Destiny 2 Something New Guide

Destiny 2 Something New Guide

With the Destiny 2 seasonal story arc concluded, the Solstice event has officially returned to give you more goodies to grind for. Similar to previous Solstice events, players will be able to upgrade the armor they earn to unlock unique glows that change depending on your subclass. The EAZ activity returns, but with a noticeable twist. Instead of just killing enemies within a time limit, players are tasked with igniting and building a massive bonfire.

Along with the new armor sets, players can hunt for a Stasis hand cannon called True Prophecy Something New. With a 120 fire rate, this aggressive frame weapon boasts some solid PVE perks and can be a decent alternative for those who don’t have a good Eyasluna or Vulpecula. Here’s how to get this gun and what the best perks are:

How to Get Something New

You can only get Something New during the Solstice event. Tied to the Bonfire Bash, this firearm has a chance to drop at the end of the activity once you kill the final boss. The higher you build the bonfire seems to impact the number of rewards you get, but obtaining Something New isn’t guaranteed. Additionally, you will get this weapon after completing a few steps of Eva’s event quest, A Glowing Solstice. Finally, Eva may reward you with one upon completing her weekly quest of finishing 8 Solstice bounties. However, if you want to grind for this weapon you will need to spend some time in the Bonfire Bash as it doesn’t drop from any other activity.

Something New God Roll

Something New God Rolls

Something New PVE God Roll

Arrowhead Brake
Appended Mag
Feeding Frenzy or Wellspring
Headstone or Demolitionist

When it comes to PVE, we have a few hurdles to clear to truly make this firearm viable. While Something New has terrific range and impact stats, the reload speed and magazine size are utterly abysmal. In the barrel slot, I am going with Arrowhead Brake to improve our weapons handling and give us better recoil control. Something New kicks like a mule, which can make it tricky to use if you want to swiftly land consistent critical hits. Additionally, I am putting Appended Mag in the magazine perk slot solely to increase our rounds from 7 to 9. You’ll also want to throw a Backup Mag Mod on to raise this even higher to 12!

As for primary perks, I strongly urge you to hunt for Feeding Frenzy. This speeds up our reload speed for each kill we get, helping us circumvent this poor stat. Plus, it combos wonderfully with Headstone since the Stasis crystal explosions will also trigger Feeding Frenzy. Wellspring is an okay alternative, but that reload speed may become an issue for you in tougher PVE activities. Your final perk entirely depends on what you will be using this gun for. Headstone is terrific for add control or Stasis builds, while Demolitionist is good with basically any type of subclass or build.

Something New PVP God Roll

Corkscrew Rifling
Ricochet Rounds or Appended Mag
Feeding Frenzy

I’m going to be honest gang, I don’t really know what the PVP god roll for this gun is. 120 hand cannons are in a pretty rough spot right now and this weapon’s deeply underwhelming perk pool isn’t helping its viability. We have a lot of issues to address, many of which will still make this an inferior option in the Crucible. However, if you do want to use it I recommend Corkscrew Rifling in the barrel slot. The +5 to the range, stability, and handling give us some nice stat boosts where we need them. As for the magazine slot, you’ll either want Ricochet Rounds to boost the weapon’s range or Appended Mag to get those two extra rounds. Both are solid, so it comes down to which you prefer.

As for primary perks, I’m going with Feeding Frenzy again. I know I won’t shut up about Something New’s slow reload speed, but it’s so damn bad. You’ll absolutely want this perk to help mitigate this problem — especially if you intend on using this hand cannon in bigger game modes like Control or Rift. Finally, I am looking at Harmony in the second slot. Boosting Something New’s damage by 20% makes it exceptionally potent, allowing us to consistently kill Guardians if we land final blows with other weapons.