Better Call Saul Supports A Shocking Kim & Gus Breaking Bad Theory

Better Call Saul Supports A Shocking Kim & Gus Breaking Bad Theory

Many have theorized why Better Call Saul’s Kim is not around during Breaking Bad, but it looks like she might have been in the shadows the whole time.

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Better Call Saul season 6.

Ever since the introduction of Kim Wexler on Better Call Saul, viewers have wondered where she is during Breaking Bad, and now it seems like the answer might be truly shocking. As expected due to the bloody legacy of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul’s final season has so far seen important characters dropping like flies. Nacho Varga met his end, much to the chagrin of Mike, Lalo shot Howard Hamlin simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now Lalo himself is dead, thanks to Gus Fring.

With all this death going around, many still assume Kim might end up dead too, but the further Better Call Saul progresses, the more unlikely that seems. Jimmy is deeply in love with Kim at this point, and if she were to be killed, it is likely Saul Goodman would break down from grief. Instead, if Kim is alive during the Breaking Bad events, Better Call Saul’s mid-season return made a rising fan theory look more likely.


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That theory asserts that Kim is not only alive during Breaking Bad but is actually working as legal counsel for drug kingpin Gus Fring. Following Better Call Saul season 6, episode 8, Gus knows who Kim is and has spoken to her, albeit briefly. While Mike caught her before she could act, the fact that Kim attempted to take Gus out to save Jimmy has to have impressed him, as a civilian having the nerve to do something like that is likely relatively uncommon in Gus’ world. He also allows her to go in peace after Lalo is dead, something he did not have to do since she now knew the location of his safe house. It has also been made clear in the past that Mike is impressed by Kim, recognizing her as a more cunning and potentially ruthless player in the mix than Jimmy. Therefore, if Gus enquires about Kim, it is possible Mike would offer positive observations to his boss.

What Kim Working For Gus Would Mean For Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul Theory: Kim Works For Gus During Breaking Bad

While Saul Goodman operates in Gus Fring’s orbit during Breaking Bad, sometimes working for or interacting with those on Gus’ payroll, he does not actually ever work directly for Gus. Saul is a “criminal lawyer,” but he spends his time helping street-level lawbreakers get off. On the other hand, Kim could work for Gus in handling legal matters of both a legitimate and illegitimate nature due to her experience working on crucial big money cases at large law firms. While Kim is clearly breaking bad as Better Call Saul progresses, she does not have Jimmy’s tendency to flame out professionally when under pressure, making her a better candidate for Gus’ counsel.

The larger question becomes what Jimmy and Kim’s relationship is like while this is hypothetically going on. As shown in Better Call Saul, Jimmy will likely never be comfortable with Kim being “in the game,” as Mike has put it, and will surely have thoughts about her working for a man like Gus. Still, Kim is her own woman, and at the end of the day, she is going to do what she wants to do. Plus, Gus is a scary, murderous individual and not a man to be refused lightly. At least with Kim around, Jimmy can probably rest easy that Gus will not decide he needs to be removed from the game himself.

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