Arthur Becomes an Arsonist in Hilarious Custom Toy Left At Walmart

Arthur Becomes an Arsonist in Hilarious Custom Toy Left At Walmart

Arthur the aardvark is turned into a nefarious (yet still smiling) arsonist in this creatively-rendered custom toy, as seen in an impressive TikTok.

Arthur, everyone’s favorite aardvark from the Arthur series, is transformed into an arsonist in a comically intricate custom toy that is later left at Wal-Mart. The aardvark initially began his television run on PBS back in 1996. Then, after 25 years, Arthur ended its run this year. The show’s final episode, “All Grown Up,” aired on February 21. It was filled with nostalgia and throwbacks to past seasons, as well as a short flash-forward to the Arthur characters in their future careers.

Before Arthur was picked up by PBS and turned into the successful animated show audiences know today, it was a children’s book series. The first book, Arthur’s Nose, was released in 1976. Arthur was one of the most beloved children’s TV shows of the 90’s and 2000s, thus inspiring its long run. The Arthur books continued to be released after the television show premiered. Due to its immense popularity, Arthur has also inspired multiple popular memes, including riffs off of DW’s “That sign won’t stop me, because I can’t read!” line, and a close up of Arthur’s clenching fist.


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Arthur’s titular protagonist is reimagined in a more nefarious role in a hilarious custom toy. The toy, shared on TikTok by user legbootlegit, alters an Arthur figurine to have a black ski mask. The masked Arthur is accompanied by a mini red gasoline bottle. The aardvark and his gasoline bottle are then placed, with protective plastic covering, onto an originally-rendered spoof of an Arthur book cover, wherein the word “Arthur” is replaced by “Arson” and set in front of a house that is aflame. The TikTok user then places the custom Arthur product in a hanging toy display in Wal-Mart, where unassuming passersby may set eyes on it in the otherwise very normal-looking toy section.


Arthur PBS show

This custom toy is a hilarious addition to the Arthur meme universe. Arthur is of course known for his friendly and cheerful aardvark personality, not as a ruthless arsonist with a smile that this spoof product displays. That only makes this imaginary scenario even funnier. The TikTok does capture the look of Arthur products with surprising accuracy, matching everything from the illustration style to the font used in the word “Arson.” The attention to detail is remarkable and should be commended.

This TikTok also reveals the extant appreciation for Arthur even after it went off the air. Even though the PBS series ended this year, the love for the aardvark and his resultant memes is everlasting. Perhaps this love may inspire more Arthur-related content. Some have pushed for a live-action Arthur adaptation. Arthur’s creator, Marc Brown, has even called for a live-action Arthur movie with John Legend somehow involved. Wherever Arthur may go next, it is sure that he will bring fans and memes, like this arsonist rendering, with him.

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Source: legbootlegit/TikTok

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