Destiny 2 is Debuting New Dungeon and Raid Rotations in Season 17

Destiny 2 is Debuting New Dungeon and Raid Rotations in Season 17

If you’ve been waiting for a shake up in terms of Destiny 2 raid rotation, Bungie has some news for you. In today’s TWAB, the developer shared details regarding a substantial change for weekly and seasonal dungeon and raid activities happening in Season 17, explaining what it’s going to entail as well as the Pinnacle rewards.

Let’s get right into it. Bungie starts by saying that they’ve heard the community’s desire to have reasons to return to previously releases raid and dungeon content (there is more out there than the Vault of Glass, y’all), which kickstarted the idea for the upcoming changes in Season 17. The new Rotator system is being divided into Seasonal and Weekly categories, each functioning in its own way, but we already know a few hints and glimpses of what to expect.

For the Destiny 2 raid rotation in the Seasonal category, the newly releases raid and dungeon “will grant Pinnacle rewards for all encounters.” As an example, this includes both Vow of the Disciple and an upcoming dungeon for Season 17. Outside of these, there are going to be both a raid and dungeon rotators, each offering “a Pinnacle reward once completed,” according to Bungie.

Destiny 2 Raid Rotation 2

As for the weekly rotation, this has a chance to feature “all raids and dungeons not listed as the Seasonal rotation,” which is exciting. Completing the final encounter in any of the chosen raids or dungeons will award a pinnacle drop from a Weekly Challenge. As for raids or dungeons that offer a higher difficulty, such as Master Vault of Glass, that higher difficulty is also going to be available as a choice.

As an extra incentive for farming (as if we didn’t have to do it either way, Bungie) the develop mentioned that “all lockouts on encounter rewards for Legendary gear are being removed.” In essence, all Legendary drops in both raids and dungeons will be “100 percent farmable” if you so choose.

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We’re going to have to wait until closer to Season 17 to know more details about what the new dungeon and raid rotation is going to entail in detail, but for now, it’s definitely a welcoming change. I’m someone who hasn’t played any Destiny 2 raid, so this could be a good opportunity to finally give some classics a try. Oh, also, Mechs won. You’re welcome.