Chicago PD Season 10 Image Sees Atwater, Ruzek & Halstead In Uniform

Chicago PD Season 10 Image Sees Atwater, Ruzek & Halstead In Uniform

A brand new image from the set of Chicago PD season 10 shows Kevin Atwater, Adam Ruzek and Jay Halstead sporting their official uniforms.

A new Chicago PD season 10 image shows Intelligence members Kevin Atwater, Adam Ruzek, and Jay Halstead wearing their official uniforms. The police-centered installment of NBC’s One Chicago franchise is entering the final year of its first decade. Throughout the years, Hank Voight and his team have put away a lot of bad guys, but all of the characters have also gone through a lot.

Chicago PD season 9 was no exception in this regard. Each member of Intelligence dealt with their respective issues while juggling their responsibilities to the city of Chicago. Atwater had a brief but passionate love affair that ended in heartbreak, Ruzek dealt with Kim Burgess’ near-death experience and is now starting to rekindle their romance, and Jay got married to Hailey Upton after tackling a crisis that almost ended their careers. Finally, Chicago PD season 9 saw Voight suffer a big loss with the death of his CI, Anna Avalos, as the team closed in on Javier Escano and Los Temidos.


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Production for Chicago PD season 10 is currently underway, and in a new image shared by LaRoyce Hawkins (via One Chicago Fam), he, as well as Patrick John Flueger and Jesse Lee Soffer are revealed to be wearing their uniforms. Sadly, no additional information was given, only that they are busy filming for the show. Check out the image below:

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As non-uniformed members of the Chicago Police Department, there is only a handful of times that Intelligence has brought out their formal ensembles. Typically, they are reserved for either bad or good special occasions. For example, it’s worn during a funeral, which was the case when they buried Alvin Olinsky following his unexpected demise. Given Anna’s death in the Chicago PD season 9 finale, it’s possible that Voight arranged a formal funeral for her since she was integral in bringing down Los Temidos. The PD’s blue attire can also be worn during promotion ceremonies, like when someone moves up the ranks. In this case, it may be that someone from Intelligence is getting promoted, like Halstead becoming a sergeant. Additionally, they may also be attending the graduation of Chicago PD season 10’s newest recruit, Dante Torres.

While there are no other actors featured in the Chicago PD season 10 image, it’s safe to say that all members of Intelligence will be involved in whatever scene they are filming. For what it’s worth, it seems like Tracy Spiridakos’ Hailey Upton is also wearing the same outfit in the background of the image. Aside from the above potential reasons for the team’s attire, the best possible scenario really is that they are attending a celebration ceremony where they are honored for taking down Los Temidos considering how notorious that group was for being elusive. Audiences will find out for themselves this fall.

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Chicago PD season 10 premieres Wednesday, September 21.

Source: LaRoyce Hawkins (via One Chicago Fam/Twitter)

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