Bob’s Burgers: 10 Best Linda Belcher Quotes

Bob's Burgers: 10 Best Linda Belcher Quotes

Fans of Bob’s Burgers were recently treated to the release of The Bob’s Burgers Movie, with many buying tickets for the big screen to see if the movie can match up to the show. One of the reasons that people love Bob’s Burgers so much is because of the way that the main family all interact with each other.

While some people probably won’t immediately jump to the Belcher matriarch when they think of the funniest character in the family, they may change their minds by the time they get to the end of this list!

Linda Belcher’s Great Advice For Her Daughter

“Only strippers shave above the knee.”

Linda with her arm around Tina in Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers touches on some topics that a lot of people can relate to. Bringing up a child can be difficult, especially in this modern world, so watching Linda and Bob try to do just that can have some hilarious consequences. This comes about when Tina decides she wants to start shaving the hair that grows on her legs, so Linda says that she will help her do it for the first time.


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While doing so, she drops this little pearl of wisdom, which Tina may keep with her for the rest of her life!

A Good Way To Get It Out

“I’m so mad I could stomp!”

Linda looking angrily at Louise in Bob's burgers

There are many reasons that Linda Belcher is one of the best characters from Bob’s Burgers, but one of her greatest traits is that she’s arguably the most calm and rational of the family, even though she can also have her moments from time to time where she lets things go off the rails!

Unlike the rest of the family, she’s usually willing to let things go, or at the very least will let her anger out in a much more healthy way like this. It’s cute to think that while her husband and children are plotting against people, she’s just having a good old stomp about whatever has annoyed her.

The Best People Know Their Limitations

“I really do need deodorant.”

Close up of Linda in front of a Christmas Tree in Bob's Burgers

People are expected to pretend that they’re not human beings, especially women and mothers, so it’s great to see this mother showing her family that she is human too!

With plenty of best Linda Belcher episodes, it’s easy to see why her children are so open and willing to be themselves when she is like this in front of them, and a lot more parents could take a note out of her book. Nobody out there is able to live without deodorant and that’s just a fact of life at the end of the day!

We’ve All Been There!

“I’ve only had half of four bottles of wine.”

Linda with her arms up, looking happily at Bob in Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers includes plenty of hilarious running gags and one is that Linda likes a drink, just like so many other mothers out there.

There isn’t anything wrong with someone being a bit of a lush when they have to look after a family in the way that Linda has to, but it’s not a surprise that she doesn’t want to be honest about the amount of wine that she has had, as she may end up being judged by the family around her that is driving her to drink!

The Best People Love Food!

“No matter what I say, stop me when I’ve had sixteen.”

Linda looking concerned amongst other characters in Bob's Burgers

The best thing in this world is somebody who knows what their flaws are, knows that they need to be pulled back from time to time, especially when they find themselves in front of some food.

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This isn’t Linda saying that she shouldn’t be allowed to indulge a little bit, but being aware that she will just infinitely indulge if Bob doesn’t stop her from going past just sixteen of the mini croissants that have been laid before her!

Best Reason To Headbutt Someone

“I was gonna punch you, but I’m holding wine.”

Belcher family in the restaurant in Bob's Burgers

Choosing to headbutt someone is a pretty amazing thing, a choice that takes a lot of courage, but it would seem that Linda only chose to do this because her hands were taken up by wine.

The choice to hit someone takes a lot of courage and the alcohol might have had something to do with the fact that she breaks free here, as Linda hasn’t shown this level of violence throughout the rest of the Bob’s Burgers franchise and it still doesn’t qualify her as one of the best villains in Bob’s Burgers!

People Are Always More Fun When They’re Drunk!

“Are you drunk enough to be any fun yet?”

Linda stood between Teddy and Bob in Bob's Burgers

Some people need a drink to get them to the point where they’re having fun and letting loose at a party, and Linda knows that this is exactly what Bob is like.

There’s nothing wrong with it obviously, as this is a couple that has been in love for a long time, and they know each other’s flaws by this point.

Have To Lie To Kids Sometimes!

“Mommy doesn’t get drunk. She just has fun.”

There will always be some things that parents will have to lie to their children about, and Linda gets away with this one!

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Rather than protecting her children, she’s protecting herself from not being taken seriously by them. She doesn’t want them to figure out that she can be a bit of a lush!

We All Need To Think About The End

“When I die I want you to cremate me and throw me in Tom Selleck’s face.”

Belcher family looking frightened in Bob's Burgers

There are a lot of ways that people have their memory commemorated when they pass from this world, and this is a unique idea.

This request is so ridiculous that even Bob laughs at his wife when she says this, but more than anything, it’s great that she lives in a family where she can share these ridiculous hopes and dreams with the people that are closest to her.

Linda Belcher Knows Her Kids Well

“No boys, no parties, no summoning spirits.”

Linda with her arms open and looking to the sky in Bob's Burgers

One of the best things about Linda is that she truly does know her family, which can be seen in brilliant little quotes like this. Tina is obsessed with boys, Gene likes himself a party, while Louise is all about the weird stuff.

The best mothers out there are the ones that can take a look at their children and immediately know what they’re thinking, and while Bob can struggle with that sort of thing, Linda always knows what’s going on and keeps the kids in check.

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