Earthspark Cast List Includes Alan Tudyk as Optimus Prime

Earthspark Cast List Includes Alan Tudyk as Optimus Prime

Transformers: Earthspark, the new animated series for Paramount+, will feature a talented voice cast that includes Alan Tudyk as Optimus Prime.

Nickelodeon announces the voice cast for Transformers: Earthspark, which includes Alan Tudyk as Optimus Prime. The all-new animated series will introduce the next generation of robots to the Transformers franchise- the first Transformers born on Earth, Twitch, and Thrash Malto. The series will feature original characters and franchise favorites like Bumblebee and Optimus Prime as the new Transformers discover what it means to be a family. Together with the rest of the Malto family, Twitch and Thrash will find their place among Autobots and Decepticons and face Mandroid, who seeks the destruction of all Cybertronians.


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Nickelodeon announced the voice cast behind Transformers: Earthspark in a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which featured voice cast members and co-executive producer Dale Malinowski and executive producer Ant Ward. The star-studded voice cast includes Alan Tudyk as Optimus Prime, Danny Pudi as Bumblebee, Rory McCann as Megatron, Cissy Jones as Elita-1, and  Diedrich Bader as Mandroid. Zeno Robinson, Kathreen Khavari, Jon Jon Briones, Benny Latham, Zion Broadnax, and Sydney Mikayla voice the Malto family as Thrash, Twitch, Alex, Dot, Mo, and Robby, respectively. The panel also revealed a first look at the series, which shows Twitch and Thrash’s birth. Check out the video and voice cast list below:

Transformers Earthspark voice cast list

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Transformers: Earthspark will debut in November exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on Paramount+ and select Nickelodeon channels internationally. Its first season will consist of 26 episodes. With its talented voice cast and original storyline, Transformers: Earthspark looks to be an exciting addition to the Transformers franchise.

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