Destiny 2 Defenses Down Triumph Guide – How to Beat this Challenge

Destiny 2 Defenses Down Triumph Guide – How to Beat this Challenge

Savathun is finally here, which means Destiny 2’s highly anticipated expansion has been released. The Witch Queen has players finally confront one of the franchise’s most popular villains in her own throne world. Not only does this DLC introduce a new story, but there are also a ton of new weapons, armor, exotics, consumables, and activities for players to participate in. The Witch Queen also marks the release of the Void 3.0 update, which drastically reworks the void subclass and new exotics to build around.

For those looking to nab the Disciple-Slayer title in Destiny 2, you will need to complete a lot of challenges in the new Vow of the Disciple raid. While some are as simple as beating every encounter on the same subclass, others will require more coordination and work. Along with the static challenge, this week marks the third weekly raid challenge which is tied to the Vow of the Disciple’s third encounter, Exhibition. It is called “Defenses Down” and here’s what you need to know to beat it:

(Author’s Note: This guide is written under the assumption that you already know how the core encounter works. I will only be covering the challenge itself.)

How to Beat Defenses Down

To beat Defenses Down, everyone can only kill a Taken Knight once. This doesn’t mean everyone has to kill a Taken Knight, just the same person cannot kill more than one. The trick to beating this is just to make sure that there’s a different person running the Darkness Relic in each of four rooms and that your team only kills the first of two Taken Knights that spawn in each room. So for the most part your roles and jobs in this encounter will not change – especially for Vex and Taken relic runners. They will still be destroying Taken Orbs or cleaning their teammates of the Darkness debuff.

Only the people running the Darkness Relic (The diamond that fires a laser beam) will need to change things slightly. When you enter the first room kill all of the enemies as your normally would, however, only slay the first Taken Knight that spawns by the second door. This will usually happen after the first set of Glyphkeepers is killed. Have the Darkness relic runner go to the front of the room and kill the Taken Knight that spawns, adding time to the instant wipe mechanic. Now slay the second set of Glyphkeepers, but do not kill the second Taken Knight by the door. Just ignore him and head into the second deposit room.

Make sure someone different picks up the Taken relic and repeat the same process above. Both Taken Knights will spawn on top of the middle pillars, so just make sure to take only one out of commission. This will make your time constraint a bit tighter, so make sure to keep moving forward otherwise you may just die to the instant wipe mechanic. When you’re gearing up for the final room, make sure someone who hasn’t killed a Taken Knight picks up the Darkness relic and only kills one of these enemies that spawn in the middle.

Again, the key to beating this challenge is just assigning who is grabbing the Taken Relic in each room to ensure there’s no confusion. You’ll also just want to be diligent about keeping track of how many Taken Knights you’ve killed when using this relic in each room. It’s a remarkably easy challenge, so long as you’re organized.