Dislyte Tips Guide – 6 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Dislyte Tips Guide – 6 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Dislyte is a new gacha game from Lilith Games, the folks behind AFK Arena — that idle game you’ve probably seen a million ads for. The gameplay is similar to Summoners War or Raid: Shadow Legends in that you have a squad of units that fight through waves of enemies and beat up on a boss to gain loot. There’s PVP, three tiers of Story Mode quests, and nearly 70 heroes to collect and rank up. The real draw, however, is the beautiful pop and cyberpunk aesthetic and the legit banger of a soundtrack they’ve put together. If you’re looking to get into this great gacha game, you may feel confused about where to start which is why we’re here with six beginner tips to get you started in Dislyte.

Keep and Lock One Copy of Every 3-Star or Higher Unit You Get

Dislyte heroes can be powered up in four ways: by leveling them and ranking them up via Esper Advancement, by feeding them upgrade materials via Esper Ascension, by equipping runes, and by feeding copies of the unit via Divine Resonance. That last one is important — every extra copy of a hero (up to six) can be fed into your main copy to grant it Energy. In the end, 24 Energy can be obtained on one hero, and that translates directly to a 24% boost in either Attack, Defense, or HP. While you probably won’t get copies of natural 5-Star units too often, specific fully Resonanced 3-Star units can often do just as good a job. For more info on which 3-Star and 4-Star units to focus on, check out our tier list here.

Mona Is Your Bread-and-Butter Unit to Start Off With

Mona, the Esper of Artemis, is quite literally the best unit for beginners to invest in — even if you manage to pull a legendary. Mona’s skill set allows her to do massive AoE damage and gain bonus turns if she kills opponents with Moonshot, letting her solo farm Leveling Stages. This in turn gives you more units to rank up and feed into the rest of your team.

You periodically receive Rune Sets as your progress through the story, such as the Hades set, which gives lifesteal on hit, and you should prioritize placing that on Mona to ease your farming and progression through the story. Mona can also be used on just about any team for any content except Apep, so invest in her early and reap the rewards.

Complete Your Courses

If you look at your Missions tab, and then click on Courses, you will see a series of training plans such as Recon Plan, Ritual Miracle, and Growth Plan among others. You should absolutely be following and completing these plans as frequently as possible. You won’t be able to max all of them out immediately, but following the plans and completing what you can will net you a ton of good rewards.

Focus on a Core Team for Kronos First

Even if you luck into units that counter Apep or Fafnir, you absolutely want to build up a core team for Kronos first. Kronos drops extremely valuable Rune Sets, like War Machine (30% ATK) and Wind Walker (25% SPD), which are useful for a wide number of units. Your core team, assuming no other Legendaries or Epic units are pulled, will be Chang Pu, Tang Yun, Freddy, Ye Suhua, and Mona. If you managed to pull Sander or Lin Xiao, you can slot those in instead of Tang Yun and Mona or Freddy, and if you’re really lucky and managed to pull Sally or Gabrielle, you can slot them in place of Yu Suhua and Chang Pu, respectively. However, you need to constantly be upgrading your Runes as you progress — don’t expect to clear Kronos 10 right out of the gate.

Watch Chat for Ye Suhua and Dhalia Ripple Dimensions to Get Posted

Ripple Dimensions are bonus dungeons that drop a limited number of Esper Shards when cleared and some Espers can only be obtained via Ripple farming. Two big ones are Ye Suhua and Dhalia. The former being the best free-to-play support unit in the game, and the latter a rare 4-Star unit. Ye Suhua is used on many teams that lack Sally so it is imperative that you farm her up whenever possible.

Spend Your Gold Records and Crystals on Gacha

While you make your way through missions and Story Mode, you will accrue a massive amount of Gold Records and Crystals. It is true that you could stockpile these for a specific banner, but doing so will hamper your progress as well. Gold Records not only give you a chance at Epic or Legendary Espers, they also give you plenty of 3-Stars to build up your collection. A fully Resonanced Tang Yun or Freddy is equally as useful as some Legendaries if runed properly. As such, it makes more sense to spend those Records and hope you get something good.