Danielle & Ciara Haven’t Spoken Since Season 6 Fight

Danielle & Ciara Haven't Spoken Since Season 6 Fight

Danielle Olivera and Ciara Miller still aren’t back on friendly terms after their explosive wine tossing fight in Summer House season 6.

Despite seemingly making peace at the Summer House season 6 reunion, Danielle Olivera says she and Ciara Miller have a non-existent friendship. Ciara faced backlash after she threw a glass of red wine at Danielle during a heated exchange. Danielle wasn’t even the person Ciara was mad at but she ended up on the receiving end of Ciara’s rage. Fans were disappointed in Ciara for getting physical with a housemate due to her failed fling with Southern Charm star Austen Kroll.

Ciara seemingly expected to continue her and Austen’s fling that started while filming the Winter House spin-off. But Austen was more interested in playing the field and enjoying all of the attention he was getting from Ciara and Lindsay Hubbard. While Lindsay appeared fine with Austen weighing his options, Ciara became resentful towards him and Lindsay. With Danielle being a devoted BFF to Lindsay, she didn’t mind including herself in the drama to defend her friend. But the last thing Danielle expected was to get physically attacked by Ciara for sticking up for Lindsay.


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Danielle called out Ciara during the Season 6 reunion for not reaching out to her once the fight aired. Ciara appeared apologetic once confronted. But it apparently didn’t last long because Danielle says their friendship has fizzled out after all the drama. “I think the last time we spoke was at the reunion,” Danielle told Page Six. “And that’s basically all that it is. … Last summer was incredibly unfortunate.” Danielle credits the strain to their “age difference” and shared her hopes for them to repair their relationship. “I hope that we could eventually see eye to eye, but as it stands right now, it doesn’t seem like we do,” she said while noting the current status of their friendship is “nowhere” to be found. She had hopes that the reunion would help them “resolve” their issues. But it’s months later and the two still aren’t on speaking terms.

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The news comes ahead of the ladies returning to the Hamptons to film season 7. Given the tension, Danielle expressed her worries about returning to the house on bad terms with certain people. Ciara had Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula on her side as they accused Lindsay and Danielle of having a vendetta against them as the younger less seasoned cast members. Many viewers sided with Danielle and blasted Ciara, Paige, and Amanda for how they handled the aftermath of the fight. Many even accused Paige of influencing Ciara to lash out after cameras captured her encouraging Ciara to confront Lindsay about Austen.

With Austen not ending up with Ciara or Lindsay, it made them both look played. But when Lindsay found love with Carl Radke, Ciara is now left looking like the bitter Betty in the situation. The drama paves the way for an interesting start to Summer House season 7. Hopefully, there aren’t any more physical fights. But fans will be watching to see if there’s another showdown brewing between the feuding cast members.

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Source: Page Six

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