11 Best Fantasy Series On Netflix (According To IMDb)

11 Best Fantasy Series On Netflix (According To IMDb)

When it comes to popular streaming services, Netflix presents many highly-rated shows. With so many legions of talent and creative concepts, it’s no wonder that the fantasy genre has flourished here.

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With the popularity of shows like Game of Thrones, audiences have simply been craving more swords, sorcery, superpowers, and heroes duking it out with the unholy forces of evil. With a little help from IMDb, armchair warriors around the globe can have their pick from a veritable buffet of spectacular series from the realms of fantasy. No magic wand required.

Updated on April 7th, 2022 by Alex Gentile: Netflix’s stream of content continues to pump out series, and the fantasy genre is no exception. New fantasy series like Arcane and Julie and the Phantoms have shot straight to the top of the list, while some celebrated series continue to hold their ground on the popularity scale. Furthermore, as the service switches up its catalog, beloved fantasy series have pushed certain Netflix originals off the list entirely.

11 The Good Place (2016–2020) – 8.2

Cast of The Good Place

It will be no surprise to The Good Place fans that the show has made its way into the top ten fantasy shows available on Netflix. Lacking wizards and fairy dust, the show might not immediately come to mind as a fantasy series.

However, the show also presents magical fool-proof lie detector cubes, human-sized cocoons, and Pictionary games where the drawings come to life. The Good Place showcases heartbreaking moments and fascinating philosophical points. However, the celebrated show also displays moments of fantastical wonder.

10 Lucifer (2016–2021) – 8.2

Split image: Anna Milton looks thoughtful/ Lucifer Morningstar sits on a burning sofa/ Raphael tilts his head

As fans follow the story of Lucifer Morningstar, they are introduced to several characters and interesting plotlines. Lucifer brings together different genres, showcasing a world of mystery, crime, and of course, fantasy.

Lucifer wrapped up in 2021, and fans stayed loyal to the show until its end. The series’ following sometimes stirs up debates, and not all opinions about Lucifer are popular in its fanbase. However, the show presents an original fantasy story beloved by many.


9 The Witcher (2019– ) – 8.2

The Witcher Geralt and Yennefer

Yet another video-game-inspired title hits the list, but this one truthfully takes more from its literary roots than the successful RPG franchise. That being said, fans of the series will no doubt notice a few book-to-show changes throughout the plot. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad series.

On the contrary, The Witcher is certainly one of the most beloved on the list. Call it a more action/magic-focused Game of Thrones, but it’s still worth its weight in gold.

8 Dragons: Race to the Edge (2015–2018) – 8.3

Hiccup and Toothless in Dragons Race to the Edge

How to Train Your Dragon drew in fantasy fans following its release in 2010. The film’s popularity is implicit in the series that followed, Dragons: Race to the Edge, coming from Dreamworks.

Rather than follow the events of the final film in the How to Train Your Dragon series or begin before the first movie, Dragons: Race to the Edge takes place in between the first two flicks. The show follows Hiccup in the fantastical world of How to Train Your Dragon and the challenges he faces within it.

7 Castlevania (2017–2021) – 8.3

When it comes to the term “dark fantasy,” it’s hard to find a more proud and prominent example than Netflix’s Castlevania. Inspired by the video game series of the same name, the show takes a more gruesome and gory approach to the typical creature-of-the-week formula.

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The saga of Trevor Belmont and his allies is certainly the bloodiest affair on this list but should satisfy any fantasy fan’s appetite for monsters and mayhem.

6 The Dragon Prince (2018– ) – 8.4

The Dragon Prince brings audiences into a world of elves, sky dragons, and glow toads. The show’s many characters present a story of battle, mystery, and adventure. Fans of the series might say the world of Xadia is a unique one.

Audiences perhaps note that the dense universe showcased in The Dragon Prince hooks viewers in, and keeps them coming back for more. The series has produced three seasons since its premiere and gives viewers dozens of magical characters to tell its story.

5 Arthdal Chronicles (2019– ) – 8.5

Arthdal Chronicles is a South Korean fantasy series. Although taking place in a fantasy universe, the series brings audiences to the past beyond 1200 BCE in the fictional land of Arth.

The series has only been out for a few years, having been released in 2019. However, its popularity has soared since coming to audiences and has become one of the highest-rated fantasy shows on Netflix.

4 Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (2016–21018) – 8.5

Promo picture for Trollhunters: Tales Of Arcadia

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia is a fantasy show created by highly-rated film director Guillermo Del Toro. The computer-animated series follows hero Jim Lake Jr. as he faces conflict after discovering a fantasy world.

Fans perhaps rate Trollhunter: Tales of Arcadia highly thanks to its cast, featuring celebrated actors like Anton Yelchin, Kelsey Grammer, and Ron Perlman. Others might say the show is popular because of the unique world of fantasy and fun adventures it presents.

3 Julie and the Phantoms (2020) – 8.6

Julie and Luke duet on "Bright" in Julie And The Phantoms

Julie and the Phantoms is perhaps the most unique Netflix fantasy series on the top ten list. Unlike nearly all of the highest-rated Netflix fantasy shows, Julia and the Phantoms is a musical series.

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The show doesn’t feature elves or wizards. It tells the story of Julie Molina. She’s a high school student who befriends a group of musician ghosts who help her with her dreams of making her passion into a career. Perhaps it isn’t textbook fantasy, but fans might say its rating speaks for itself.

2 Stranger Things (2016– ) – 8.7

The cast of Stranger Things season 4

Although its elements are primarily sci-fi-based, there’s no denying the heavily fantasy-inspired elements that went into creating this magnificent series, particularly in seasons one and two.

Whether they have been exposed to the works of Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft or not, viewers will find something both strange and familiar in Hawkins, Indiana.

1 Arcane (2021– ) – 9.1

Sevika and Vi first fight

Arcane is one of the most recently released fantasy series available on Netflix. The show came to audiences in 2021, and its popularity quickly rose, making it one of Netflix’s highest-rated fantasy shows.

Arcane follows a class struggle between the cities of Piltover and Zaun. Sisters Vi and Jinx are the protagonists who guide viewers through Arcane’s magical world. Fans perhaps say the animated show puts a refreshing spin on the fantasy genre.

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