7 Forgotten Destiny 2 Characters Bungie Should Bring Back

7 Forgotten Destiny 2 Characters Bungie Should Bring Back

There are a lot of characters in Destiny 2, so it’s no surprise that some of them get sidelined once in a while. That said, some characters with a great deal of narrative potential seem to get shunted into the background all too often. Most of them are long-time figures in the game, some of which have been around since Destiny 2 launched. Whether they’ve been put aside in favor of newer characters or else just forgotten about, here are a few characters I’d love to see featured in future seasons or expansions.

Devrim Kay — The last time we heard from everybody’s favorite Destiny 2 EDZ sniper was in the lore for the Warlock Exotic Rain of Fire, where his husband Marc was gushing over him to Suraya Hawthorne. Devrim really hasn’t done anything in ages, and as one of the few non-Guardian human characters in the game, it would be cool to have him come back into the picture. Maybe we could have him reopen the Farm — remember that?

Ada-1 — She may not be forgotten, since she currently has a place as the NPC vendor for armor transmog, but Ada hasn’t been a pivotal figure for a while. That’s a shame, because she has a great narrative about being an Exo who survived the Collapse and only learned to trust Lightbearers during the events of the Season of the Forge. There’s a bit of lore in the Solstice armor about her teaching Namrask the Eliksni to use the loom, so maybe we’ll hear more from her soon.

Orin, the Emissary of the Nine — What’s she up to since Prophecy? What are the Nine up to? Inquiring minds want to know!

Suraya Hawthorne — Hawthorne was supposed to be one of Destiny‘s first non-Guardian protagonists. That uh, didn’t really work out beyond the Red War. Players who weren’t around for that likely know her only as the weird lady who hangs out with a bird in the Tower and doles out clan rewards. She pops up in lore here and there, and Duality weirdly shoehorned her in by making her a stop on the way to completing the dungeon, but other than that, she’s been in the background for far too long.

Eramis, the Shipstealer — Is she dead? Asleep? We left Eramis frozen on Europa, and given that she didn’t have a dramatic fall to her death, I feel like we’re just waiting for her to make a return. Beyond Light‘s campaign didn’t really give her a chance to shine, but her lore shows her as a complex Destiny 2 character, and it would be interesting to dive further into her background. I have a whole pitch for what that could look like, if you want to read some wild speculation.

Shaw Han — Why introduce a whole new guy if you’re not going to do anything with him? Making Shaw Han interesting would be a huge challenge for any narrative designer at Bungie, but I’m sure they could pull it off. I want to know more about him. Do those Ahamkara bones talk to him? What are they telling him? Tell me, Bungie!

Fenchurch Everis — Destiny 2‘s Most Interesting Man in the World. He’s been in the Traveler, he’s been around the system. Let’s have him show up on screen, please.