Does The Northman Have An After Credits Scene?

Does The Northman Have An After Credits Scene?

The Northman is the latest revenge epic set amidst the Vikings, but does the film have any kind of post-credits scene that has become commonplace?

The Northman is the latest revenge tale told on the big screen, but does it have a post-credits scene to leave audiences with anything extra? The Northman is directed by Robert Eggers of The Witch and The Lighthouse fame. Rather than being steeped in horror like his previous work, The Northman is a historical drama epic telling the story of a young Viking prince, Amleth, who vows revenge on his uncle for murdering Amleth’s father.

The Northman, despite the change in genre, is following in the footsteps of Eggers’ other films, receiving critical acclaim for its performances, its cinematography, and Eggers’ signature style. Eggers’ style has seen him often making niche films steeped in deeper themes and psychological thrills. Because of this, his films have often gone underrated by general moviegoing audiences, so will those audiences be expecting a post-credits scene, commonplace in recent Hollywood films?


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As expected from a filmmaker in control of his craft as Robert Eggers, The Northman does not have a post-credits scene. The film presents its story as a standalone revenge epic set amongst the days of the Vikings, meaning any teases for potential future adventures are few and far between as par for the course of Eggers’ career. However, fans of Nordic adventures would be encouraged to stick around through the credits if only to hear the booming musical score by composers Robin Carolan and Sebastian Gainsborough. The score is one of the standout parts of the film, reminiscent of other Viking-themed epics of recent times, from Netflix’s The Last Kingdom to games like God of War and even The Witcher 3, truly transporting the viewer to the days of 900 AD.

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One of the major differences between The Northman and Robert Eggers’ previous films is its budget. The Northman has a budget of around $70-90 million dollars as opposed to the $4 million and $11 million of The Witch and The Lighthouse, respectively. Given this, the credits offer an opportunity to show respect to the crew of a film trying to break their way into more mainstream Hollywood and supporting smaller filmmakers trying their hands with bigger budgets.

From its sweeping scope, beautiful cinematography, outstanding performances, and authentic musical score, The Northman presents another exceptionally made film from Robert Eggers. Given the film’s higher budget and more ‘mainstream’ vibe, audiences can be excused for thinking the film may spawn a franchise and have a post-credits scene in tow to set up future installments. As with Eggers’ other projects, though, The Northman seems to be a standalone adventure that only elevates the film itself and gives Robert Eggers another notch in his filmmaking belt, continuing his cinematic hot streak.

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