DC’s Trinity’s Dark New Costumes Collide In Epic New DC Art

Batman Superman Wonder Woman DC Costumes

In new inventive ratio variant cover art for the upcoming Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, DC’s Trinity’s dark costumes collide in epic fashion.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman DC Costumes

Spoilers for Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 by DC Comics ahead!

DC’s Trinity come together in their Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths costumes in stunning new variant cover art that shows Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman in the looks they sported while trapped by Pariah. In the new incentive ratio cover (1:50) from Kyle Hotz, the Trinity’s dark looks from the currently ongoing event collide as the brainwashed heroes strike a pose together, showing what Pariah’s Justice League might look like.

In the ongoing Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event from DC Comics, the greatest heroes of the Justice League, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, were killed by Pariah and the Great Darkness, throwing the DC Universe into a spiral. However, the Justice League’s death was a facade, as Pariah sent the heroes to pocket dimension-like planets, where he created illusions of a perfect world to siphon off their powers. As a result, Batman lived in a dark world with a tragic costume inspired by his past; Wonder Woman got golden armor in her mirage reality, while Superman returned to Kent farms and got the chance to see his son, Jon, grow up for the first time.


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DC Comics recently revealed a new dawn coming to the DC Universe spinning out of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, as the heroes will defeat Pariah and the Great Darkness and turn their attention to Deathstroke and his Dark Army. As part of the epic event’s finale, DC Comics released a handful of new variant covers showcasing heroes and villains. Among them, was Kyle Hotz’s 1:50 variant cover which featured the versions of the Trinity in the costumes they sported in Pariah’s fake realities, as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, can be seen together in the art.

Dark Crisis Trinity 1 50 Kyle Hotz Variant

The Trinity in their dark costumes as they stand in a fiery setting really shows how Pariah’s fake world’s changed them. Each hero’s greatest desires and personal struggles were exploited in the mirage realities, and as a result, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman ended up being trapped in a world they did not want to leave. Unfortunately, DC Comics has already spoiled the Trinity will break free from Pariah’s hold, accidentally revealing their fate in a Flashpoint Beyond art.

The new art from Kyle Hotz represents the changes the heroes faced while trapped by Pariah and the Great Darkness. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman’s new costumes show the Trinity as they’ve never been seen before. For readers wanting to pick up the variant, the Trinity-starring cover art is a rarer 1:50 variant that can be ordered through your local comic book store.