Chainsaw Man’s Return is Already Hinting at a New Character’s Death

Chainsaw Man's Return is Already Hinting at a New Character's Death

In Chainsaw Man Part Two, chapter 3, Yuko is introduced as a very selfless character, helping Asa to get home, setting herself up for a tragic death.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man Part Two, Chapter 3!

With the return of Chainsaw Man, mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto’s signature story beats are beginning to surface. As the plot of Chainsaw Man Part Two develops, patterns established in Part One are reappearing, and this may have disastrous consequences for one new character- Yuko.

In Chainsaw Man Part Two, chapter 3, readers are again introduced to Asa Mitaka’s Devil Hunting squad. This team consists of two other characters recently assigned to hunt devils with her through their high school’s Devil Hunting Club. These two characters are Hirofumi Yoshida and Yuko. While there is a good amount of information available on Yoshida, as he appeared in Part One as an elite bodyguard contracted with the Octopus Devil, not much is known about Yuko just yet. Though she bears a strong resemblance to Kusakabe, Yoshida’s old partner who was contracted with the Stone Devil, very little has been revealed about her character just yet. Chapter 3 does give some insight into Yuko’s relationship to Asa and her general outlook on life, and it, unfortunately, seems as though Yuko is being set up to die.


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In Chainsaw Man, it’s no secret that the most loved characters are the ones that suffer the most. Part One held nothing back with the deaths of Denji’s entire Devil Hunting team except Kobeni. The characters fans were attached to the most, Aki and Power, experienced the most painful and heartbreaking deaths as well. In Chainsaw Man Part Two, chapter 3, Asa Mitaka is seen being bullied relentlessly by her peers in high school. These bullies go as far as covering her sneakers in slimy raw chicken, effectively destroying her shoes. Asa’s new Devil Hunting friend, Yuko, proves how much of a good person she is by lending Asa one of her shoes for their walk home. Thanks to this, Yuko and Asa only have to deal with the pain of one foot without shoes. Yuko even gives Asa her other shoe once she gets home, demonstrating her kind heart. Unfortunately, as far as Chainsaw Man goes, this is pretty much a dead giveaway that Yuko is going to experience some despicably gruesome death.

Yuko gives Asa her shoe.

Fujimoto has a habit of making readers care for a character by showing that despite whatever exterior they may be putting up, deep down they’re a genuine and kind person. His other habit is then killing these characters off as heartbreakingly as possible. Yuko’s strong resemblance to Kusakabe and her close position with Yoshida hints at her being another actual Devil Hunter, following in the footsteps of what could be her older brother. This status as a Devil Hunter would put her right in the center of the coming action, leaving her wide open for one of Fujimoto’s famous death scenes. Alternatively, her outward kindness could be hiding something much darker. In Chainsaw Man Part One, Aki and Power were introduced as jerks who didn’t really care about Denji and just wanted him out of their way. Makima, on the other hand, gave the appearance of caring for Denji and ended up being a much more sinister entity than either Aki or Power. If Yuko’s kindness is just a facade in the same way Makima’s was, then she could end up becoming one of the series’ most unexpected villains, all just to go out in some flashy blood-curdling death.

Fujimoto’s style of writing when it comes to Chainsaw Man and his other bodies of work really make it seem as though kindness is a marker to get someone killed. Whether it’s Yoshida, Asa, or in this case, Yuko, there is truly no one safe until Chainsaw Man’s Part Two has run its course.

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