Beast Wars: Every Predacon Ranked By Power

Beast Wars: Every Predacon Ranked By Power

Throughout the run of Beast Wars: Transformers, the Predacons served as a powerful foe for the Maximals to fight. With a roster filled with diabolical, sadistic Transformers ready to kill anyone that gets in their way, this team nearly destroyed the Maximals on multiple occasions.

When it comes to raw power, the Predacons certainly have a lot of heavy hitters on their team, but some Predacons certainly have far greater strength and firepower than other members of the team that only increased for some as they received Transmetal bodies. The most powerful Predacons are the ones that the Maximals certainly need to watch out for.


10 Waspinator

It’s hard not to pity Waspinator. He tries so hard to be useful to the Predacons but ultimately fails just about every time he’s sent on a mission.

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Waspinator is certainly the weakest Predacon. In episode after episode, he’s reduced to a pile of parts or crushed by giant objects. He’s also not very bright, leading him to make critical mistakes that end with his downfall. Sure, he’s a fast flyer, and he somehow managed to survive the entire series, but overall, he survived due to sheer luck. In any other series, he’d be dead.

9 Terrorsaur

A closeup of Terrorsaur's robot mode face in Beast Wars.

Despite serving as the Starscream stand-in for the first season of the series, Terrorsaur was not the second in command; he only tried to take command from Megatron and failed spectacularly.

Terrorsaur might have been able to face down Megatron, but that was only when supercharged with Energeon. Aside from that, he’s had little success in fighting the Maximals despite his flight capabilities and powerful weapons. He might’ve had more power should he have survived the Season Two premiere, but unfortunately, fans will never know for sure.

8 Scorponok

Scorponok sulks in beast mode.

As Megatron’s loyal second in command, Scorponok is mostly a background character in the small ensemble cast that some fans think is better than the G1 cast. He doesn’t get much of a chance to shine, but he’s still a strong warrior.

Scorponok’s signature weapons are his claw missiles, which have caused more than enough problems for the Maximals. He also has created several weapons and gadgets for the team, though this happened rarely as Tarantulas is the scientist on the Predacons. Beyond this, Scorponok serves nothing more than cannon fodder. Once again, he could have had a Transmetal body – but he died before he could get this important power boost.

7 Ravage

Ravage from Transformers IDW comics

Ravage was a Decepticon that was reformatted into a Predacon and serves as an agent of the Tripedacus Council who comes to Earth to arrest Megatron. Unfortunately, he switches sides to Megatron’s and ends up blown up with his ship for his troubles.

Ravage’s three-episode appearances – some of the best episodes in Beast Wars – already proved that he was stronger than the average Predacon. His cloaking systems allow him to sneak behind enemy lines undetected, and he’s a crack shot with his pistols. Where he lacks, however, is prolonged combat. Should an enemy get the drop on him, as Rattrap did, he doesn’t last long.

6 Inferno

Inferno aims his blaster

Inferno proved to be the most loyal Predacon throughout the series – and also proved that he was one of the most diabolical. His complete dedication to taking out the Maximals makes him all the more dangerous.

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He’s more than willing to blow himself up with the Maximals if it means that he can win. His flame thrower-type blaster, while it doesn’t do a whole lot of damage to other Transformers, helps perfectly with causing severe area damage and heating Energeon up to the point of detonation. All at the behest of “the Royalty!”

5 Blackarachnia

Blackarachnia looking down in Transformers: Beast Wars.

Cool and conniving, Blackarachnia has been one of the most popular characters to come from Beast Wars, and she might’ve had an episode that showed her off further if it had been made. It’s also easy to see that she’s one of the strongest characters.

While she is physically weaker than most of the other characters, Blackarachnia is a skilled combatant and can even paralyze Transformers with her venom. In her Transmetal form, she even appeared to have telekinetic powers. The only weak point she really has is her love for Silverbolt, a fact that Megatron has exploited. Nonetheless, her scheming and fighting prowess puts her on a higher level than many of her Predacon comrades.

4 Quickstrike

Quickstrike's toy and his character in Beast Wars.

Introduced in the second season, Quickstrike became a loyal yet dimwitted follower of Megatron and the Predacons, essentially taking up the role that had been held by Scorponok.

Like Blackarachina, Quickstrike has venom blasts that can weaken enemy Transformers. He’s also more willing to charge into battle than the rest of the Predacons. As a Fuzor, he also is more immune to the effects of devices created by the Vok than others. Overall, Quickstrike has plenty of power with him but sadly lacks the intelligence to use this power effectively.

3 Tarantulas

Tarantulas in Transformers Beast Wars

As the science guy for the Predacons, Tarantulas has invented many devilish devices throughout the series. But he’s shown that he’s far more than an evil inventor.

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Cold and calculating, Tarantulas hid his true intentions and allegiance to the Tripredacus Council nearly the entire series, and his many traps have defeated many enemies, including Megatron himself. He’s even been able to outwit and capture the mighty Tigerhawk and would’ve made him his minion if his experiment had not wound up killing him instead. In the end, Tarantulas’s only weakness is himself.

2 Rampage

Rampage Beast Wars Split Photo Menacing Glare

Beast Wars was famous for introducing the concept of sparks into the franchise as the heart of a Transformer. Rampage’s spark is unique in the sense that it’s indestructible, making him wildly powerful.

Throughout the series, Rampage has been shown to be taking massive hits without any sort of damage. His powerful cannon was strong enough to plunge the Maximal ship into the sea, and he’s been able to wipe out entire colonies all by himself. The only thing that could destroy him for good was a shard of raw Energon right to the spark. He’s so strong that should he appear in the upcoming Rise of the Beasts, he would be a tough opponent for even Optimus Prime to beat.

1 Megatron

Megatron Beast Wars Split Photo Smile and Glare

It’s no surprise that Megatron is the most powerful Predacon. He has to be in order to keep the other Predacons in line. While his regular form is powerful enough as it is, Megatron’s later bodies only serve to increase his power further.

His most powerful form is by far his dragon form, which was strong enough to contend with even the likes of Optimal Optimus and was only defeated in the end thanks to Rhinox crashing a ship into him. Megatron is as powerful as he is maniacal, and anyone would have to get serious help in order to take him down.

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