A Functioning Gaming PC Has Been Built Out Of A Toilet

A Functioning Gaming PC Has Been Built Out Of A Toilet

YouTuber Basically Homeless has built a functioning Gaming PC that is also a working toilet, creating a terrifying integrated Toilet PC.

YouTuber Basically Homeless has turned his toilet into a fully functioning gaming computer to be able to play games like Counter-Strike from the comfort of his bathroom. Basically Homeless’ YouTube channel features many videos on unique and interesting PC builds, which has led to weird creations in the past.

Gaming PCs can be built out of anything, as long as all of the required electrical components are there. The basic requirements for a Gaming PC build are a CPU, motherboard, memory, graphics card, power supply, storage, and a way to cool it down. The specs depend on the PC’s purpose, but a good Gaming PC will have a stronger graphics card and memory.


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As reported by Eurogamer, Basically Homeless has built a 12700 & 3060 Gaming PC out of his toilet, one that he uses for both purposes. In order to complete this project, the YouTuber had to learn plumbing basics to make sure a flush wouldn’t short-circuit his PC. On the wall opposite the toilet is a collapsible wall desk and a monitor, so he can play while sitting on top of his functional Toilet PC. His first game was the popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is highly played to this day. The video shows Basically Homeless enjoying a session of the shooter while sitting on his new PC, exclaiming that this moment was all he ever wanted.

Basically Homeless’ Weird Toilet PC Has Brought CS:GO To The Bathroom

A Functioning Gaming PC Has Been Built Out Of A Toilet

To create this, Basically Homeless had to build a custom toilet with a water wall to keep it away from the hardware. He fitted the tank with a GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, Gigabyte AORUS Pro DDR5 motherboard, Intel 12700 Processor, a Trident Z5 RGB 64Gb memory card, and a single fan after doing some research about what parts would fit in his toilet tank. The water wall, three pieces of plexiglass glued together, served as the separation between the toilet water and the expensive computer equipment. He first reinstalled the basic toilet parts, then added in the computer parts. After bolting everything down, he finished installation, and turned it on without first doing a leak test. Luckily for him, it worked without incident.

Toilets in gaming have been making the news lately, and the Toilet PC makes for a fun idea for computer housing. By creating the Toilet PC, Basically Homeless has gone one step further (perhaps too far) in making it easier for gamers to stay in their match without needing to run to the bathroom, though caution is advised for those who want to do this project for themselves; it requires some plumbing know-how. Luckily for Basically Homeless, his Toilet PC is leak free, and he can enjoy playing Counter-Strike on his new computer from the comfort of his porcelain throne.

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Source: Eurogamer, Basically Homeless/YouTube

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