9 Best Twitter Reactions To The July Teaser Trailer

9 Best Twitter Reactions To The July Teaser Trailer

There are only a couple of short months to wait before the series premiere (September 2nd) of The Rings of Power, and Prime Video has finally dropped the full trailer. Fans of The Lord of the Rings have a lot to consider after the various reveals seen in the three-minute teaser, and the topic of how Amazon will be adjusting J.R.R. Tolkien’s story is up for pretty heavy debate.

The reactions from fans are wildly mixed. As with any book-to-screen adaptations, devoted buffs are reluctant to approve of anything that does not strictly follow the original story’s canon. On the other hand, several Tolkien lovers fully support the changes, deciding to enjoy the new series for what it is, not what they want it to be. No matter which side of the debate prospective audiences fall on, their reactions on platforms like Twitter have been entertaining in and of themselves. From joy at the introduction of a new elf heartthrob to confusion over the angsty appearance of the Dark Lord Sauron, the Tweets surrounding The Rings of Power give plenty to think about.


10 Not Everyone Is Pleased

From the moment that Amazon Prime announced that they would be producing a Lord of the Rings TV show, fans have been skeptical. Because the Tolkien estate has spoken out about adaptations (per IndieWire), with J.R.R. himself unhappy about the concept, it is difficult to show the writer respect no matter how accurately a series is done. Even Peter Jackson’s film trilogy received a great deal of fan outcry, despite its general popularity.

Therefore, the Rings of Power trailer was doomed to receive its fair share of criticism. User @MasteroftheTDS tweeted a meme showing fans’ exasperated reactions to the appearance of Middle-earth, which to some, does not fit the standards that they would expect from a LotR spin-off.

9 Let The Fan Art Begin

One segment of the trailer that has gained a lot of attention was the appearance of actress Bridie Sisson dressed mysteriously in a hood and shrouded in darkness. Since Sauron, the most important figure in the Second Age, took several different shapes during his time in Middle-earth, fans are wondering if this could potentially be one of them.

This inspired user @toherrys, who hopes that the theory about Sauron is correct, to get started on some fan art of the mysterious character. With such a striking look, there will likely be much more art to follow, especially once viewers confirm who the figure actually is.

8 The New Legolas

When Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy came out, it was hard to go anywhere without seeing the intense stare of Legolas looking back from a poster. As Orlando Bloom’s breakout role, the silver-haired elf was an easy heartthrob, and his agile skill with a bow only made him better.

Now, it seems The Rings of Power has come up with its own version of the dreamy elf: Arondir. The new trailer shows the character being dramatically pulled backward by several eerie-looking hands, and user @celebrians’ reaction was to defend their new “boy.”

7 Sauron’s The Real Slim Shady

Rings of Power has made changes to characters and create their own, it wouldn’t shock me if Annatar turns out to be a woman in the begenning. and then bust a freestyle rap in Mordor #RingsOfPower pic.twitter.com/DCF7bPC505

— 𝗙𝗔𝗧𝗔𝗟 𝗝𝗔𝗬 (@FatalJayShow) July 23, 2022

Everyone expected The Rings of Power to significantly divert from Tolkien’s works. Still, the appearance of actress Bridie Sisson as the character suspected to be Sauron threw them for a loop. But, of course, this could be a realistic choice, as Annatar, one of the forms Sauron took in the Second Age, was supposed to be enchantingly beautiful.

For this reason, user @FatalJayShow could accept that Sauron could be played by a woman but was a little thrown by the short, bleach-blonde buzz that quickly brings to mind Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” days.

6 Is It Just A Phase?

As fans on Twitter point out how much (suspected) Sauron looks like Eminem, they also can’t help but notice that the character looks more angsty than they had anticipated. Of course, it is hard to tell what Bridie Sisson’s character will be like, but from a couple of moments that they appeared in the trailer, angry seems to be the word.

User @yistaphobic pointed this out in a tweet accompanied by an image of Bridie Sisson’s character edited as a music album cover. Oddly enough, the image does not look out of place at all.

5 All Hail The Queen

The new trailer gave a better glimpse of Númenor as well, which is an important kingdom to know about from the Second Age of Middle-earth. This was the city from which Aragorn’s ancestors came and where a great deal of drama takes place in the Second Age. When the Rings of Power series picks up, Númenor will be ruled by queen regent Míriel, who, in Tolkien’s works, is doomed to be usurped.

Even before the series starts, Míriel has begun to gain a fanbase. Actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson looks like she was born to play a queen, with user @bookswhisper9 declaring her their wife. LotR fans have never had a queen to get behind, and a BIPOC actress makes it all the better.


3 The Two Sides Of The Argument

the films were not as true to the books as you make it seem like they were.. just like this, changes were made. people need to stop expecting adaptations to be perfect replicas of the source material, and they’d be less upset

— niamh ANNA DAY! (@ajaxkissr) July 22, 2022

The biggest debate currently among Lord of the Rings fans is how much a screen adaptation should divert from the source material. Many die-hard fans are already enraged at the apparent changes that Prime Video made to the stories outlined in Tolkien’s various works and use Peter Jackson’s trilogy as an example of how to do the thing right.

However, Twitter users like @ajaxkissr are here to remind everyone that the LotR movies contained several moments that are commonly mistaken for Tolkien canon. Characters were changed or removed entirely, plot points were removed, and then, of course, the entire scene with Aragorn and the Warg never happened in the books— proof that even the best screen adaptations aren’t perfect.

2 Rings Of Power Vs. The Witcher

Rings of Power has a lot of excellent fantasy series to live up to. Game of Thrones and The Witcher took the genre to a new level and brought many new fans to the worlds of fantastical creatures and dramatic political plots. Now, with one of the highest budgets ever seen for a television series, Rings of Power has to completely blow audiences away.

In the eyes of user @TatataToddC, Amazon is doing, so far, so good. The visuals in the trailer alone were breathtaking and gave an accurate scope as to the dramatic size of Middle-earth and the surrounding areas where the story takes place. The Witcher looks excellent, but it’s nowhere near this production level.

1 What Happened To Their Flowing Locks?

From the existence of female orcs to the nuances surrounding the Harfoot hobbits, there is a lot that audiences can criticize about Rings of Power’s portrayal of the various races of Middle-earth. For example, many fans argued that female dwarves like Disa should have beards, while others say this is easily forgiven.

However, if there is something that a majority of Lord of the Rings fans like @GhostlyJNMO can agree on, it’s that the elves should have much longer hair. While Tolkien’s books don’t explicitly state this as a requirement for the race, it has become such a familiar image that it is difficult to imagine them any other way.

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