Animal Crossing Recreation of Elden Ring Pits Player Against Giant Crab

Animal Crossing Recreation of Elden Ring Pits Player Against Giant Crab

One creative animation puts the opening fight from Elden Ring into the style of Animal Crossing and puts Isabelle as the frustrated player.

Animal Crossing has crossed over with other video game franchises in the past, but a new animation may have created the most unique one yet as it put the opening of Elden Ring into the colorful Nintendo-style. The animation not only places an Animal Crossing villager in the role of the Tarnished, but it replaces the first Elden Ring boss that players face with a giant crab. Of course, the two games couldn’t be more different.

On the one hand, Elden Ring is all about exploring a vast open world, conquering bosses, and reforging the Elden Ring. On the other, Animal Crossing sets players on their own, tiny island and makes them the master of this land. Players can build and design their own houses, set up island services, farm, fish, and collect. Whereas Elden Ring has a frenetic pace, with players suffering through hours of dying as they learn to beat these bosses, Animal Crossing is a leisurely game where players can spend hours gardening and decorating. Yet somehow, one fan managed to combine these two games seamlessly.


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Shared to Reddit by user Wooden-Turtle, an animation recreates the opening battle from Elden Ring in the style of Animal Crossing. Unlike other Animal Crossing crossovers, this is not a case of Elden Ring being recreated in the game itself, but rather a re-imagining of what a scene from the game would look like if it was created in the world of Animal Crossing. Elden Ring’s opening boss, the Grafted Scion, is replaced by one of Animal Crossing’s crabs, and the Tarnished is outfitted with the knight armor that villagers can wear. In the end, a twist reveals that Isabelle, Animal Crossing’s Resident Services representative, was actually playing a version of Elden Ring that existed in her world.

The befuddled look that Isabelle has after being defeated by the opening Elden Ring boss could be an allusion to the difference in difficulty the two games have. Whereas Isabelle has only had to deal with unruly Animal Crossing villagers, facing impossible-to-beat bosses is likely a jarring experience. No doubt, Isabelle might end up imagining her boss, Tom Nook, struggling to get through Elden Ring.

Although Animal Crossing has been released for two years, players continue to find new challenges to keep them entertained. On the other hand, Elden Ring players have no shortage of challenges to overcome, with many still trying to beat the final boss. No doubt, though, viewers will imagine other prominent game characters and how they might take to playing Elden Ring.

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Source: Wooden-Turtle/Reddit

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