Ana De Armas Reveals Big Difference Between Bond & Gray Man Roles

Ana De Armas Reveals Big Difference Between Bond & Gray Man Roles

Though some may think that Ana de Armas is simply copying her Bond role in The Gray Man, the actress assures viewers that this is far from accurate.

Ana de Armas explains the difference between her roles in The Gray Man and No Time to Die. De Armas stars as Dani Miranda in the Russo brothers’ upcoming action-thriller The Gray Man, which co-stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. In No Time to Die, de Armas played Paloma alongside Daniel Craig’s James Bond and Rami Malek’s Lyutsifer Safin.

Paloma and Dani are not the only action film characters that de Armas has portrayed. De Armas has also acted in films such as War Dogs, Blade Runner 2049, and The Night Clerk. She also will play a female assassin in the upcoming John Wick spinoff Ballerina. Despite the fact that her Hollywood movie filmography thus far leans towards the action genre, de Armas recently expressed worry about being type-cast as an action star.


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As such, de Armas hopes that her two female action heroes in The Gray Man and No Time to Die are not lumped into one entity. In a panel that Screen Rant attended, de Armas said that The Gray Man’s Dani has “something really refreshing about” her. Noting that she is not Gosling’s love interest in the film as she has been before, she states that The Gray Man emphasizes Dani’s “power in a different way.” Check out the full quote from de Armas below:

I’ve been there. I’ve done that.  I was a woman in high heels kicking ass in a Bond movie, looking beautiful and the way I was supposed to for that movie. But it is something really refreshing about this one, where the focus is not on that. I’m not Ryan’s love interest.  We’ve done that, too. We’ve been there. [Laughs]

It’s about her power in a different way, and it’s really cool.  And it’s important to put women in action films in that light, and have that vision of it [to] accentuate that part of badass women.

While it might look to some like de Armas is continuing similar work to No Time to Die in the CIA-focused manhunt thriller that is The Gray Man, the actress outlines how that is not the case. While both Dani and Paloma are female action stars, it is important not to automatically assume that they are identical. No Time to Die’s Paloma has recently been criticized for being underutilized within the Bond film, not being used to her full dramatic potential as she drops out from the film after being a key player in a major action sequence. If de Armas’ statement about The Gray Man holds true, Dani hopefully differs from Paloma in that way if nothing else.

Whether or not de Armas’ characterization of Dani in comparison to her No Time to Die character holds true remains to be seen. Early reviews of The Gray Man are in, praising the central performances but remaining split on its humor and plot lines, so it will be interesting to see how viewers respond now that the film’s in theaters and hits Netflix next week. The Gray Man will be another attempt for a major action film to undo past wrongdoings towards female action stars and create a dynamic, powerful character in Dani Miranda. Hopefully, de Armas’ words will pay off for audiences and The Gray Man delivers a thrilling experience.

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The Gray Man (2022)Release date: Jul 15, 2022

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