Barbie Movie Rumor Of Multiple Barbies Seemingly Confirmed By Star

Barbie Movie Rumor Of Multiple Barbies Seemingly Confirmed By Star

Emma Mackey has seemingly confirmed the theory about there being multiple Barbies and Kens in the Margot Robbie-fronted Barbie live-action movie.

Emma Mackey seemingly confirmed a theory that the Barbie movie features multiple Barbies and Kens. Lady Bird helmer Greta Gerwig is directing the upcoming WB live-action movie based on Mattel’s eponymous fashion doll line. The Barbie movie has been in the works for over a decade, with Sony initially looking at Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer for the title role. Eventually, Barbie landed at Warner Bros, with Margot Robbie attached as the heroine. In 2021, Ryan Gosling joined Barbie as Ken. In the subsequent months, the movie rounded out its ensemble with Mackey, America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Will Ferrell, Ncuti Gatwa, Issa Rae, Hari Nef, and Scott Evans.


Filming on Barbie has been underway since Spring 2022, and it’s been providing a constant supply of intriguing set photos and videos. Barbie’s dazzling costumes, flashy set pieces, quirky characters, and franchise-accurate setting have been teased through official and unofficial channels. Yet, details on the story and plot remain slim, with not much known save for the fact that the movie will “subvert viewers’ expectations.” A popular theory is that there are multiple Kens and Barbies in the new film, with Liu, Gatwa, Rae, and Nef playing different versions of the famous characters. There has been no confirmation about the same, apparently, until now.

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While discussing her role in the upcoming Barbie live-action with Empire magazine on Tuesday, Sex Education breakout Emma Mackey supposedly affirmed that the movie includes multiple Kens and Barbies. This revelation wasn’t, as such, explicit; instead, it was when Mackey talked about a sleepover that filmmakers arranged for the cast that she gave away the idea. As the actress expressed, the sleepover was “for the Barbies,” which indicates that there will be multiple of them in the new movie. Read what Mackey said below.

“Right in the beginning, we had a sleepover for the Barbies, which would involve playing games with Scott [Evans] and Ncuti [Gatwa]. I don’t play games usually, because I get so competitive and angry. But Scott and I were top of the game.”

Barbie movie Ken Ryan Gosling posing

As Mackey recounted the fun sleepover ahead of starting production on the Barbie live-action movie, she admitted that Evans and Gatwa were there too, meaning that the meetup wasn’t just for the Barbies but also the Kens. If the theory is true, then Mackey’s comments mean she is also playing a live-action version of the beloved doll, while Evans is portraying another Ken. Barbies and Kens may be a class of people rather than specific characters with individual names and identities who are instead recognized by their sense of fashion and seeming flawlessness.

This idea of having several Barbies and Kens in Gerwig’s movie is accurate to the Mattel franchise, as the company graded all its dolls as Barbies. However, each doll was characterized differently and possessed a unique personality and distinctive fashion sense. While the generalization was okay until the Barbies were just toys, in a live-action movie, this poses an identity crisis and representation problem. Which could be the feminist cause Gerwig’s Barbie wants to address. The plot reportedly explores the central characters’ lives outside Barbieland, where the leads discover what it means to be one’s self outside their Barbie classification and the unrealistic expectations of beauty and perfection. More details will become clear once the teaser or trailer for Barbie comes out.

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Source: Empire

Barbie (2023)Release date: Jul 21, 2023

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