Black Noir’s Death Was Predicted By The Most Unlikely Person

Black Noir's Death Was Predicted By The Most Unlikely Person

Black Noir’s death was somewhat predicted by an unlikely source, as a diary entry read by Billy Butcher hinted at how the Supe would die.

Warning! Spoilers for The Boys comic book series and streaming series below

In a heartbreaking message from Becky Butcher, Billy’s late wife guessed how Black Noir would die in The Boys comic book series. In The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker #5 from Dynamite Comics, Butcher reads a diary from Becky, where he discovers the truth about Homelander’s (actually Black Noir) assault. Becky compared him going after Homelander to “breaking into the White House” and fighting a “thousand tigers” all at once. Considering Black Noir died in the White House against a literal army, it’s not far off prediction for how the Supe met his end.


In The Boys comic book and streaming series, Billy Butcher made his personal mission to kill as many Supes as possible after an assault on his wife took her away from him. In the comics, Becky Butcher died after being assaulted by Black Noir, as giving birth to the superpowered baby was too much for her body to handle. Meanwhile, in the live-action series, the assault by Homelander resulted in his wife’s death being faked, as she was hidden alongside her son, Ryan. However, in her diaries, it was revealed Becky never wanted Billy to go after Supes in revenge, while she predicted Black Noir’s death in the same message.

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In The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker #5 from Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Simon Bowland, and Tony Avina, Billy Butcher reads his late wife Becky’s diary, learning the truth about Black Noir’s (initially believed to be Homelander) assault. In closing her thoughts about the traumatic incident, Becky wrote that Billy could never find out about it, as it would put him in direct conflict with Homelander – and he would die. She compares him going after the Supe to “breaking into the white house and then trying to fight a thousand tigers all at once.” Becky writes Billy would go up against Homelander despite the impossible odds.

Butcher the boys noir

Ironically, Butcher would later confront Homelander and Black Noir in the White House, as it was revealed the latter was a clone of the Supe and committed his most evil actions, including assaulting Becky. Homelander and Black Noir, not Billy Butcher, would die in the fight at the White House, but instead of falling against a “thousand tigers,” the evil clone met his end against hundreds of soldiers, tanks, and other powerful weapons.

Strangely, the reference to the White House and the final encounter between Butcher and Homelander guessed the death of Black Noir. Of course, Becky Butcher’s warning didn’t come entirely true, as Butcher managed to survive the deadly meeting, but her fears of the danger he was put in rang true. Ultimately, though, instead of Billy Butcher’s death in the White House in The Boys, Black Noir and Homelander met their end, similarly to what Becky wrote.

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