Bungie Pits Mechs vs. Monsters, but We All Know the Right Answer

Bungie Pits Mechs vs. Monsters, but We All Know the Right Answer

Bungie has confirmed the return Festival of the Lost for Destiny 2 in the latest TWAB, while also imposing a new poll: Mechs vs. Monsters. Despite the non-existing room for debate (it’s Mechs, y’all), polls are opening from April 7 to April 13 for everyone to cast their vote and choose the theme for this year’s armor ornaments. Anyone who votes for either set and has played since February 22 will qualify for an in-game emblem as well.

This is the second community vote hosted by Bungie around Festival of the Lost, which is the seasonal Halloween event. Last year, the contest was Dinosaurs vs. Monsters, which ended in the obvious choice of Dinosaurs with 81 percent majority after 200,000 votes. Considering 2022’s competition, it’s once again looking rough for all of you monster fuckers out there.

Destiny 2 Mechs vs Monsters 1

Destiny 2 Mechs vs Monsters 3

I can accept the argument that the Monsters set isn’t entirely forgettable. The Hunter ornament is possibly the highlight, wearing Godzilla’s skull and spine as a cape, as well as some neat sci-fi looking details with fangs in the gauntlets and boots. And you know, the mix between a cyclops and the Doom Slayer for the Titan ornament definitely adds some weight to the debate, even though I’m somewhat concerned about the fur around the legs. That being said, you can’t go wrong with Mechs, and I’d be curious to see how they look in-game, especially when they’re combined with other pieces of armor.

In order to take part in the Destiny 2 Mechs vs. Monsters poll, make sure that you’re signed up for emails from Bungie (a smart way of building that mailing list), linking your platform credentials with your Bungie.net profile. Afterwards, head over to Account Settings, click on Notifications and Email, and input your email address of choice. You should be getting an email from April 7 to April 13 to cast your vote, as well as The Broken Barriers emblem on April 19 as a reward. The winning team will then be announced at a later date.

Destiny 2 Mechs vs Monsters 2The Broken Barriers emblem.

In addition to the Destiny 2 Mechs vs. Monsters “debate” Bungie mentioned the return of Adept rewards for the return of Grandmaster Nightfalls on Tuesday, April 5, which include the Palindrome and Plug One.1 weapons, as well as Adept weapon mods, Ascendant Shards, and Enhancement Prisms upon activity completion. You can also expect the first appearance of Gambit Labs: Invasion Swap next week. This iteration adds a condition to which team can invade during the Motes phase of the activity. When a given team reaches 25 and 75 banked Motes, the opposing team is given one invasion. Trials: Freelance also has its return a couple days later on April 8.

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There is still quite a bit to catch up with for Season of the Risen, including the Guardian Games event happening in the near future. Bungie has briefly mentioned that the team is “hard at work tying down work items and jamming through test passes” for the new season, and there’s going to be details about sandbox updates and quality-of-life changes towards the later half of Season of the Risen. Until then, make sure to cast your vote for the only correct choice in this battle.