12 Abilities Boruto Gets From Naruto (& 13 He Doesn’t)

12 Abilities Boruto Gets From Naruto (& 13 He Doesn't)

After Naruto ended, fans got to fill their shinobi void with the adventures of the titular character’s son in Boruto. In Boruto’s own series, the next generation of ninja start to learn about their abilities and become even stronger than their parents. With danger on the horizon as the shinobi world sees some big changes, these young heroes need to be prepared for anything.

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One of the most iconic dynamics of the series is the relationship between Boruto Uzumaki and his Hokage father, Naruto. Though Naruto has achieved all he’s ever dreamed of, he’s initially severely lacking as a parent. It’s a serious struggle for him to balance the work he loves and the people he loves, especially when he’s already good at being a ninja and being a dad is hard for him. Over time, this has made Boruto obstinate in his quest to be nothing like his father, and the two fight constantly. At the end of the day, Boruto is still an Uzumaki. He is bound to get some serious powers and personality traits from his dad. That doesn’t mean Boruto doesn’t succeed quite a bit in being different, though, and that shows in his personality and fighting styles. He may be an Uzumaki, but he’s going to be his own ninja at the end of the day.


Updated on April 14th, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: As the Boruto series continues, Boruto and Naruto have grown to understand one another better, and they’ve even trained together a time or two. Fighting alongside (and sometimes against) means that Boruto has been able to get a feel for himself just what he gets from Naruto and what he doesn’t. Of course, the audience has been able to see many of those powers, learned traits, and even physical traits from nearly the start of Boruto’s series.

What Boruto Gets From Naruto

Shadow Clones

Boruto with his shadow clones in the first season of Boruto

The first things fans ever watched Naruto learn was the shadow clone technique. Just from reading a scroll of knowledge, Naruto was able to create several shadow clones to aid him in battle. Similarly, Boruto also uses shadow clones to make him a more powerful ninja. Other ninja use shadow clones frequently, but not as much as Naruto and his son. They’ve made it a signature move of the Uzumaki bloodline.

Despite all of his gripes with his father, Boruto based a lot of his own style on Naruto’s. However, he also does pull a lot of influence from a certain Uchiha heir.

His Appearance

Hinata, Naruto, Himawari, and Boruto celebrate in the Boruto series

While Boruto would prefer to be nothing like his father, there’s one thing he could never change: how similar they look. If the young Uzumaki did everything in his power to make his skills wildly different from Naruto’s, that wouldn’t stop his hair from being spiky, bright yellow or erase his distinctive cheek lines.

Anyone who ever knew Naruto would know Boruto was his son in a heartbeat. Without a completely new face, he couldn’t avoid that. There are probably times when Boruto wishes he looked more like Hinata, like Himawari does. However, there’s another part of him that loves rebelling, and it must be even more fun to have everyone know that it’s the Hokage’s child acting out.

Large Chakra Reserves

As a member of the Uzumaki bloodline, Boruto is born with large chakra reserves. Though not nearly as impressive as his father’s, his 1/4 Uzumaki blood still gives him some serious power. The Uzumaki clan is known for its intense chakra reserves and healing factor. It was particularly useful in hosting the Nine-Tailed Beast.

Though Boruto and Himawari haven’t quite shown signs of having the healing factor, their Uzumaki blood still gives them quite a power boost. Naruto passing on those genes is the only reason they have it. Without Naruto, Boruto wouldn’t have anywhere near the base strength that he does. A little extra chakra goes a long way.

Naruto’s Inappropriate Jutsu

Naruto Female Jutsu

Like Naruto before him, Boruto starts his series as a young, teenage boy. At times, they can both be inappropriate.

Though Boruto is hardly as girl-focused as Naruto, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy using the inappropriate jutsu Naruto created as a young boy. In all seriousness, a cute girl can be used as a pretty good distraction. It’s proven more than once in both series. Not all Naruto fans love this particular aspect of the show, but at least it’s fairly minimal. Also, at least the warring father and son can agree on something.


