Criminal Minds Reboot First Image Shows Prentiss’ New Look

Emily Prentiss ponders

Production for the Criminal Minds reboot on Paramount+ has already started, and Paget Brewster reveals Emily Prentiss’ new look for season 16.

Emily Prentiss ponders

Paget Brewster reveals first look at Emily Prentiss’ new look for the Criminal Minds reboot. After 15 years on CBS, the FBI procedural wrapped up its run in 2020 with a feel-good finale. Not long after that, Criminal Minds was confirmed to return to the small screen, but this time on a streaming platform, with Paramount+ officially ordering a 10-episode revival season for the series.

Getting the Criminal Minds revival off of the ground wasn’t an easy task. Luckily, things were eventually ironed out, leading to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit’s (BAU) new mission. The reboot will mine inspiration from the coronavirus pandemic as the team hunts down an UnSub that took advantage of the situation and created a network of other serial killers. Most of the original cast members will be back for the project, except for Daniel Henney as Matt Simmons (as he’s busy with Wheel of Time) and Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer Reid. As for the rest of the crew, they will be spearheaded by BAU Chief Emily Prentiss, who looks quite different from the last time she was on the series.


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Taking to her official Twitter account, Brewster shares the first hair and makeup look for Prentiss’ Criminal Minds reboot return, and as promised, she is keeping her natural gray hair. In the caption, the actor acknowledges this, and promises that this change in her appearance is also tied to what to expect from the BAU chief when the team re-assembles for the Paramount+ show. Brewster hypes everyone for this, saying that viewers should be ready for a “slightly older, sassier, no filters, grey-haired Prentiss.” Check out the image below:

Long-time fans of Criminal Minds would know that Prentiss was never one to back down from any intimidators. She has strong moral values and the skills to effectively stand her ground without making things worse for her or her team. This is one of the main reasons why she was chosen to be the next BAU chief after Aaron Hotchner left. As the profilers tackle this new mission, however, Prentiss needs to once again play office politics, as story details for the Criminal Minds reboot reveal that she will butt heads with someone within the bureau. Luckily, thanks to her stellar history, not to mention Brewster’s tease for a sassier and wiser Prentiss, it’s safe to say that the BAU will come out of this new crisis intact.

Aside from Prentiss’ new look, it’ll be interesting to see who else will be sporting a revamped aesthetic coming into the Criminal Minds reboot. It’s worth noting that despite the show ending after season 15, in the story, the BAU remained operational even after Penelope Garcia left for a new job. So, that means that all of these characters have been working together throughout the last few years. Hopefully, the Paramount+ project can devote time to tackling what they have been up to recently.

Source: Paget Brewster/Twitter