Lord of Light,” and “That way they can get around Jon not killing [Night King] if they introduce a ‘bigger bad.'” The Night King was a mysterious and imposing threat in Thrones, but his sudden death by Arya’s hand was seen as underwhelming and anticlimactic. The Great Other would be an easy pick from Martin’s lore to flesh out into a threat for a new series.

5 Jon’s Storyline As A Parallel To Ned Stark’s

Split image of Jon at the funeral pyre and Ned Stark holding his sword Ice.

In response to the comment on Bran’s potential authoritarian “police state” descent, another Redditor suggested that this potential setup is similar to how Game of Thrones started with Ned Stark. The latter was also begrudgingly compelled to King’s Landing to uncover the truth behind a sinister, deep-rooted conspiracy.

However, Redditor ProudFunction wasn’t opposed to that narrative structure, responding “Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would actually unironically be cool as **** if they had Jon mirror Ned’s story in that way.” It would certainly be a poetic setup, and as long as Jon learns from his surrogate father/uncle’s mistakes and avoids that fate it could be justified.

4 A More Subdued, Quiet Epilogue For The Character

Jon Snow riding off beyond the wall into the north in the series finale.

A new sweeping dark-fantasy epic is understandably one of the first things many fans would want to see in a sequel, but another perspective is to go the opposite direction. Instead of grandiose, world-ending spectacles, go for a more subdued plot. Redditor SneedNFeedEm said, “I hope they have the restraint to make it a quiet epilogue that lasts one, maybe two seasons that focuses entirely on Jon going on smaller-scale adventures post-GoT Beyond the Wall.”

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It’s probably a more unconventional take, but a respectable one nonetheless. Many would understandably like the show to redeem season 8, but honing in on Jon in quieter moments could provide its satisfaction.

3 Incorporate The Young Griff Storyline From Martin’s Books

Cover art of George R. R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons novel.

Another option a sequel could take advantage of is to incorporate characters that never made it into the original show from Martin’s books. As beloved as (most of) Game of Thrones was, not every storyline and character was going to make it into the adaptation.

Redditor SpookMorgan hopes that “they incorporate the Young Griff Faegon storyline for the sequel cause now that Bran Bloodraven is now ruling Westeros,” and thinks “if it turns out Faegon turns out to be actually a Blackfyre that would be some insane potential conflicts.” In the books, Rhaegar’s son Aegon was smuggled out of Westeros and given the name “Griff,” and he’s now claiming the Throne against Daenerys.

2 Resurrect Daenerys

Jon holding Daenerys' body after he killed her in season 8.

Perhaps the only other thing as wildly ambitious as making a sequel series would be to resurrect Daenerys Targaryan. She was one of the best characters in Game of Thrones, but she arguably got the worst ending in season 8 with her rapid turn into an authoritarian tyrant.

Redditor Overlord1317 liked the idea of turning “Bran into an evil despot,” and “give Jon a magic MacGuffin then send him to Essos, put Daenerys in a glass and gold coffin in some R’hllor Temple where she needs to be awakened.” Jon being resurrected paved the way for this idea, but its execution would be creatively risky. It’s hard to see how Daenerys could believably be reintroduced after her genocide of King’s Landing.

1 Explore The Land Of Always Winter

The Night King and his army of White Walkers in Game of Thrones.

Ironically, going as north as possible could also lead to a new threat. Martin’s lore does indicate that Westeros’ northernmost regions are a place of intrigue, dubbed the Land of Always Winter. Redditor AusToddles says they’d like to know the origin of the White Walkers, saying “I know they’re all dead now…. but come on. What the hell was the actual motivation? What was happening in the Land of Always Winter?”

This could be a good excuse to use the White Walkers again to tie into the present. Namely, the writing team could weave their origins with that of the Great Other since the latter history is ambiguous even in the books.

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