Sarada fights Boruto in the first season of Boruto

For many reasons, Boruto’s Taijutsu style is his own. His techniques are based off of the Hyuga Gentle Fist style, but since he has not used his Byakugan when he starts training, he doesn’t use it as precisely as the average Hyuga. Because of this, he has to compensate with his own knowledge of chakra points.

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However, because he doesn’t have that Byakugan to rely on, he has to rely on his agility, reactivity, and adaptability to fight well. Those are things he got from his father. While Boruto fights hand-to-hand like a Hyuga, the efficacy of his fighting depends on the battle instincts he received from Naruto.


Naruto often believed in the order and rules of the shinobi, but he was always a bit rebellious. He wanted to do things his way. Because of this, he’d get himself in trouble when he begged for higher ranked missions, got impatient while training, and almost left when Sasuke disappeared.

Meanwhile, Boruto is even worse than his father. He doesn’t quite believe in the rules and likes to rebel against anything when it suits him. This mindset has led him into dangerous bandit fights, hunting down Mitsuki, and defying his father whenever possible. Though Boruto is much more serious about rebelling, his incorrigible spirit stems from the rebellious youngster his father used to be.

Wind Release

Konohamaru Teaches Boruto The Rasengan

Throughout Naruto, Naruto’s specialty when it came to nature transformations was easily wind. Though he eventually became able to use all of them in some capacity, Wind Release remained his signature style. While Boruto also relies heavily on Lightning Release, he also utilizes Wind Release like his father. Ninja abilities are linked to bloodlines, so that kind of preference would pass down.

Furthermore, Boruto was attracted to Wind Release so that he could master the Rasengan, which were used by his father and grandfather. Boruto may have his issues with his father, but he doesn’t deny the genetic strength of the Seventh Hokage — the same strength he inherited.

Rasengan Proficiency

Both Naruto and Boruto learned to perform the Rasengan long before they should have. Naruto learned the ability in order to try to combat Sasuke’s Chidori. In the case of Boruto, he wanted to learn it to prove he could be powerful and disciplined like his father.

For one of the first times in Boruto’s life, he had to work very hard, and his Rasengan was initially very small. He got to prove his own strength to himself. His proficiency for moves like the Rasengan came from his father, however. Not only did his grandfather create the move, but it’s the Uzumaki chakra reserves that make it easier to create a ball of chakra.


Boruto turns away from Kakashi during the Bell Test

One of Naruto’s strengths was always his adaptability and speed. He could react fairly well to anything thrown at him, and his mobility made it easier for him in a fight. Similarly, Boruto is a very fast young ninja. This strength is very useful in combination with his shadow clones and use of shuriken. After all, it’s harder to hit things that are fast and move around a lot.

While that inherited speed helps to make Boruto a prodigal student, it also gets him in trouble when he expects to be faster and smarter than others. Like father, like son, it seems.


Naruto is almost infamous for the amount the talking and discussion that goes on during its battles. Part of the reason for this is its Naruto’s belief in others. He’s almost always willing to try to convince people to stand down instead of fighting them.

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In that regard, Boruto and Naruto are very similar. When Sumire released Nue on Konoha, Boruto was the one to try to remind her how much her classmates cared for her. He kept an open mind about what she was going through and offered her redemption. Both Uzumakis do a great job of keeping an open mind and trying to be kind heroes, not just effective ones.


Boruto and Naruto eat ramen at a restaurant in the Boruto series

Naruto is a fairly well-known name in the Land of Fire and beyond by the time he becomes Hokage. He even has a bridge named after him. Even more, he has such a distinct look that many people could probably identify him by sight alone. Since Boruto looks so similar to his father, that means that most people around their village, and the wider shinobi world, could figure out who he is.

Though Boruto has accomplished quite a few impressive feats of his own, such as saving abducted boys and stopping monsters, his notoriety comes from his father. The second he walks into any room, especially in Konoha, everyone knows he’s the Hokage’s son.

Relationship With Sasuke

One of the only people Boruto looks up to is Sasuke, Naruto’s best friend and right-hand man. While Naruto neglects and frustrates Boruto at the start of the series, somehow the absent Sasuke manages to be around more for the young ninja. Furthermore, Sasuke willingly starts training Boruto to become even more powerful than before. For all of Naruto’s shortcomings, Sasuke is always there for his son.

