An Encanto Detail Makes Isabela And Mirabel’s Relationship More Heartbreaking

An Encanto Detail Makes Isabela And Mirabel’s Relationship More Heartbreaking

The Encanto filmmakers have shared several behind-the-scenes details, but one makes Mirabel and Isabela’s relationship more devastating.

The Encanto filmmakers have shared several behind-the-scenes details from the hit Disney film, but one makes Mirabel and Isabela’s relationship even sadder. Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) and her sister Isabela Madrigal (Diane Guerrero) don’t have the best connection at the start of Encanto. Isabela’s supposed “perfection” constantly annoys Mirabel. And when Bruno (John Leguizamo) and Mirabel think that hugging her sister could even save the family’s miracle, the latter second-guessed it. “She won’t hug me ever, okay,” Mirabel says, adding, “She hates me.” But, of course, the pair reconcile in the end, with Mirabel helping to show Isabela she can be anyone she wants to be.


Following Encanto’s massive success on Disney+, the filmmakers have revealed several secrets about the film. For instance, one of the film’s directors, Jared Bush, revealed that the Madrigals’ magic candle is actually the candle from Pedro and Alma’s (Maria Cecilia Botero and Olga Merediz) wedding. Additionally, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who penned the film’s catchy soundtrack, revealed that several names were in the running before the filmmakers settled on “Bruno” for Mirabel’s mysterious and clairvoyant uncle.

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Of all the behind-the-scenes secrets about Encanto, one makes Isabela and Mirabel’s relationship more devastating. Jared Bush regularly answers fan questions about the film online, and the director explained more about the rift between Isabela and Mirabel (via Twitter). Bush said the pair grew apart because “they couldn’t see the difficulties the other was experiencing, because they were fixated on their own struggles.” According to Bush, the rift became worse over time. The director added, “I imagine they were closer when they were much younger.” Because Isabela and Mirabel Madrigal were once closer as children, the time spent apart makes their relationship even sadder.


Isabela and Mirabel can’t get the time back that they lost. Unfortunately, the pair were at odds with each other because they were both going through tough times. Abuela Alma’s expectations forced Isabela to act like someone she wasn’t, and Mirabel always felt like an outcast as everyone praised her sister. In reality, both were probably envious of one another. Isabela likely envied Mirabel for living without the burden of family expectations, and Mirabel envied Isabela for being the supposedly perfect Madrigal that everyone loved. Each could’ve helped each other with their problems, but neither took the time to see what they were going through.

Though the time spent apart makes the relationship sadder, Encanto gives the powerful Madrigal sisters a promising future. Following Isabela and Mirabel reconciling and the former finally embracing her creative spirit, the pair constantly team up in the film. The sisters help Luisa Madrigal (Jessica Darrow) lift a structure for the house, and they even high-five each other after Dolores (Adassa) gets together with Mariano (Maluma). Just as the Madrigals rebuilt the house, the pair rebuilt their relationship. It’s sad that Isabela and Mirabel were at odds for so long, but the sisters can make up for the lost time in Encanto.

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