14 Relationships Fans Hope To See Continue In The Teen Wolf Movie

14 Relationships Fans Hope To See Continue In The Teen Wolf Movie

While Teen Wolf had its fair share of mysteries, mythology, and supernatural action, what really made fans invest in the MTV series was the relationships — and not just the romantic ones. The friendship between Scott and Stiles, for example, provided the foundation for Scott’s eventual pack. But some of those relationships didn’t get explored as fully as they could have been in the series.

Starring many original cast members, a Teen Wolf movie is headed to streaming platform Paramount+, so there’s another chance to explore some of the relationships that got the short end of the stick. It’s also a chance to revisit some dynamics that were a pleasant surprise to the audience.


Updated on July 4, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Before the Teen Wolf movie wrapped production in May 2022, it was confirmed that series cast members Dylan O’Brien and Arden Cho would not be returning. This news left a lot of fans dismayed — especially of Cho’s pay disparity, as reported by The Cut. It’s up in the air as to how the movie will revisit the heroes of Beacon Hills without Stiles, or without ever resolving Kira’s storyline. But just because the two actors aren’t returning though doesn’t mean the effects of their characters’ relationships with others can’t still factor into the movie.

Deaton And Scott

Deaton and Scott cleaning up the clinic in Teen Wolf

The veterinarian who trained Scott in his clinic turned out to be a Druid and a wealth of information for Scott’s pack. While he wasn’t around a lot in the later seasons of the show, Deaton was a great mentor for Scott, helping him see his true potential.

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It would be great for the series to revisit the two of them with a different power dynamic. As adults, the two would be on more equal footing, especially since Scott would have years of experience in the supernatural world under his belt. They would be allies instead of teacher and student.

Jackson And The Pack

Teen Wolf Ethan And Jackson

Jackson left the series before he ever actually became a member of Scott’s pack, but he returned in the final season to help with a major threat. Jackson had no problem making amends with the people he used to bully, demonstrating that he finally knew who he was.

It seems like Jackson’s character arc is complete, but Colton Haynes is set to return in the movie, and it would be great to see if he still maintains friendships with members of the pack, like Lydia, who isn’t just his ex but one of his best friends.

Peter And Malia

Peter and Malia sit in the stands of a lacrosse game at Beacon Hills in Teen Wolf

Malia had a very contentious relationship with her father. With Peter Hale being one of the most beloved villains in Teen Wolf, it’s hard to imagine the two won’t be butting heads again in the movie.

Peter was most often interested in saving his own skin and gaining power. He died and came back to life a few times, so he knew a thing or two about outsmarting even the most dangerous of villains, which could come in handy. But it’s likely that the only way he’s helping anyone is if it’s Malia doing the asking. She’s the only person he’s willing to sacrifice for, and the audience should get to see if that’s still the case.

Parrish And Lydia

Parrish smiling at Lydia in Teen Wolf.

For a time, it seemed like the relationship between Parrish and Lydia might turn romantic despite the fact that she was a high school student when they met. That didn’t happen, but they did share a bond.

With Parrish actually a hellhound and Lydia a banshee, both have a connection to the dead. Parrish felt a loyalty of sorts to Lydia as a result of that connection. Do they maintain a friendship once Lydia leaves Beacon Hills for university? Do they both have a better understanding of their abilities and that connection? Fans want to know.

Liam And Mason

The bond between these best friends knew no bounds. Despite Mason being a laid-back human and Liam a quick-tempered werewolf, the two managed to get along great. Their differences made them grow closer as Mason was welcomed into Scott’s pack alongside Liam.

The two were essentially left as the guardians of Beacon Hills when Scott and most of the other pack members graduated high school and moved on. With the pack splintering, the bond between these two friends had to have become even closer, and they would have had to present a united front to help other supernatural beings.

Coach Finstock And Scott

Coach Finstock yelling at Scott in Teen Wolf.

In Teen Wolf, Coach Finstock was practically chaos personified. He bullied his lacrosse players but also appeared to care about a number of them. He’s not someone in the middle of the supernatural storylines, though he sat right on the edge of them. He found himself just missing out on the big werewolf storylines repeatedly, and one player he seemed to trust during the show’s run was Scott McCall.

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How does their relationship change once Scott moves on and isn’t a student anymore? Given that the supernatural is never completely covered up in Beacon Hills, will the coach know the full extent of what goes on in his hometown and lend a hand?

