8 Characters Who Got Fitting Endings (& 5 Who Deserved Better)

8 Characters Who Got Fitting Endings (& 5 Who Deserved Better)

After an abrupt cancellation, Netflix gave fans of Lucifer Morningstar and friends a satisfying ending when they picked up the series for additional seasons. Lucifer’s characters have a lot of their arcs come to logical conclusions on the show, while others are surprising – and not necessarily satisfying for the audience. Some of the show’s characters simply don’t do so well, be it in work or in personal relationships.

That probably doesn’t come as such a surprise considering the heroes live in a world where angels and demons are real. As a result, strange things happen and sometimes they don’t end well. Some Lucifer heroes would deserve much better than what they got.


Updated on August 1st, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: A series ending can be bittersweet for fans. There are those that never want to lose their favorite characters and others who want to see them all get their version of a happy ending. Considering Lucifer was canceled and revived, fans got the chance to have closure for those characters they loved. For the most part, the final seasons of the series, produced by Netflix, worked to make sure that all of the main characters were set on paths that gave them satisfying conclusions. A few fan favorites, like Ella, however, could have used a little more help from the writers. 

Lucifer Characters Who Got A Fitting Ending


The Goddess of all Creation is an interesting addition to the show. Locked in hell for centuries because she disagreed with her husband, she just wants to be allowed to experience life for herself. That makes her impulsive at times, but her love for her family is clear.

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Allowing her to finally live, in a way that isn’t going to be harmful to humans, but giving her a whole new universe to create life in herself, is incredibly fitting for a woman who took a backseat to all of her husband’s interests for pretty much all of time.

Rory Morningstar

Lucifer and Rory in Season 6

Rory doesn’t make her debut in the series until the final season, but it’s a debut full of pain and anger. Throughout her time on the show, Rory works through that pain to understand why Lucifer couldn’t be with her as she was growing up.

She understands her own life, and the time loop she’s created, much better by the end of the show. She’s found closure and happiness with her family, and Rory gets to return to her own time. It’s a win all around for her, even if she doesn’t kill her father as she initially sets out to do.

Linda Martin

At first, it looked like Dr. Linda Martin would be nothing more than one of Lucifer’s many conquests. They had a brief relationship but Linda decided to call it off when she realized it wasn’t professional behavior.

She and Lucifer are good friends now, as well as Linda and Maze. Linda has found love, had a son, and managed to more or less combine her work life and family life. She even reunited with her daughter whom she had given up in her youth.


No matter what she does, Maze can’t seem to be happy in the early seasons of the show. Unlike Lucifer, Maze never wanted to live on Earth, and even though she became acclimated to living in Los Angeles, she was still livid when Lucifer went back to Hell and left her behind. She found herself unlucky in love initially as well – until Maze met Even and the two managed to work through their issues.

While Maze didn’t get to mend her relationship with her mother, she did find her soulmate. Maze even managed to grow her own soul after her experiences with humanity, giving her what she really wanted.


Amenadiel’s journey mirrors Linda’s to a certain degree since they were in a relationship for a while and had their son Charlie. Amenadiel struggled with living on Earth at first but he grew to like it and humans as well.

He’s a devoted father to baby Charlie and while he would have been happy as a stay-at-home dad or working to make the world a better place on the police force, he found his calling as the new God. He even managed to mend his strained relationship with Lucifer and the two brothers are getting along much better these days – even though Lucifer still likes to make fun of Amenadiel from time to time.

Chloe Decker

Chloe Decker in Lucifer

Chloe is a strong and resilient person who’s able to survive many ordeals. Still, there’s no denying her life hasn’t been rosy. Chloe still misses her dad who died a while back. He inspired her to be a detective and they were very close. She went through a divorce and for a while, it looked like she and Dan wouldn’t be able to stay friends. An immortal killer pursued her and later endangered her life. Add to it the stress caused by her work and relationship with Lucifer, and it’s a small wonder Chloe didn’t just snap.

