15 Best Woody Quotes From The Toy Story Movies

15 Best Woody Quotes From The Toy Story Movies

The amazing and successful Pixar films have created some unforgettable characters over the years, but Woody from the Toy Story movies might be the best of them all. Woody has taken audiences on an amazing journey through the Toy Story franchise and it’s hard not to fall in love with the kind and caring cowboy.

While the franchise may be over now, Woody has left behind so many amazing memories from those films. From his more ridiculous moments to his sweetest moments, Woody remains a hero worth revisiting. Here are Woody’s best quotes from the Toy Story movies.

A New Toy In Town

“What Chance Does A Toy Like Me Have Against A Buzz Lightyear Action Figure?”

The ending of Toy Story

Pixar has a real talent for telling stories about extraordinary things, like toys coming to life, but finding something very human and relatable at the center of it. For Toy Story, the audience can recognize Woody’s feelings of inadequacy and envy when Buzz seems to become the new favorite toy.


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Though they are constantly feuding throughout the movie, this moment of vulnerability from Woody when he admits his worries about losing Andy helps to cement his friendship with Buzz.

A Toy’s Purpose

“Being There For A Child Is The Most Noble Thing A Toy Can Do.”


Throughout the franchise, Woody goes to extraordinary lengths to be there for his child. And while his ego in getting replaced plays some role in his motivations, his real determination is that he sees it as his job to be there for Andy.

When Buzz learns he is a toy and feels his existence is now meaningless, Woody is the one who ensures him that bringing joy to a kid is the greatest purpose he could have. It explains a lot about his personality and is also interesting to consider given his decision in Toy Story 4.

Embracing Being A Cowboy

“Ride Like The Wind Bullseye!”

Woody's Roundup Toy Story 2

Just like Buzz Lightyear the toy was inspired by a movie within the Toy Story universe, Woody came from a popular show called Woody’s Roundup. Woody himself discovers this in Toy Story 2 and sees the larger legacy he is a part of.

He quickly takes to that role as the heroic cowboy and even adopts his own catchphrase from the show, shouting “Ride like the wind, Bullseye!” when jumping into the saddle of his trusty horse. If Buzz can get his own spinoff, maybe Woody’s Roundup will get a movie someday as well.

Losing It

“This Is The Perfect Time To Panic!”

Woody Yells at Buzz in Toy Story

Woody takes a leadership role among the toys in Andy’s room. While the other toys are constantly in a state of worry, Woody puts on a calm and brave face even if he is anxious himself.

So when that calm and collected persona gradually falls apart with the arrival of Buzz, it is pretty funny to watch. After he and Buzz find themselves lost outside of Andy’s house, Buzz is the stable one while Woody totally embraces his panic.

A Lame Weapon

“Oh, Great. If Anyone Attacks We Can Blink Em’ To Death.”

Woody in Toy Story

While Buzz is a more impressive toy when he first arrives, he is also totally delusional in thinking that he is a real space ranger. Since no other toy seems to have a problem with this, it becomes a terrific part of the comedic dynamic between Woody and Buzz.

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When they find themselves trapped in Sid’s room with his creepy toys, Buzz ensures Woody that he’ll set his laser from stun to kill. Woody is not reassured, however, given that the laser is just a lightbulb.

Woody’s Footwear

“There’s A Snake In My Boots!”

Woody in Toy Story - Best Tom Hanks Movies

Along with being a dashing cowboy toy, Woody comes with a pull string that allows him to share some of his memorable catchphrases. But clearly, the most memorable of his catchphrases has to be “There’s a snake in my boots”.

It seems like such a random phrase to include with this toy but it’s funny nonetheless. The phrase also points to the fact that Woody is a bit of an outdated toy which adds to his insecurities when a new, cooler toy comes around.

Getting Annoyed With Buzz

“The Word I’m Searching For – I Can’t Say, Because There’s Preschool Toys Present.”

Woody and Buzz' Arm in Toy Story 1995

When Woody and Buzz first meet, it’s safe to say they do not start out as friends. Woody fears that this new spaceman toy will take his place as Andy’s favorite. He only hates Buzz more by Buzz’s insistence that he isn’t a toy.

After Woody continues to call Buzz a toy, Buzz tells him the word he’s searching for is “space ranger”. Woody snaps back “The word I’m searching for I can’t say because there are preschool toys present.”

