“Always Hides a Third” Solution

"Always Hides a Third" Solution

After a period in Early Access, Rogue Legacy 2 is out in its 1.0 version. The sequel to Cellar Door Games’ roguelite has more classes, a brand new castle to explore, and tons of secrets to uncover. This guide covers the Rogue Legacy 2 Aesop of the Tome trial, looking into the solution for the “always hides a third” puzzle, as well as how to get your hands on Aesop’s Tome.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides covering all ancestor traits, achievements, and a list of tips.

How to Find the Aesop of the Tome Trial in Rogue Legacy 2

The Aseop of the Tome trial in Rogue Legacy 2 can be found in the initial castle area. There is no way of forcing it to spawn, and it’s just going to vary depending on procedural generation whenever you enter the castle. That being said, you can differentiate Heirloom Trials from other rooms thanks to a map icon that resembles a candle. As you venture inside, you’re going to see statues of hooded people with their eyes closed, holding candles.

Rogue Legacy 2 Aesop 2

Then, all you have to do is interact with the glowing item that is being held by the tallest statue at the end of the room. This kickstarts dialogue and, if you accept the trial, you’re immediately transported elsewhere. As a cool mechanic, your health and mana are immediately replenished, so always give trials a go (that being said, you can die in a trial). For reference, I had previously completed the Ananke’s Shawl trial, which unlocks air dash in Rogue Legacy 2.

“He Who Gives You Only Two Choices, Always Hides a Third” Solution – Rogue Legacy 2

During the Rogue Legacy 2 Aesop of the Tome trial, you’re going to stumble upon a puzzle under the premise of “attune to memory fragments to hear subconscious thoughts.”

The task here is to find a third path. The game only gives you one hint that says “he who gives you only two choices, always hides a third,” and presents you with a platform that has two possible paths on each side. If you take either path below, you end up getting hurt by the gooey waterfalls on both sides of the screen.

If you’re wondering how to solve the Aesop of the Tome trial, all you have to do is jump down through the platform in the middle — that’s where the hidden path is.

Rogue Legacy 2 Aesop 3

Rogue Legacy 2 Aesop 4

Press the jump button while holding down.

And that’s all! The trial serves as a tip that you should keep in mind while you’re out exploring. If you happen to be inside a room with a treasure that doesn’t seem to have a direct path to it, try to repeat the same action and see if you can jump down through a platform.

Completing the trial unlocks the Aesop’s Tome, which allows you to read memories and calm nightmares as it’s explained throughout the challenge rooms themselves. From here, feel free to continue exploring the castle. This unlock applies to both your current and all upcoming characters, so you don’t have to worry about having to complete the trial again each time.