9 Universally Acclaimed Directors That Redditors Can’t Get Into

9 Universally Acclaimed Directors That Redditors Can't Get Into

There are the directors-for-hire, who studios know will do exactly what the producers ask and will deliver a movie on budget and on time, and there are directors who are visionaries and are given a shocking amount of freedom by the studios.

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The latter directors tend to be talked about as “geniuses” but not everybody is amazed by their artsy cinematography and meticulous action sequences. For one reason or another, Redditors just can’t get on board with these directors, whether it’s the post-modernism of Baz Luhrmann or the gothic eccentricity of Tim Burton.


J.J. Abrams

Rey Dueling Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker

J.J. Abrams has become the go-to director for soft reboots, as he brought both Star Trek and Star Wars back into the fold in the late 2000s and 2010s. And he’ll be doing the same thing with Superman if it ever gets off the ground. However, Joshhazel1 can’t get on board with the director’s style, claiming that “his stuff always has a lot of hype and a big bang to start, but fizzles at the end.”

Abrams has been criticized for turning beloved sci-fi series into action blockbusters, which was never the reason why they had huge fanbases in the first place. But his movies are undeniably huge events, endlessly exciting, and full of spectacular action-packed sequences that only Spielberg could do better.

Baz Luhrmann

An image of Romeo kissing Juliet's hand in the 1996 movie

Even though Baz Luhrmann’s filmography is also full of colorful period movies like The Great Gatsby, the director isn’t for everyone. His post-modern style can put off some audiences, and even though he’s a visionary and only he can do what he does, a lot of his movies are rated “rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes. Drewicho stands with the critics, saying that “I can understand why his films appeal to some people, but I just don’t like jukebox musicals.”

Jukebox musicals is a term used to describe musical films where every song is well-known and popular instead of original music. The Redditor will dislike the director even more in the coming months, as the Luhrmann-directed Elvis will double down on the Jukebox nature of his movies given that it’s a biopic about the King of Rock and Roll.

Paul Greengrass

User Turok1134 isn’t a fan of Paul Greengrass, who has become the master of suspenseful, grounded, action movies. The Redditor can’t pin down why they aren’t a fan, explaining that “Captain Phillips is my favorite of his but even that didn’t exactly grip me.”

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Paul Greengrass is considered to blame for the shaky-cam technique that became so popular in the late 2000s and 2010s. But while it has become a style that’s used to hide bad choreography, directing, and editing, that wasn’t how it was used by Greengrass. The director popularized the style when he took over the reins of the Bourne series, and the technique was used to make audiences feel like what was going on was more chaotic, and it worked well. Unfortunately, younger and less-seasoned directors are now using it for the wrong reasons.

Tim Burton

While even Tim Burton’s biggest fans would agree that his style is being laid on thick with most of his movies released in the 21st century, his style was a brand that audiences couldn’t get enough of in the late-80s and 1990s. The director’s gothic aesthetic, eccentric characters, and Shakespearean tragedy-like fairy tales made for some of the most fascinating and stunning-looking films ever made. Tarov08 is one of the few who doesn’t like Tim Burton’s movies, but, surprisingly, it isn’t for any of the above reasons.

The Redditor finds “his movies boring and much alike and using the same actors – one being his wife – for 30 years is kinda lazy.” Working with the same actors over and over isn’t much of a problem, as all the greatest directors do it, whether it’s Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio or Bill Murray and Wes Anderson. And for the longest time, Burton and Johnny Depp were one of the all-time great actor-director duos.

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch with Bill Murray

Cinephiles can spot a Wes Anderson movie from miles away, as they’re so unique-looking with their perfectly symmetrical shots, colorful sets, and quirky characters. Even the movie posters themselves are clearly designed in such a way that is undeniably Anderson. While the director has a huge fanbase, Allmilhouse thinks that all of Anderson’s techniques pull audiences out of the film.

The user explains that “his style constantly reminds you that you’re watching a movie. I find that “quirky” sense of humor to be pretty grating too.” The Redditor isn’t alone, as some think that between The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch, the director is the Michael Bay of quirky, sentimental dramedies. But Anderson is admirably completely unapologetic about viewers not liking his style, as he seemingly doubles down on all of his trademarks with each consecutive release.

Kevin Smith

Dante and Randle working at the restaurant in Clerks 2.

Redditor DrInsomnia doesn’t think that Kevin Smith deserves the acclaim he has gotten for his comedies and there aren’t any good movies in the Smith-created cinematic universe, the ViewAskewniverse. The Redditor posits that “Clerks gave him a name and he’s been riding that ever since, with Dogma being a rare high note along the way.”

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In fairness to the Redditor, Clerks characters Jay and Silent Bob have increasingly become the sole focus of each consecutive Smith-directed movie. On top of that, the director has made two legacy movies back-to-back with Jay & Silent Bob Reboot and the upcoming Clerks 3, with the former being non-stop self-referential and the latter will undoubtedly do the same.

Sam Raimi

Ash Williams and a Deadite from the movie The Evil Dead II.

Sam Raimi is an incredible director who isn’t tied down to any specific genre. The 1990s saw him make a horror movie, a sports drama, and a western. And there are so many original canceled Sam Raimi films, but they all share one strand of DNA; they’re all cheesy. That’s the problem that Psycharious has with the director, citing that “his level of cheesiness is acquired taste.”

But that’s also why audiences love him, as his two most beloved series, Evil Dead and Spider-Man, are full of cheesiness. Raimi even invented his own superhero and made the movie Darkman as an alternative to Batman, and while it is entertaining, it’s way more cheesy than a Batman-influenced superhero should be.

Christopher Nolan

There is no filmmaker working today who is more influential than Christopher Nolan. The director can bend Hollywood any way he likes and Tinseltown plays by his rules, as every single movie studio was fighting over him when he left Warner Bros. in 2021.

Regardless, Aurinxki doesn’t like the director’s brand, claiming that “he’s great at what he does but I just don’t like his style. I keep watching his movies because I appreciate how well made they are but I don’t quite like any of them.” It’s understandable, as the same cliches reappear in every Nolan movie, and according to Indiewire, there were even other directors who called Nolan just to complain about the sound in Interstellar.

Gasper Noe

Gasper Noe might not be as well-known as American auteurs like Tim Burton or Wes Anderson, but the Argentine filmmaker is just as distinctive. Primordialpotato posits that “shock factor usually plays a big role in all of his films, which also heavily devalues the rewatch.”

Noe has a very “love it or hate it” style, as he builds disgusting, repulsive, and grimy criminal underworlds that have often made viewers furiously storm out of the theatre. The filmmaker is best known for Irreversible, which features a man getting his head smashed in with a fire extinguisher, Enter the Void, which follows the spirit of a dead drug dealer watching over his family, and Love, a 3D movie full of unsimulated sex.

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