After all of that hardship though, she and Lucifer found a way to make their relationship work for them. They found closure in understanding their separation for the future. Chloe maintained a position as a detective helping others, which is what she was really born to do, and raised two strong daughters, reuniting with Lucifer in the afterlife.


Eve in Lucifer Season 4

Eve is a good example of the fact that even when things sometimes don’t end the way people imagined, it can be for the best. When Eve came to Los Angeles, she was hellbent on reuniting with Lucifer and rekindling their old romance. She was naive and a people pleaser, and she didn’t really know herself very well.

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When Eve realized Lucifer was in love with Chloe, she also came to realize she didn’t need Lucifer to be happy and set out to be free, do the things she always wanted to try and experience. Even did some real soul searching before the end of the series, making a life for herself as a bounty hunter alongside Maze and finding a relationship she chose instead of one she was literally created for.

Lucifer Morningstar

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer might not get his exact happy ending predicted by all fans, but he does get closure, knowledge of himself, and the love of his life living out her own. Lucifer struggled with realizing who he was as a person but he made significant progress during the show.

He fell in love for the first time, found friends in humans, and, even though he had to return to Hell, he managed to find happiness in a new path. Lucifer realized he didn’t have to be a jailer, but that he could help lost souls, giving him a new purpose in his very long life.

Lucifer Characters Who Deserved Better


Remiel Lucifer

The audience doesn’t get to spend significant time with Lucifer’s siblings other than Amenadiel. Some of the angels that appear during the war for the throne, for example, aren’t even named. Remiel is one of the few characters to get additional scenes, and for the audience to understand her a little better.

She doesn’t understand the love that Lucifer and Amenadiel have for humanity, but she’s willing to help them because she doesn’t believe Micheal should rule the Silver City, and that costs her her celestial life. It’s a shame because her character was just beginning to be fleshed out when Michael decided to kill her.

Trixie Espinoza

Chloe’s and Dan’s daughter Trixie brought a lot of fun and relaxation into the show. Trixie doesn’t appear in every episode but when she does, her presence lightens up the story. She becomes even braver as the show goes on, grows close to Maze, and even manages to befriend Lucifer who doesn’t like children all that much. All of that sounds like Trixie gets a happy ending, but the longer the show went on, the less Trixie seemed to matter to the story.

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Her ending, with a little sister and her mom, isn’t an unhappy one, but she’s overlooked when it comes to the main characters. Audience members who stuck with the show from the beginning would have liked to see her get a full arc.

Ella Lopez

Ella has a rough life. She falls for the bad boys – and when she finds a good one, he turns out to be a serial killer. She has a darkness inside of her that she struggles to embrace, and she even has a crisis of faith for a while. Through all of that, she tries to remain optimistic, but the final seasons really short change her as her arc is boiled down to whether or not she can find a viable love interest.

She’s the last of the main adult characters to learn the truth about angels, demons, and Lucifer himself, even though she’s the only one who puts together that the world is ending. Ella is often treated as a tool to solve cases in the final season rather than a fully formed character.

Dan Espinoza

Dan Espinoza Lucifer

Dan was a pretty unlucky character. Just after he worked to become a better person, he lost his life and ended up in hell thanks to guilt he couldn’t pin down. While he managed to work through it after his ghost returned to Earth, and move on in the afterlife to heaven, the audience would argue that deserved a better arc.

After all, Dan spent most of his run on the show as the butt of Lucifer’s jokes, manipulated by both angels and demons, and when he tried to explain how he felt, Lucifer just dismissed his feelings and continued to tease him. He also left him to play table tennis with a demon for thousands of years without helping him to figure out why Dan ended up in hell in the first place.

Charlotte Richards

Charlotte Richards Lucifer

Charlotte is one of the few characters on the show who met an untimely end and didn’t return after the fact. First, Charlotte had to deal with losing a portion of her life when Lucifer’s mom, the Goddess, hijacked her body and used it for her purposes. Charlotte then died when she tried to protect Amenadiel from the murderous Cain aka Marcus Pierce.

At least her soul got to go to heaven, but Charlotte still deserved better. She was just turning her life around when she learned of angels and demons and wanted to use her formidable skills to do some good in the world.

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