Atlanta Season 4 Trailer Reveals Trippy First Look & Premiere Date

Atlanta Season 4 Trailer Reveals Trippy First Look & Premiere Date

Atlanta’s fourth and final season gets a new teaser featuring its core group and several nods to its past, in addition to a set premiere date.

The first look at Atlanta season 4 is teasing a bizarre final installment, as well as some clever nods to the series’ previous episodes. The comedy-drama premiered on FX back in 2016 and follows a college dropout turned music manager, Earn, and his cousin, Paper Boi, as they try to navigate Atlanta’s rap scene, all while examining a number of social and economic issues. It stars Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield, and Zazie Beetz. Fans of the show will remember that its third season, which concluded in May, saw its core characters in the midst of a European tour and featured a noticeably different storyline for Beetz’s Van, in addition to a mysterious ending.


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Now, FX Networks has released its first teaser for the upcoming season of Atlanta, and fans paying attention will find that it contains several callbacks to the series’ past, including Coconut Crunch-Os, Teddy Perkin’s piano and ostrich egg, Willy’s alligator, the invisible car, the tree that Al cut down, and more. It also sees its main cast back in their hometown and reveals a September premiere date. Check out the new teaser below:

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In February, Donald Glover, who also created the show, explained why this season would be its last, noting that he did not want to over-extend the story and that he was originally ready to end Atlanta after season 2. While some viewers might miss its talented cast and distinct storytelling, many are happy that Glover has the opportunity to provide a real conclusion. Now, fans of Atlanta can look forward to seeing how things wrap up when it returns to FX this fall.

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