Boruto: 13 Things Fans Don’t Know About Kiba

Boruto: 13 Things Fans Don't Know About Kiba

Throughout Naruto, one of the fan-favorite characters was the dog-loving Kiba Inuzuka, a member of the Konoha 11. Alongside his best buddy Akamaru, Kiba won fans’ hearts with his excitable attitude and his ferocity in battle. Though he never could beat Naruto, he was a powerful ninja with a strong spirit. No matter how little screen time they got, this Inuzuka duo remained high on the favorite lists.

In Boruto, however, Kiba is around even less. Fans rarely get to see him or Akamaru. Like many past-generation ninja, he’s moved forward with his life. Between his girlfriend, dogs, and police work, he’s a very busy man. That doesn’t mean fans don’t love catching up with him, though, the few times they can.


Updated on July 18, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: As the Naruto franchise continues to expand, it seems like there is always something new to learn about fan-favorite characters. The Boruto sequel series has allowed the audience to see just where their favorites end up, but there are always more details about those characters fans can miss. With manga, anime, movies, and databooks, there’s a lot of information out there. The most interesting details about Kiba Inuzuka come from all of those sources. 


Ninken in Naruto

Throughout Naruto, fans learn that Kiba’s family is deeply intertwined with ninken, or ninja dogs. Akamaru and Kiba are the pair fans see all the time, but his mother and sister also have powerful canines by their sides. With their partners, the Inuzuka clan is unique and powerful.

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This is no different in Boruto. Though he isn’t the same shinobi anymore, he still protects Konoha and cares a lot about dogs. So much so that he’s become a top ninken breeder, known across the land for his well-trained canines. It seems for Kiba that Akamaru was only the beginning of his dog-loving adventures.


Tenten, Lee, Yamato, Kiba, and Akamaru stand together in Naruto Shippuden to form the Orochimaru Search Team 3

For some fans, this is a strange bit of information to have about a fictional character. In Japanese manga and anime series, however, writers traditionally provide blood type information in supplemental materials because of a personality theory surrounding blood types. Type B blood is associated with empathy and independence.

Kiba fits into this idea very well. He’s a natural leader on his team, but his tendency to want to work independently can make him clash with Naruto when they’re teenagers. He’s also incredibly empathic, understanding Hinata’s shyness better than most, and helping to protect and train her. Kiba actually shares this blood type with the title protagonist himself, as well as Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Ten Ten in Naruto.


Kiba and Akamaru are not visible through the rubble created by Super Fang Wolf Fang in Naruto

Because so much of the Naruto anime was created while the manga was still being written, there are a lot of filler storylines, and there are also a lot of abilities for the main characters that are exclusive to the anime. Naruto and Sasuke have several, but while Kiba is a teenager on Team Kurenai, he only has one anime-only technique: Super Fang Wolf Fang.

It is an offshoot of Kiba’s often used Human Beast Combination Transformation. There, Kiba and Akamaru combine to create a two-headed wolf-like dog that is a powerful shinobi. Once they’ve done that, this technique requires them to spin their shared body to assault an enemy. The spin is so powerful that it’s difficult for anyone to counter it — or see them through the rubble left behind.


Kurenai With Mirai Shino And Kiba At Naruto And Hinatas Wedding

The Naruto manga and its databooks reveal birthdays for most of the major characters in the series. Kiba’s birthday is July 7, making him fall at the start of Cancer season in the Western Zodiac.

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Cancers are known for making friends easily, and also for being incredibly emotional and intuitive individuals. Kiba tends to show his emotions most when it comes to his dogs and his close friends, but he’s also quick to welcome new friends into his circle. Even though he and Naruto butt heads constantly as kids, Kiba is one of the first kids at the Shinobi Academy to attempt to befriend Naruto.


An adult Kiba appears on television in Boruto

Between his work as local police and his top breeder status, Kiba has become a local celebrity. Various dog brands pay him to star in their advertisements. Therefore, when Boruto ninja turn on the TV, it’s no surprise if Kiba shows up on the screen.

Among the Konoha 11, Kiba was easily one of the goofiest. Having a side gig as a TV spokesperson fits right in with his hammy personality. There’s no doubt that he’s super proud of his minor celebrity, and even more so because it involves his beloved dogs.


When fans first met Tamaki, she was a young shop girl working in an abandoned village with her grandmother. Despite the odd visitor, they lived alone there with their many cats. Sasuke and his team might not have been very warm, but Tamaki remained kind and helpful. Years later, Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino run into her in their hunt for The Beekeeper. Kiba is immediately smitten with her looks and kindness towards animals.