However, this connection never could have been made without Naruto. If the Seventh Hokage wasn’t so dedicated to his friend, Sasuke wouldn’t have survived the last episode of Naruto. He would have lost his life before his redemption arc could even begin. Oddly, Boruto has his father to thank for Sasuke’s mentorship.

What Boruto Does Not Get From Naruto


Hinata uses her Byakugan in Boruto

Though Boruto didn’t awaken his Byakugan as early as his little sister, it’s a definitive trait of the Hyuga half of him. The Byakugan is a powerful ability that would make him an even stronger ninja once he was able to use it. Himawari may have received hers first, but some fans believe it’s only a matter of time before Boruto also gets the Byakugan full time. His other abilities have taken precedence. Fans have theorized the Jogan has prevented him from awakening his own, though he has had access to use Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s Byakugan before.

Despite Naruto’s serious influence over his son, this is one thing Boruto never could get from him. This is something unique that comes from Hinata’s bloodline. Along with giving Boruto her kindness, love, and attention, she has also passed on this impressive ability.


Boruto holds a lightning infused shuriken in his hand in the Boruto anime

Naruto used shurikens in his Rasenshuriken ability, but besides that, he’s not exactly known for his projectiles. He’s more known for his ingenious innovation during battle and his fiery Tailed Beast powers.

With Sasuke’s teachings influencing Boruto, though, Boruto uses projectile weapons a lot more. He may never have the intense accuracy of Sarada, but he cleverly combines his own strengths with his projectiles. For example, he uses his Lightning Release to electrify shurikens, which make them more powerful. When a ninja is as mobile as Boruto, using small projectiles is a good plan, even if they deviate from family traditions.


Boruto uses his Kama against Shin Uchiha

Though many of Boruto’s skills were ones he was born with, his Kama is very different. This power doesn’t come from being a prodigy. Instead, it comes from defeating a member of the Otsutsuki clan. Ending Momoshiki’s life gave Boruto this unique ability — a black diamond on his hand that enhances his powers.

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Unlike many other ninja techniques and abilities, the Kama is inherently mysterious and alien. While a lot of Boruto’s base strength comes from his lineage, namely his father, his Kama is his own.

Lightning Release

Hatake Kakashi in Boruto Naruto Next Generations Purple Electricity

Naruto specialized in Wind Release, though he did use fire whenever he tapped into the power of the Nine-Tailed Beast. However, Boruto is already much more diversified. For someone so young, he can do quite a bit in Wind Release, Water Release, and Lightning Release.

The combined influence of Naruto and Sasuke really shows off when it comes to Boruto’s skills. He has those classic Naruto moves (Wind Release, shadow clones, Rasengan), but also Sasuke’s flair (Lightning Release, shuriken, and blades). Of course, it’s inevitable for Boruto to become a powerful ninja. It isn’t just because of his father’s influence, though — it’s also because of his own large skill set.


In the early episodes of Naruto, the young, aspiring Hokage was a lot to handle. He was overwhelming, loud, obnoxious, and headstrong. Eventually, he inspired others and showed off his strengths. However, initially he scared off almost everyone. That behavior likely stemmed from his own loneliness.

Boruto, conversely, grew up with his parents and a little sister. He felt no need to have fronts. Despite his rebelliousness and cockiness, he’s generally friendly and a good kid. Unlike his father, he has a much easier time making friends. His whole class likes and admires him very quickly, which is something Naruto didn’t achieve until he was much older and wiser.

Willingness To Cheat

Throughout Naruto, the titular character is determined to find his own ninja way. Despite following his beliefs and ideals firmly, Naruto also followed the rules and wanted to win any battle he took part in. That led to a lot of clever, outside of the box plans, but he never cheated.

Boruto, however, is willing to do anything to stick to his ideals. Since he’s more flexible with rules and order, he’s cheated to win competitions and prove a point. After all, he used the Kote in his graduation exams to destroy the competition. It may have helped to get his scientist friend heard and he may have won, but it made for a highly unfair match.