Being There For Andy

“I Can’t Stop Andy From Growing Up. But I Wouldn’t Miss It For The World.”

Toy Story - Sad Woody

Despite being Andy’s favorite toy, Woody has to deal with the fact that Andy will grow up someday and that his own future is uncertain. In Toy Story 2, Woody discovers he is a collector’s item and a valuable toy.

Woody is given the opportunity to go to a toy museum and be admired for years to come instead of waiting until Andy is tired of playing with toys. However, Woody realizes he still wants to see Andy grow up, even if it’s only for a little while longer.

A Chance At A New Life

“And That Box Gets Taken Away…”

Woody and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 opens with a flashback to Woody and the other toys still at Andy’s house on the day Bo Peep was given away. Woody makes an attempt to save Bo from the donation box but she insists it is her time to leave.

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She then suggests that toys get misplaced in boxes all the time, hinting for Woody coming with her. For a brief moment, Woody considers leaving Andy to be with Bo. We always see Woody trying to do what’s best for others, it is interesting to see him consider his own happiness for once.

When Andy Needs Them

“We’ll Always Be There For Him.”

In Toy Story 3, Woody and the other toys are faced with Andy going to college. Once again, while the others panic about what will come next, Woody remains the voice of reason and calm. He assures the other toys that this is not the end. They will go up into the attic and be there for Andy whenever he needs them.

This is the perfect example of Woody’s outlook as a toy. He sees it as his job to put the needs of the child above everything else, but over time, he realizes he can move on.

Teaching Sid A Lesson

“So Play Nice.”

Sid and Woody in Toy Story

Perhaps the most unsettling villain in the franchise is Sid, the young boy who lives next door to Andy’s house and enjoys destroying toys. Of course, it’s not long before Woody and Buzz find themselves trapped at Sid’s house.

As Sid gets ready to destroy Buzz, Woody enacts a plan for revenge. He organizes all of the toys to come alive and come after Sid which terrifies the young boy. Finally, Woody comes alive to tell Sid to respect his toys, giving Sid a good scare.

Not Impressed

“That Wasn’t Flying. That Was Falling With Style.”

Toy Story Woody Laughing at Buzz Lightyear

To make Woody’s relationship with Buzz all the more difficult at the beginning, all the other toys seem to be very impressed with the spaceman. They don’t even seem to mind that he doesn’t know he’s a toy. But when Buzz suggests he really can fly, it’s too much for Woody.

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He challenges Buzz to fly around the room and, thanks to a lot of luck, Buzz actually does it. As the toys heap praise on Buzz, Woody tries to persuade that it’s all a hoax. He yells “That wasn’t flying. That was falling with style.” It’s a look at Woody’s own hurt ego.

Parting Ways

“…And Beyond.”

Toy Story 4 poster with Woody

Toy Story 4 finds Woody faced with a new dilemma as he doesn’t know what his purpose is with his new kid Bonnie. While on a family road trip, Woody finds his long-lost love Bo Peep and in the end, he decides it’s time to pursue his own path and be with Bo.

Woody shares a final goodbye with Buzz and the two old friends part ways. As Buzz watches Woody fade out of sight, he says, “To Infinity” and Woody responds “And beyond”. A bittersweet end that promises their friendship will continue regardless.

Setting Buzz Right

“You Are A Child’s Play Thing!”

Woody in Toy Story 3

One of the reasons the character of Woody works so well is the performance by Tom Hanks. Though it is just a voice performance, Hanks injects so much heart and humor into the role and makes Woody a character that audiences can love and laugh with even when he’s wrong.

As Woody continues to lose his mind over Buzz, he finally confronts his rival with an outrageous rant. He screams “You. Are. A. Toy! You aren’t the real Buzz Lightyear, you’re an action figure! You are a child’s plaything!”

End Of An Era

“So Long… Partner”

Andy and Woody in Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 may not have been the end of the franchise, but it was the end of a bug chapter. With Andy going away to college, the toys all wonder what will become of them. In the end, Andy donates them all to a new kid Bonnie and they find a happy new home.

Though he was meant to go off to college with Andy, Woody decides his time with Andy is over. As Andy drives out of sight, Woody watches him go and says a final goodbye to his best friend.

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