Brent Spiner’s Character Details Teased

Brent Spiner's Character Details Teased

Star Trek: Picard drops hints surrounding Spiner’s new character at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con ahead of the show’s third and final season.

Details surrounding Brent Spiner’s character in season 3 of Star Trek: Picard were recently teased at this year’s Comic-Con. The eighth Star Trek series to date was launched in 2020 and began by following the character of Jean-Luc (Patrick Stewart) through retirement, having been deeply affected by the death of Data (Spiner), as well as the devastation of Romulus. After giving up his life to save the synths and finding his consciousness suddenly placed in a new, artificial body, the show started exploring time travel and alternate realities, with Jean-Luc eventually heading back to the 21st century. Picard’s upcoming third season, confirmed as its last, is expected to premiere in 2023 on Paramount+.


Spiner, best known for portraying the android Data, has been involved in a number of Star Trek projects, beginning with 1987’s The Next Generation, where he served as Second Officer of the USS Enterprise. Prior to the events of Picard, fans of the franchise recalled how he sacrificed himself to save Jean-Luc and his crew and were surprised to see the actor reprise the role in season 1, which ended with his unalterable death. Spiner returned for the show’s second season however, playing Data’s human “brother” Altan Inigo Soong and his ancestor Dr. Adam Soong. Back in April, when Picard announced its season 3 cast, many fans recognized Spiner’s voice in the teaser trailer, but it has been unclear who he is portraying.

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Now, details concerning Brent Spiner’s new Picard character have been teased by the show’s creators at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. At Paramount’s Star Trek Panel, it was revealed that the actor would be playing an “old new character.” Because Spiner has taken on so many different roles within the franchise’s universe, this news is causing fans to further speculate who he will return as.

The addition of the USS Enterprise crew in Star Trek: Picard season 3 could serve as some indication of who Spiner will play this time around. Adding to the mystery surrounding his new character, the latest Picard teaser that premiered at Comic-Con noticeably did not include the actor. As theories from fans continue to pile in, some of the most popular ideas suggest he will portray an evil Adam Soong, another relative of Noonian Soong, a different form of Data, or someone entirely new.

There is certainly a high level of intrigue surrounding Brent Spiner’s potential new Picard character, and this recent news will only make fans more excited to find out who he will play. It is also interesting that his voice in the initial cast announcement is not easily identifiable, which has been one contribution to the recurring theories. Fans of Spiner and his involvement with the long-running franchise can look forward to seeing who he portrays when Star Trek: Picard returns to Paramount+ next year.

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