Water Release

Boruto uses Water Release Surging Sea to release a wave of water from his mouth in the anime

Unlike Sasuke and Naruto, Boruto’s largest influences, the young ninja also learned things that both shinobi aren’t as knowledgable about, such as Water Release. Water Release is a style that is very fluid, as it works well with other nature transformations. For example, it can be used with Lightning or Wind Release to increase damage and destruction.

Though his friend Sumire has a much stronger affinity for Water Release, Boruto still uses it to his advantage. It only makes him a stronger, more capable ninja by keeping his skill set versatile. However, Naruto rarely used Water Release, so this kind of flexibility and range definitely wasn’t learned from Boruto’s dad.

His Distaste For Leadership

Boruto argues qith his father in the Hokage office

Boruto wasn’t born rebellious. It was a learned behavior. Once Naruto became Hokage, he began to ignore his family more and more. For Boruto, it was devastating to hear that the village was so proud of his dad when he felt so neglected. Over time, he associated authority figures with his own disappointing father.

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When the biggest authority figure in his life failed him, he didn’t put much stock in others. Naruto may have looked up to the leaders of his time (Hiruzen, Tsunade, Kakashi, Jiraiya), but Boruto certainly doesn’t. After all, the person he looks up to the most, Sasuke, isn’t a leader — he’s just a ninja doing good work for Konoha.


The class of genin sit in their Academy classroom in Boruto

Without hard work and dedication, Naruto never would have become Hokage. Unfortunately for him, he never was a very smart student and had to compensate with his sheer willpower. In the beginning, he had to rely on other skills before he eventually got better at everything.

Boruto, conversely, was always ahead of his peers. Instead of having to try, he just was inherently good and smart from the beginning. Only at the ninja academy did he find anyone who rivaled him. For someone with natural intelligence and skill, it’s a very different experience than the grinding work Naruto had to do to keep up.

Attracting Girls

Sumire and Boruto

In the early episodes of Naruto, fans quickly learn of the titular character’s huge crush on Sakura. However, other than Hinata’s shy crush, no one ever reciprocated his advances. Naruto simply didn’t attract women.

However, Boruto is much more laid back about the whole thing. He really hasn’t shown too much interest in any particular girl. Instead, he focuses on friendship and becoming a good ninja. In the process, both Sumire and Sarada have already expressed that they have crushes on him. That’s already more than twice the amount Boruto’s father ever had and he’s only 12.

The Gentle Fist

The Gentle Fist is possibly the most intimidating technique of the Hyuga clan. This is a hand-to-hand fighting style that attacks an opponent’s chakra pathway, crippling their ability to use their own chakra. A single tap can cause widespread damage, and can even injure nearby organs.

The fact that Boruto learned this from his Hyuga half gives him an added advantage in battle, even if he hasn’t awoken his Byakugan to do it. The Gentle Fist is what made Neji, Hanabi, and Hinata all the more formidable. While Naruto is undoubtedly powerful, this is something he never could have taught his son. He’s simply not equipped for it.


The Jogan in Borutos eye in the Boruto series

In a dream, Boruto hears a prophecy from Toneri Otsutsuki and awakens with the Jogan in his right eye. This dojutsu is so mysterious that even Naruto has no clue what it really is. However, it seems to have particular ties to the Otsutsuki clan and their many secrets.

By age 16, Boruto finally has control over the eye and can use it at will. By using it, he can track, identify, and monitor a person’s chakra threads. This power gives him vital information in battle. He is the only known Jogan user. Despite the mystery surrounding his eye, Boruto easily adapts to the strange power.

His Ambitions

Boruto launches a kick at Naruto in the Boruto anime

Boruto’s ambitions are a bit complicated. Initially, it’s entirely focused on not wanting to be anything like Naruto. After all, he’s been neglected by his father. For example, seeing his father neglect Himawari’s birthday devastated him.

However, Boruto’s goals evolve as he faces more trials, makes new friends, and grows as a person. Spending time with Sarada and Sasuke has really impacted him. Now, influenced by the two Uchiha members, he wants to be the Sasuke to Sarada’s Hokage and help protect the village together. He wants his ninja way to be unique and entirely different from his father’s. He wants to find a different way to protect those he loves.

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