A few stumbles and conversations later, and the pair are a couple. For two people who love pets more than people, it was a perfect match. Now, in Boruto, their house is full of animals that the duo loves to care for.


Kiba and Tamaki get ready to watch the Chunin match ups in Boruto with their pets

During the end of Naruto, the series did a good job of pairing most all of the main characters off. Naruto had Hinata, Sasuke had Sakura, Shikamaru had Temari. However, one fan favorite still lacked a partner. In comes Tamaki, a  cat girl who loves felines just as much as Kiba loves dogs.

From the moment they met, the pair really hit it off. Other people might find their attachment to pets weird, but they both found it endearing. By the time Boruto comes around, Tamaki and Kiba have taken the next step by moving in together in Konoha. They don’t have any kids, choosing instead to focus on their animal brood.


Himawari pets Akamaru and Akemaru in Boruto

Considering Kiba is now a top dog breeder, it’s fair to assume he has a lot of canines under his care. However, fans don’t meet any of them until episode 93 of Boruto. In this adventure, Naruto, Himawari, and Kiba are all searching for limited edition Kurama plushies. Naruto wants one for his daughter, and Kiba wants one for Tamaki. With the help of Akamaru and Akemaru, the trio go on the hunt.

Akemaru isn’t explicitly said to be Akamaru’s son, but he does bear a striking resemblance to the dog’s younger self, but red. He could just be a descendent. Either way, Akemaru has a feisty personality and warms up quickly to Himawari. While Boruto mainly shows the next generation of ninja children, in this episode fans get to see the next generation of ninken.


Akamaru and Kiba have the same birthday, which means they always celebrate the day together. Though it’s not a big deal in the anime, it only furthers the bond between the two. No matter how old they get or how their lives change, they are best friends.

By Boruto, Akamaru is a slow old man dog and Kiba is a cop/breeder/TV celebrity. A lot has changed. Despite that, like always, they’re almost never seen apart. They’ll be celebrating birthdays together for as long as they can.


As Naruto progressed, the show expanded on Konoha’s roster of ninja. This included many parents and family members of already well-known fan favorites. Of course, this includes Kiba. Throughout the series, fans meet not only Kiba’s mom and his sister but their canine companions, too. Kuromaru and the Haimaru Brothers were just as important to the Inuzuka clan as their ninja partners.

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However, none of these characters have been seen since Naruto ended. Kiba’s mom went AWOL before the Fourth Shinobi War, and his sister, Hana, never was seen again after it. Though Boruto can’t fit all previous characters, seeing them around town would at least be nice.


Akamaru in the forest in Naruto

As a member of the Inuzuka clan, Kiba was always meant to have Akamaru. These ninja bond with a ninken (or multiple) that aids them in combat. That is their ninja way.

When it comes to Boruto, that’s an even more interesting fact because of Kiba’s new profession. While he’s a top dog breeder, he probably particularly breeds ninken. That means that he now likely supplies his clan with the canines meant for partnership. Though Kiba has no children of his own, his dogs might be bonding with his cousins or any children his sister might have had.

Goofy as he is, Kiba has become a vital member of his clan because of his well-trained dogs.


The Konohagakure police station in Boruto

With Konoha in relative peace, the Shinobi forces have dwindled; only the most elite and experienced members remain on missions. Other strong members that are still dedicated to protecting others, though, have banded together under the Konoha Military Police Force. Here, powerful ninja help patrol Konoha to keep restless community members from crime. While the world outside may be settled, that doesn’t mean Konoha should lack integrated protection.

Once, the group was almost exclusively run by the Uchiha clan. During Naruto, the large shinobi forces took over their duties after the Uchiha massacre. Now, Kiba, Kotaru, and others oversee the police efforts.


Shino, Akamaru, and Kiba meet Tamaki's cat for the first time in Naruto Shippuden

Though Tamaki and Kiba seem perfect together, their pets didn’t initially agree. When they met, Akamaru tried to get in the way of them flirting or spending time together. While not as proactive, Tamaki’s cats also gave judging, jealous glares at Kiba all the time. Their pets didn’t want to lose their owners’ attention. After all, for so long it was just them.

Over time, though, Akamaru, the cats, and all their other animals seem at peace with the pairing. Despite falling in love, Tamaki and Kiba never neglected their beloved companions and have only integrated them into their lives further. Together, they’re better pet owners.

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