All Music Sheet Locations in Stray

All Music Sheet Locations in Stray

One of Stray’s most interesting collectible hunts has players finding special Music Sheets in the Slums area. Here’s where to find them all.

Music Sheets are a special collectible in Stray that can be given to one of the game’s NPCs in exchange for some unique musical performances. Found only in Stray’s Chapter Four, the player needs to explore every nook and cranny of the game’s Slums area in order to find them and earn the Meowlody trophy. While much of Stray focuses on its feline protagonist and their journey to try and reunite with the rest of their family, the game also features several optional collectible hunts set in Stray’s vibrant cyberpunk-themed world.

One of the unique NPCs in The Slums is the musician Morusque, who can be found sitting on some pillows down the stairs to the left of the area where the player first encounters Guardian. On first interacting with Morusque, he tells the player he has no music to play, starting a quest to collect all of the Music Sheets.


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All eight Music Sheets can be found in The Slums. However, getting them requires some legwork as this area is dense, and it can take time for players to familiarize themselves with the area’s layout properly. In addition, players should keep an eye out for other oddities, such as Stray’s wearable paper bag while they’re at it, as this area has many different collectibles to find. Finally, while players first enter The Slums in Chapter Four, it’s worth noting that they’ll return there in Chapter Six as well, so any missed collectibles can be found on the player’s second visit.

Where To Find All Eight Music Sheets In Stray

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Finding most of these collectibles is straightforward as they’re all found in the same area. Stray has been getting lots of love for its richly detailed and dense world, so if nothing else, players can use this collectible hunt to see even more of it.

Music Sheet #1: Found in the bathroom of Momo’s. Players will encounter Momo during Stray’s main story. Not all Music Sheets require the player to follow Stray’s excellent main story, but the player will likely come across a few when progressing through it.Music Sheet #2: When leaving Clementine’s apartment, jump onto the pipe to the left of the window, and jump up and through the rails onto the balcony. The sheet music is on the table.Music Sheet #3: Found in Elliot Programming. The player should walk back towards the chapter’s start area. On turning left past the bar with the red neon sign, Elliot Programming is immediately on the right. Scratch the door until it opens. The music sheet is pinned to a painting on the wall.Music Sheet #4: Must be purchased from the marketplace vendor Azooz down the stairs to the right side of Guardian. Unlike the real-life cats that inspired Stray’s protagonist, this cat is more than capable of engaging in some commerce. For this, the player will need to find an Energy Drink to trade for it; luckily, the vending machine opposite Morusque will dispense one free of charge.Music Sheet #5: Found upstairs in the bar with the red neon sign. Head up the stairs to the left to find this Music Sheet on the second table.Music Sheet #6: Found in Clementine’s apartment on the bookcase next to the bed.Music Sheet #7: Found in Doc’s apartment on the piano.Music Sheet #8: Found in the locked safe around the corner from Morusque. Getting this sheet requires the player to complete one of Stray’s clever puzzles. The safe will have a note that can be brought to Elliot, who will inform the player that they should go to the bar. At the bar, a picture on the wall next to the barman can be knocked down to reveal the safe code. Alternatively, if players don’t like puzzles, they can just enter 1823 to open it.

Once the player has found the Music Sheets, they can return to Morusque, who will play each tune on his guitar. Once all of the music sheets have been given to Morusque, the Meowlody trophy should pop, and Morusque will hand the player a rare Badge collectible. Stray’s many glowing reviews have praised its emotional plot, occasionally heavy themes, and challenging platforming gameplay, so it’s nice to stop and rest with some music before moving on.

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Stray is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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