Derek And Stiles

Derek And Stiles In Teen Wolf Season 6

To call Derek and Stiles friends might be stretching the term, but they’re definitely allies after a contentious season 1. In one of the most memorable sequences in the final episodes, fans discover that Stiles might have saved Derek from the FBI — or maybe Derek actually saved Stiles. Fans still want that Teen Wolf FBI spin-off.

The two have a fun banter despite their completely different approaches to dealing with dangerous situations. It will be interesting to see if Stiles went further than that initial FBI internship, or if he managed to keep Derek off the radar of the government office. They might even be friends by the time the movie airs. With Derek in the movie, Stiles doesn’t need to be in there in order for fans to learn about this fledgling friendship.

Melissa And Chris

Melissa McCall And Chris Argent Work Together In Teen Wolf

After watching the parents of Scott McCall and his friends grow more familiar with the world of the supernatural, some thought Melissa McCall should have ended up with Noah Stilinski. That didn’t happen, and instead, she and Chris Argent began a relationship.

It’s got to be a little strange for Scott to watch the father of his first love romancing his own mom. That dynamic is definitely one that begs to be explored, especially since Melissa and Chris really only teamed up a handful of times throughout the series as their storylines usually kept them separate.

Malia And Scott

Scott McCall And Malia Tate In Teen Wolf

Most of the romantic relationships in the series involved some build-up when it came to the teen characters. Whether it was awkward flirtation in the way of Kira and Scott or long-time pining on the part of Stiles and Lydia, the audience knew the relationship was coming. But that wasn’t the case with Malia and Scott.

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While plenty of fans were thrown by the two suddenly ending up together, their dynamic really worked. Like Melissa and Chris, however, it needed to be explored further. With both Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig returning for the Teen Wolf movie, there’s no reason fans can’t find out if they stuck it out, remained in the same pack, or remained friends.

The Pack And Stiles’ Jeep

Scott and Stiles get out of the jeep in Teen Wolf

A lot of characters came and went in Teen Wolf, and while the Jeep might not be a person, it was a huge part of the characters’ journies. Stiles’ car even jogged Lydia’s memory when no one else could remember him.

It would be strange for fans to see a new car at the Stilinski residence in the Teen Wolf movie, especially after the reveal that the car belonged to his mom. That Jeep has been through just as many mysteries and traumas as the McCall pack has, and it would only be right for it to return.

Lydia And Malia

When it comes to the friendships in Teen Wolf, Scott and Stiles are always regarded as the best, but there’s definitely something to be said for how close Lydia and Malia become in the wake of Allison’s death and Malia’s breakup with Stiles.

It’s Lydia who helped Malia get through school, teaching her a color-coding system for studying and note-taking. In turn, Malia goes from only caring about whether Stiles lives or dies to protecting Lydia’s life with her own. The two developed a friendship full of understanding before they ever become packmates, and that’s something that should be recognized.

Derek And Braeden

An image of Braeden and Derek kissing in Teen Wolf

Of all the characters in Teen Wolf, Derek was the unluckiest in love. His first love died by werewolf bite, Kate Argent took advantage of his feelings for her to learn about his family, and the teacher he thought was interested in him was really a homicidal Druid completing a ritual in Beacon Hills. Then, there was Braeden.

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A bounty hunter who specialized in supernatural beings, Braeden didn’t just help Malia take down her own mother, but she and Derek became very close — and then she vanished from the show. It might have been hard to bring her back since actress Maegan Tandy was a little busy on Batwoman, but the audience at least deserves some closure for this relationship since it was the best Derek ever had.

Stiles And Lydia

One of the few pairings in the series explored thoroughly before they ever became romantic were Stiles and Lydia. Stiles began the show pining for her, but Lydia didn’t even know his name. Through the impressive use of nearly every teen drama trope available, Stiles and Lydia eventually became investigative partners, best friends, and ultimately, a romantic couple.

While their friendship is explored in-depth in the series, their romance isn’t. It would be interesting for the audience to see how they function as a couple if they’re still together by the time the movie is released. While that won’t happen with Stiles on screen as a result of O’Brien’s absence, knowing how Lydia feels about him years later could give the fans some insight.

Scott And Liam

Though Scott developed a large pack when he become a True Alpha, Liam was his first pack member created by his werewolf bite. Liam was Scott’s only real Beta at the time of the series ending.

The two initially didn’t get along because Liam didn’t want to be pulled into Scott’s supernatural shenanigans, but Liam grew to look up to Scott, and wanted to be able to keep his friends in Beacon Hills safe once Scott moved on with his life. With Liam symbolizing the next generation of supernatural beings in their hometown, it’s worth seeing if he and Scott maintain their pack connection or not.

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